Best Free NSF to PST Converter to Transfer Emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook on Windows

Do you want to transfer emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.? Are you looking for a way to migrate your old data to your new email client? All you need is a professional converter tool that can convert NSF to PST format. And if you haven’t found the right solution yet, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll help you choose the best NSF to PST Converter.

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It’s no wonder that users these days are switching from one email client to another. Since there are many email clients, there are too many choices for users. IBM Notes (formerly known as Lotus Notes) is undoubtedly a popular email client among Windows, Mac, and Linux users. It has so many features that you may not get in other email clients. However, many users don’t like this email application. I don’t know why. I’ve seen many email users are switching from Lotus Notes to Outlook. And the questions which they often ask are

“How to migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook”

“How to convert NSF to PST format”

How to Transfer Emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook?

So if you’ve recently switched from Lotus Notes to Outlook client or if you’re planning to do that sooner or later, you need to understand a few things. You know that Lotus Notes and Outlook are two different email clients. But do you know that these two create different types of files for storing emails and other data? Being a Lotus Notes user, you must be familiar with the NSF database that stores the emails and other business data. As of now, you’re switching from Lotus Notes to Outlook, you should get familiar with the native file format of Microsoft Outlook. Since Outlook doesn’t support NSF file format, there’s no way to open it. PST aka personal storage table is the default file format used by Microsoft Outlook. I hope you’ve now understood what you need to do here.

NSF to PST conversion becomes a necessity if you’re switching from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Now you must be wondering how to convert NSF to PST format. There’s a manual solution that can help you export Lotus Notes email messages and other data to Outlook. However, you should always consider using a professional NSF to PST Converter tool that gives you the best results, unlike the manual solution. If you search in the online marketplace, you’ll see there are many vendors which provide NSF to PST Converter tool or PST to NSF Software. But when there are too many choices, it’s always difficult to choose the best one. Let me help you in choosing the best NSF to PST Converter tool.

Choose the Best Free NSF to PST Converter for Windows

It ain’t easy to choose the best solution when there are too many choices. If you ask your friends or colleagues, each one will recommend a different tool. Maybe the best tool you find ain’t the best for someone else. So how do you choose the best NSF to PST Converter tool? And how do you define “best” anyhow? There are many factors one should always consider when it comes to choosing the best solution to convert NSF to PST format.

#1 – Features

First and foremost, you should always look for the features you’re getting in the software. Generally, a software application must have these four main characteristics: reliability, usability efficiency, and functionality. Make sure the software has everything that you actually need.

And if we’re talking about the features, DRS NSF to PST Converter tool is the best in the online marketplace today. The outstanding features of this product make it the best NSF to PST Converter tool. If you pick this product, you’ll these features:

  • Instantly export Lotus Notes email messages, contacts, calendars, etc. to Outlook
  • Support multiple NSF files at a time for batch conversion
  • Search NSF files automatically in the system directory
  • Display a smart preview of your mailbox data prior to conversion
  • Filter the mailbox data by using the “date range” feature

Additionally, there are so many features in this software that make NSF to PST conversion task easy and effortless.

#2 – Availability

The next step is checking the availability of the software. The word “availability” means that something is easily available and ready for use. There are so many sites on the Internet from where you can download software applications. And most of the vendors upload their software applications on such download sites. You can download the free demo version and evaluate the software for free. It’s always advisable to learn about the nature and complexity of the product before purchasing it.

SysInfoTools NSF to PST Converter tool is available on all such download sites like CNET and Softpedia for instant download. And before you can purchase the software, you should always consider using the demo version.

#3 – User-friendliness

Some software applications are more intuitive than others. Remember, the software you’re choosing should be user-friendly. It’s one of the most important characteristics. If you opt for a program that has a more complex interface, you’ll need to take time to properly understand it. The user interface of the software should be designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use. Make sure the interface ain’t complex. In fact, it should be straightforward and providing quick access to common features.

The NSF to PST Converter tool provided by SysInfoTools Software is an easy-to-use application. The interface is highly interactive and user-friendly. Any technical or non-technical user can use this software without requiring any prior technical expertise.

#4 – Support & Compatibility

Another factor that you may need to consider is the support & compatibility of the software. Also, make sure you’re aware of any specific hardware or operating system requirements that you would need to run the software. Since we’re discussing “best NSF to PST Converter tool” here, we should check whether the software supports all versions of IBM Lotus Notes or not. SysInfoTools NSF to PST Converter tool supports all major versions of IBM Notes including the latest v10.0. Also, it runs smoothly under all Windows-based operating systems including the latest Win 10 (32 & 64-bit).

#5- Free Demo Version

The demo version of Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tool is available for a free evaluation. You can download the software for free from the official website of NSF to PST Converter and Import the first 25 Lotus Notes emails for free.

#6 – License Pricing

One of the most important factors you should never overlook is the price. Generally, you should always consider more than just price while choosing something needful. Make sure you choose a software application that meets your requirements at an affordable price. The NSF to PST Converter tool from SysInfoTools Software is available at $149.


In this article, we’ve learned how to choose the best free NSF to PST Converter tool when there are too many choices. There are a few factors we should always consider product features, availability, user-friendliness, support & compatibility, and price. And by considering all these key factors, SysInfoTools Software provides the best NSF to PST Converter tool.

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