Easy Guide to Convert Lotus Notes Email to PDF Manually

Overview: HCL Notes ( formerly known as Lotus Notes) stores its data in NSF format. This file format is used by various Organizations for email exchanges, collaborative work, and information management. However, nowadays, users still want to convert Lotus Notes email to PDF as it is the most convenient and easy-to-use file format. Therefore, this blog will discuss the manual method and the professional NSF to PST Converter to save Lotus Notes email as PDF.

NSF(Notes Storage Facility) is a proprietary file format used by IBM’s Lotus Notes to store various data within the application. It is only compatible with Lotus Notes or the Domino software suite. On the other hand, PDF or Portable Document Format is a flexible and easy-to-approach format. It is independent of any software and helps store various data without disrupting the text format.

Before proceeding further to the solutions to export Lotus Notes email to PDF, let’s check about the various benefits of NSF to PDF conversion.

Why to Convert Lotus Notes Email to PDF?

Here are some common reasons why converting Lotus Notes emails to PDF is beneficial:

  • PDF files are platform-independent, which makes them easy to share across devices.
  • Users can print the required NSF files by converting them to PDF format.
  • Users can encrypt the PDF files and protect them from unauthorized access.
  • It will help you to view your NSF file data even without internet connectivity.

These are some influential reasons to save IBM Notes emails as PDFs. So now, it’s time to know about the techniques of this data migration.

How Do I Save a Lotus Notes Email as a PDF?

There are two different methods to export Lotus Notes documents to PDF File. Here, we will discuss both techniques in detail.

#Approach 1: Export Lotus Notes Emails Using Microsoft Outlook

  • Launch the Lotus Notes Application on your device.
  • Select the email from your mailbox you want to save.
  • Drag the selected email and Drop it on your desktop. It is saved with the .eml extension.
  • Now, open MS Outlook and view the emails stored in .eml files.
  • Then, go to the File menu and choose Save As >> HTML format.
  • After saving the file in .html format, open the file in MS Word.
  • After that, go to the File menu>> Save As. Set the desired location.
  • Choose Save as PDF from the Save As Type Menu. The Emails are saved in PDF format.

#Approach 2: Save Lotus Notes Emails as PDF Using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat allows users to create PDF files on various applications like MS Office and Lotus Notes. Follow the below-mentioned steps to convert Lotus Notes Email to PDF using Adobe Acrobat:

  • Open the Lotus Notes Application on your desktop.
  • Navigate to the File menu and then click on Preferences.
  • From the dialog box, choose Toolbars from the Toolbar menu.
  • At last, click on the Visible option for Acrobat PDF Maker.

Thus, users can easily download all emails from Lotus Notes as PDF using the above two methods. However, you can face certain limitations in these methods, which are shared below.

Shortcomings of the Native Solution

  • These methods require good technical proficiency.
  • There is no guarantee of data security in the manual method.
  • It needs adequate time to perform the steps of manual techniques.
  • The manual method cannot transfer bulk NSF files. It is suitable for you when you have limited files only.

Due to these factors, the manual method is not considered an ideal solution for converting Lotus Notes emails into PDF format. Therefore, many tech experts suggest using a professional solution to Save IBM Notes Emails as PDF. It is a quick and effortless method and provides accurate results.

How Do I Export Emails from Lotus Notes to PDF?- Professional Solution

MigrateEmails NSF to PST Converter Tool is an excellent application to convert Lotus Notes email to PDF. This tool ensures bulk conversion of NSF files with the utmost accuracy. It keeps the folder hierarchy and data integrity intact throughout the entire conversion process. Moreover, users can also convert Lotus Notes NSF files into several other file formats like PST, OST, PDF, MBOX, EML, HTML, etc. In addition, this tool can also open NSF file in Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Hotmail, and other email clients. It is the best solution to convert Lotus Notes emails with 100% precision.

Wrap Up

In this write-up, we have discussed the different methods to convert Lotus Notes email to PDF, alongside highlighting the major reasons why users tend to perform this conversion process. Either of the manual methods can be applied to perform the NSF to PDF conversion. However, to simplify the migration task, using a professional tool is recommended, as it helps to accomplish your goal easily and more efficiently.

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