How to Transfer Email From One cPanel to Another cPanel?

Summary: Are you searching for an easy and reliable solution to transfer email from cPanel to cPanel? Then this blog is for you. Today, in this technical blog, we will discuss a straightforward manual solution to move emails from cPanel to cPanel. Moreover, we will also provide you with the best professional IMAP Mail Backup Tool for secure and easy migration.

But before we magnify the methods of cPanel to cPanel migration, let us get an overview of cPanel. Walk through the end of the blog for detailed knowledge.

What is cPanel?

To better understand how to transfer email from cPanel to cPanel, one must know about cPanel. cPanel is web hosting control panel software with a user-friendly graphical user interface. The user-friendly control dashboard that simplifies website hosting and server management. cPanel enables users to easily publish websites, create email accounts, organize web files, manage domains, and more. Web-hosting Email services that are built and managed through cPanel are cPanel email. Even a user with little technical knowledge can access cPanel and manage their websites and host accounts. Now, let us learn how we can migrate email from cPanel to cPanel.

Techniques to Transfer Email from cPanel to cPanel

You can use a professional IMAP Backup Tool for convenient and fast cPanel to cPanel email migration. You can migrate a complete cPanel account, including emails using this tool. Apart from this, there is a manual method available for the same. Let us discuss both processes, but first, the manual approach.

#Method 1: Manually Transfer Email from cPanel to cPanel

The manual method is subdivided into two significant steps to make it easy to perform for users. They are-

  1. Backup/Download the emails from the source cPanel
  2. Restore Zip email files to new cPanel

Carefully follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Backup Emails from the Source cPanel

  • Log in to the source cPanel email account.
  • Click on the File Manager icon in the Files section.
  • Within File Manager, find and click on the Mail folder.
  • Now, select all files and contents inside the Mail folder, right-click and select Compress.
  • In the compression type, choose the Zip Archive option and click on Compress File(s).
  • After compression, you can see your zip file in the mail section.
  • Next, right-click the zip file, and select Download to save this zip file to your local PC.

So, following these steps will back up the cPanel emails to your local drive. The next step is to upload the zip email files to the destination cPanel.

Step 2: Restore Zip Email Files to New cPanel

To restore the source cPanel emails to the new cPanel, first, disconnect the source cPanel and follow the procedure as follows:

  • Go to the Email account section of your cPanel and log in to the new destination cPanel email account.
  • Again go inside the File Manager section and open the mail folder.
  • Now, click the Upload option and then the Select File button.
  • Select the downloaded Zip file from your system to upload.
  • After uploading, you can see the zip file in the mail folder.
  • Right-click on the Zip file and select the Extract option to extract all emails to their destination folder.

Now, you can see all your emails from the previous cPanel to the new cPanel account. Using the manual procedure, users can migrate email from cpanel to cpanel. However, the manual process seems hectic and may create a hassle for novice technical users. Therefore, users should use the professional IMAP Backup Tool that helps to move emails from cpanel to cpanel conveniently. Let us explore more details of the professional tool.

#Method 2: Professional Tool to Transfer Email from cPanel to cPanel

MigrateEmails IMAP Backup Tool is an outstanding tool for the backup of multiple IMAP email accounts. It is the most recommended solution if a user wants to migrate email from cpanel to cpanel. The software is provided with advanced features to ease the process of migration. Moreover, its various functionalities help you get the desired result.

Salient Features of the IMAP Backup Tool

  • Batch Migration feature for IMAP-enabled accounts.
  • Displays mailbox preview of the selected IMAP account.
  • It can backup mailbox content to PST, MBOX, CSV, PDF, etc.
  • Also, migrate IMAP emails to Office 365, Gmail, and other IMAP accounts.
  • In-built remove duplicate emails and a date range filter feature.
  • Above all, interactive GUI for enhanced user experience makes the software matchless.

Furthermore, you do not need any additional application or assistance when using MigrateEmails IMAP Backup Tool. Thus, the professional tool is the best solution for cPanel to cPanel email migration.


We have researched and mentioned the best solutions to transfer email from cpanel to cpanel. Users can either perform the manual procedure or opt for the professional tool. However, the manual process can be tricky for non-technical users. Therefore, users should opt for the most optimal solution, a professional IMAP Backup Tool for easy and precise migration.

How to migrate emails from cPanel to G Suite?

To migrate emails from cPanel to G Suite, follow the steps mentioned:
•Login to your account on cPanel webmail.
•Choose Horde from the list of Webmail apps.
•Right-click on the Inbox folder and select the Export option.
•Then, choose the Download into a MBOX file option. Click OK.
•Afterward, your mailbox is saved as an MBOX file. Further, to import it to Gmail, you need to convert the MBOX file to PST and then import it to Gmail.

How to migrate emails from cPanel to Office 365?

First of all, export the cPanel mailbox to an MBOX file. Further, to migrate emails from cPanel to Office 365, convert the MBOX file to PST file format and import it to Office 365.

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