Top Tricks to Transfer Google Workspace to Another Account

Let us assume a scenario where an organization uses G Suite to store data and communicate with team members. But now the company is changing its domain name, thus needing to transfer Google Workspace to another account. So, whatever the reason is, the organization can’t afford to lose any crucial data. Therefore, they need to find a reliable and effective method to get the job done seamlessly. Hence, this blog explains the proper steps to migrate Google Workspace emails to another account, either by the manual approach or an automated Google Workspace Backup Tool.

What is G Suite?

G Suite (or rebranded as Google Workspace) is a suite of multiple online productivity applications. Developed by Google, G Suite is a set of secure, cloud-based productivity tools that empower teams to work together. It includes Gmail, Google Contacts, Calendars, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Meet, etc. Google Workspace helps businesses and individuals work together, communicate, and manage their tasks more efficiently.

Now, you must be wondering why users Migrate Google Workspace emails to another account. Below mentioned pointers magnify the need for doing so:

  • Change in the organization’s domain name.
  • Teaming and collaborating with another organization.
  • Switching from G Suite Basic to G Suite Business.
  • An employee exiting a company and wants to migrate data to his account.

These are some of the prominent reasons for doing so. But there may be several other possible reasons why users prefer to transfer G Suite to another account. Further, let us find out the solution to the queryHow do I export emails from Google Workspace?

Manually Transfer Google Workspace to Another Account

The manual procedure for Gsuite to G suite Migration involves using the in-built Data Migration Service (DMS) of Google Workspace. DMS is Google Workspace’s migration platform for its users. This service helps users migrate G Suite emails to another G Suite account. Let us see the procedure to perform the manual process.

  • Login to your Google Admin Console.
  • Click the Accounts option and then Click on Data Migration.
  • Then, click on Set Data Migration.
  • On the next page, select Migration source as Google Workspace. And data type as Email.
  • Further, choose desired Migration Start Date and other Migration options.
  • Then click on Select Users, enter the required credentials and lastly click on Start to begin the migration.

Following each step carefully, you can migrate emails to your intended Google  Workspace account. However, this manual method to transfer G Suite data to another account has certain limitations.

Limitation of Data Migration Service

  • You cannot migrate Emails, Calendars, and Contact together.
  • To transfer contacts and calendars, you need an Exchange server.
  • Lacks error handling functionality, if power/internet cuts off.
  • You cannot migrate Google Drive data from one G Suite to another.
  • It is a time-consuming process and can take up to hours or days.

Therefore, to overcome such limitations of the DIY method, we suggest a better alternative which is G Suite Backup Tool.

Transfer Google Workspace to Another Account- Expert Solution

MigrateEmails G Suite Backup tool is an expert-recommended solution to migrate G Suite to another G Suite account. This utility is well-known for its swift operation and easy-to-navigate user interface. You can back up Gmail, Contacts, Calendars, Drive, Docs, Jamboard, Sheets, etc. effortlessly using this tool. Moreover, the tool facilitates you to transfer Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365, Hotmail, Gmail, Zoho, IMAP, etc. Let us learn more about the equipped feature of the G Suite Backup Tool.

Exclusive Features of Google Workspace Backup Tool

  • Export G Suite Emails to PST, EML, PDF, MBOX, MSG, CSV, DOCX, PNG, etc.
  • The Date Filter feature helps migrate data of a particular date range.
  • Option to skip additional mailbox folders such as promotions, updates, etc.
  • You can also remove duplicate emails based on Body, Subject, and Sender.
  • Option to exclude attachments from email while migration.
  • You can migrate Google Workspace emails to another account effortlessly on all Windows OS.

How Do I Backup My Google Workspace Mailbox Using This Tool?

Go through the steps as directed below to effortlessly:

  • Launch the Google Workspace Backup Tool.
  • Enter the right credentials and hit Sign In with Google.
  • Choose the Google applications you want to migrate or backup.
  • Further, choose the G Suite as the destination email client.
  • Then, enter your G Suite Login credentials and click on the Login button.
  • You can opt for other migration options, hit Next, and then click on the Backup Button.


Well, the best method to transfer Google Workspace to another account is using an automated tool. Additionally, the tool provides you with a variety of options to perform the migration. However, we have discussed both the manual as well as the professional tool to do so. Now, it depends on users to opt for the best that fits their requirements.

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