How to: Solve: Outlook Error “The PST file is Already in use in Current Profile “

There are many errors and bugs that are faced by the user while using the Microsoft desktop client. These errors are repetitive ones that are raised repeatedly in various forums and blogs. One of the most common issues is the PST file is already in use in current profile.

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It is a difficult issue and a lot don’t know about it. There are different methods for it depending on the cause of the problem. There is limited information available. This blog covers all the details related to this error code. Follow the steps carefully as mentioned to avoid any type of data loss.

Before going towards the manual steps, first, you should know the reasons for the error as follows:

Know why Outlook shows "the pst file is already in use in current profile" error

Fix Outlook Error “The PST file is Already in use in Current Profile”

Following are some of the possible manual methods that can work in order to solve this issue:-

Method#1 Check for Naming Conflicts

There are negative names to the personal folder file included in the client. This can be the reason for the error. The only method for this is to rename the current Outlook Data file and import it again.

Method#2 Check for Read-Only status

 This can be a problem if the data file is saved on a compact disk and DVD file. It can generate an error code such as ‘Outlook data file .pst is use in the current profile’. Before doing this status needs to be changed. Follow the steps to perform the modification:-

  • Firstly do right click on the Outlook data PST file and choose the Properties option
  • Then, from the Outlook Properties screen, you have to make sure that the Read-Only box is marked
  • Now, tap on the Next button to start the procedure to remove any profile problem. This error ‘Outlook Data file PST is already in use in the current profile’
  • Now, try to import procedure again and check if the issues persist

Method#3 Relocate the Default PST File

The original path of the default PST file that Outlook reads can be incorrect. It is useful to change the path location to fix the error ‘the Outlook data file is already in use in the current profile’ by the given steps:-

  • Go to File>>Account Settings>>Data file tab and tap on Open File Location button
  • Now, you have to hit on the Outlook data file(.pst) and check if it is located there. If not, check by name and re-add using the manual means

Method4# Use the Open feature in Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016

There is another solution to approach importing Outlook PST files into the desktop email client.

These following are the steps to remove ‘Outlook data file pst is use in the current profile’

  • Firstly you have to go to File>>Open>>Open Outlook Data File
  • Now, browse the folder path where this PST file is saved and tap on the Open button

An Alternative Method to Fix Outlook Profile Error

Users looking for a professional method for resolving the usual email client issues. There are a no. of problems that are faced daily by the users. These issues can’t be resolved by simply trying a basic manual method. They need a professional method like third-party tools such as Outlook Recovery Tool. This is a fast, more convenient, and efficient method to fix the ‘the Outlook data file is already in use in the current profile’ error. These tools are perfect and fit in the budget. These are the easy applications that can work without any complications. It is a stand-alone application that performs the procedure very easily. It also can repair the corrupted Outlook PST files.


Above, we have discussed the manual method and the professional method to solve the “The PST file is already in use in current profile” error. If we compare the manual method and professional method with each other, then we recommend you to use the professional method for a better experience. It can also resolve the error in no time with the simple and hassle-free steps

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