How to Move AOL Emails to iCloud Account? – Quick Tips

Overview: Wondering how to move AOL emails to iCloud? Here is the solution to do the job effortlessly. This blog will introduce you to the manual strategy and a professional solution which is the AOL Backup Tool, for migrating AOL emails to iCloud. Stick to the blog till the end to find your best-suited method. But before we jump to the procedure part, let us grab an idea about AOL and iCloud.

AOL or American Online is an American Online service provider and one of the oldest emailing services. Users widely use AOL email for personal as well as professional communication, for its simple user interface. One can easily send, receive, create, and manage emails through AOL.

iCloud, a cloud-based storage service developed by Apple Inc. It enables users to store, backup, and share data across different devices. Moreover, it helps in easy collaboration with other users. But what makes users transfer AOL email to iCloud mail account?

Why do users need to move AOL emails to iCloud?

Users switch from one email client to another for various reasons and benefits. Some of the significant benefits provided by iCloud are mentioned below.

  • The primary reason to migrate AOL mailbox to iCloud mail is to create a backup. To reduce the chances of data loss due to unintentional reasons, users might create a backup of the AOL mailbox.
  • iCloud helps you to easily integrate and synchronize across different Apple devices. Also, by migrating mailbox data to iCloud you will be able to access data, without the need for a Sign In to AOL account.
  • iCloud offers ample storage space and is designed with enhanced security and privacy for your important data.
  • You can free up server space on AOL after storing data in iCloud and make space for new emails.

These are some of the common reasons people search for solutions to migrate AOL Mailbox. But before moving to know “How To transfer emails from AOL to iCloud instantly?” it is advised to create a backup of your data. So that in case any mishap happens while migration, your data is safe. Now, let us explore methods for the task.

Methods to Move AOL Emails to iCloud

Here, we will discuss two prominent ways for transferring AOL data to iCloud: the manual approach and the professional AOL Backup Tool. Firstly, we will explore the free manual method, which involves two important steps. The first step is to download AOL emails to PDF file format and then import PDF to iCloud. Later, we will learn about an alternative method, the AOL Backup tool. Let us begin with the manual approach.

Manually Transfer AOL Email to iCloud Mail Account

Follow the steps mentioned below to go through the manual procedure for migrating AOL emails:

#1. Download AOL Emails to PDF

  • Sign in to your AOL email account.
  • Click to open the email you want to migrate.

open email to migrate

  • Hit the Print icon to save the email as a PDF.
  • Now, select the Save as PDF option and press Save.

save as pdf

Your email message will be saved to PDF. Further, we need to import the PDF into iCloud. First, move the PDF file to the Mac system you use and do as follows.

#2. Migrate PDF File to iCloud Account

  • Open PDF file on Mac.
  • Choose Export and then hit the Save to Files option.
  • Navigate to the desired location to upload the PDF and click on Add.

This will successfully transfer AOL email to iCloud mail account. However, you may find some complications with the manual way. This process can ideally transfer a few emails from AOL to iCloud. But if have to deal with a complete AOL mailbox, with a significant number of emails, you need a reliable method.

Expert’s Solution to Move AOL Emails to iCloud

Migrate AOL emails to iCloud account efficiently using the MigrateEmails AOL Mail Backup Tool. It is a standalone utility to help you back up and migrate your complete AOL mailbox. You can directly migrate AOL to iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, and other email clients. Moreover, this software facilitates you to export AOL mails to Outlook PST File, MBOX, EML, MSG, and other file formats. Equipped with various advanced features, fast migration, and a simple GUI, the tool stands as a matchless tool. Furthermore, it is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

Stepwise Process to Use ME AOL Backup Tool

To migrate AOL Mailbox to iCloud Mail using the AOL Backup tool, do as mentioned below:

  • Download and run the ME AOL Backup Tool on your PC.
  • Enter the AOL username and app password to log in.
  • From the AOL mailbox preview, choose the necessary folders and hit Next.
  • In the drop-down list, opt for iCloud and click Next.
  • Log in to iCloud and choose migration filters if required.
  • At last, click on Convert to initiate the process.

This is how easily you can export your AOL emails to iCloud Mail using a professional tool. The tool also has a trial version for a free evaluation of the working of the tool.


Hence, we have discussed two methods to move AOL emails to iCloud. One is the free manual approach and the other is the paid professional method. Users can compare and choose the best as per their requirements. However, experts suggest using a professional AOL Backup Tool for secure and easy migration.

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