How to Migrate Yahoo Email to iCloud?

Nowadays, users require a fast communication service for organizations or for individuals. That’s the reason why users use more than one email application to manage their important personal or professional database items. Many users want to backup or migrate their emails and other items from one platform to another one. Many users have queries regarding “how to migrate Yahoo email to iCloud?”.Or they want to know the technique to backup yahoo mail to icloud. Yahoo Mail is one of the widely used email clients that provides 1TB of storage space for the user to store the data such as emails, documents, calendars, etc. On the other hand, iCloud is Apple’s cloud-based ecosystem available for all Windows, iOS, and Mac OS users. Users can easily send, receive, or organize their emails using iCloud features. So in this blog, we will discuss some common needs for Yahoo to iCloud migration. Following the reasons, we will describe different methods both manual as well as the professional Yahoo Backup Tool to transfer Yahoo mail to iCloud.

Let’s now understand why users need to perform Yahoo email migration to iCloud first. 

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Reasons to Migrate Yahoo Email to iCloud

We have listed some of the common reasons below why users need to transfer emails from Yahoo to iCloud. Go through the mentioned reasons for a better understanding of migration. 

  • Managing the entire email messages, attachments, and all other mailbox items is not an easy task. So it is required to migrate emails to access perfectly. 
  • By using the iCloud program, users can make changes on one device that will automatically reflect on all the other devices. However, using the Yahoo program, the user will be stuck on a specific device. 
  • When the user needs to switch from a Windows-based email program to Web-based email program like iCloud. 
  • To back up the crucial database information and avoid the risk of data loss.

These are some of the few reasons for exporting Yahoo emails to iCloud. Now, let’s proceed further to different methods to easily transfer Yahoo mail to iCloud. 

Migrate Yahoo Email to iCloud Manually

The user can try the manual strategy to perform Yahoo email migration to iCloud. However, the process of backup yahoo mail to icloud is quite lengthy so we have divided it into three steps for better understanding for migration to users. Also, it is suggested to create a copy of the original data to be exported as there might be a risk of data alteration or severe data loss. Once the copy is made, follow the given steps carefully. 

Step 1: Import Yahoo mail to Outlook

  1. Sign in to your Outlook account. 
  2. Go the File tab > Info > Add Account. 
  3. Click on Manual Setup or additional server types option and hit the Next button. 
  1. Select POP or IMAP and press Next. 
  1. Now enter the Yahoo credentials as required.
  1. Click on More Settings. 
  2. Go to the Outgoing tab, enable My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication.
  3. Click on the Advanced tab and enter the port number as shown.
  1. Hit OK to update changes. 

Step 2: Setup iCloud on Windows

  • Install iCloud for Windows application on your Windows device. 
  • Install & Configure MS Outlook on your system to make it an intermediate email service provider for communication between them. 

Configure iCloud account with MS Outlook

  1. Login to MS Outlook application. 
  2. Then launch the iCloud program and login by providing the required credentials. 
  3. Now check on the options i.e, Mail, Contacts, Photos, etc. and click on the Apply button. 
  4. Click on Configure option to add iCloud to MS Outlook. 

Step 3: Transfer Yahoo Mail to iCloud

  1. Open MS Outlook application. 
  2. Use Drag & Drop option to transfer emails from Yahoo to iCloud.


  • Lengthy and more time-consuming process. 
  • Only transfers a few emails at a time. 
  • Risk of data loss or data alteration. 
  • Not compatible with all Outlook versions.
  • Technical expertise is needed.

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Migrate Yahoo Email to iCloud Using Smart DRS Yahoo Backup Tool

As we have seen there are complexities with the manual process of exporting Yahoo emails to iCloud. So it is suggested to use the known and simple professional technique to avoid all the limitations. Users don’t require to follow a lengthy process, automated techniques are quick and offer more features to simplify the backup process. DRS Yahoo Email Backup Tool is an advanced technique to backup Yahoo emails into PST, MBOX, MSG, PDF, EML, Gmail, Zoho mail, AOL, Thunderbird, etc. Users can easily export emails along with attachments and other mailbox items like contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. The utility is compatible to entire Windows and Mac versions. Also, the user can download the demo version to evaluate the performance before purchasing the licensed version.


In this blog, above we have discussed some reasons to migrate Yahoo email to iCloud followed by various methods for migration. We can now conclude that the manual steps are quite lengthy and have several limitations as well. So it is highly suggested to opt for an advanced and reliable Yahoo email backup tool for an effortless migration process.

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