Best Methods to Migrate IMAP to Google Workspace

Summary: IMAP is an email protocol that is supported by almost every email provider to receive emails. Another characteristic of IMAP is that it enables you to access your emails through other applications. Although IMAP-enabled email accounts are secure and fast, many users want to migrate IMAP to Google Workspace accounts. You can use the professional IMAP Backup Tool to make this migration process easy and hassle-free.

Google Workspace (now known as G Suite)is the cloud service provided by Google that has numerous productivity and collaboration tools. Along with Gmail, you can have different web applications like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Contacts, Calendars, Photos, Drive, etc. Moreover, this cloud service provider offers multiple options to manage your data more efficiently and collaborate with other team members. Because of all these characteristics, Google Workspace or G Suite is the most suitable option for businesses of all sizes.

Why Should You Migrate IMAP to Google Workspace?

Most email providers like Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, iCloud, etc., support IMAP protocol. Also, cPanel email accounts and email accounts with custom domain email accounts support IMAP email protocol. In simple terms, any email provider that supports IMAP is an IMAP-enabled email account. Now, let us check why you should migrate emails from IMAP to G Suite accounts.

  • Along with email solutions, Google Workspace provides various cloud-based services which makes it the best choice for businesses.
  • G Suite is also more secure than any IMAP-enabled email account. It provides you with 2-step verification.
  • With Google Workspace, you can use other productivity and collaboration tools to easily transfer files. Whereas, this functionality is unavailable in IMAP accounts.
  • You can store your valuable data in Google Drive. So, you can easily access and share it when needed.
  • Google offers you various customization features for a better user experience.
  • G Suite premium plans are suitable for all business sizes.
  • Gmail has an advanced spam filtering feature to prevent any harm to your valuable data.

These are some benefits of using Google Workspace over any other email provider. Now, we will explain how to perform IMAP to G Suite migration.

The traditional method to migrate IMAP to Google Workspace is a very complex task to perform by many users. Therefore, many experts recommend using the professional IMAP Backup Tool for quick migration of IMAP to G Suite.

Best Solution to Migrate IMAP Server to G Suite

The best method to migrate emails from IMAP to G Suite account is the MigrateEmails IMAP Mail Backup Tool. This tool enables you to migrate your IMAP-enabled email account to Gmail, Office 365, and other IMAP-enabled accounts. This application provides various advanced features to simplify the migration for a better user experience. Moreover, IMAP to G Suite Migration Tool also helps you to migrate only necessary items and skip all the undesired items. Duplicate removal, migration without attachments, and date filters are prominent features of this application. Moreover, it is widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

Features of MigrateEmails IMAP Backup Tool

  • Migrate multiple IMAP-enabled email accounts at once to save time and effort.
  • Import CSV feature to add any number of IMAP accounts easily.
  • This tool helps to backup IMAP account emails to Google Workspace, Gmail, Office 365, and other IMAP-enabled accounts.
  • It also helps to export IMAP to PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, PDF, CSV, DOC, and DOCX file formats.
  • Remove duplicate emails from migration based on To, From, Subject, Bcc, and Body.
  • Free up server space option to delete emails after completing the IMAP migration.
  • Split the resultant PST file into multiple smaller files to avoid Outlook’s oversized PST file issue.
  • Date range filtering option to migrate emails of a particular date range and exclude the rest.

Steps to Migrate IMAP to Google Workspace Account

Before you migrate IMAP to G Suite, you must have a few details related to your email account. You must know the IMAP host and port number (which is 993 in most cases) of your mailbox account. you must prepare the CSV file prior to initializing mailbox migration. If you are planning to use the Import CSV option, you must prepare the CSV file prior to initializing mailbox migration. You can download a Sample CSV file to check how to enter login credentials.

  • Download and install the ME IMAP Backup Tool. Run it as administrator.
  • Provide the login credentials of your desired IMAP-enabled email account. Hit the Login button.
  • After successfully logging in to your IMAP account, check the mailbox folders and select desired items. Press Next to proceed.
  • Expand the list of destination file format/email clients and select G Suite. Click on the Next button.
  • After that, select the migration options to exclude all the unnecessary items and hit the Convert button.


Most email providers support the IMAP protocol which is the latest email protocol. However, because of its comprehensive features, users prefer Google Workspace or G Suite more than any IMAP email account. There are many solutions available to migrate IMAP to Google Workspace accounts. But the best method is the professional IMAP Backup Tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I migrate from IMAP to Gmail?

Gmail has an inbuilt option to access emails from other email accounts. So, you can easily migrate your IMAP emails to Gmail. Also, you can send emails with the new IMAP email account.

Where are the IMAP settings in Gmail?

Follow the below instructions to enable IMAP in your Gmail email account.
•Login to your Gmail email account.
•Hit the Gear icon and select the See All Settings button.
•After that, select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP accounts.
•Tick the Enable IMAP option and press the Save Changes button.

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