How to Migrate Data from Google Drive to Office 365

Often, users ask how to migrate data from Google Drive to Office 365. Well, there are different methods to export your Google drive data but all of them may not be suitable for everyone. In this article, we will discuss different approaches you can adopt to perform Google Drive to Office 365 migration. Along with that, we also suggest the best solution for the migration. So, read the article till the end.

Overview: Google Drive is an open-source and free file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. Anyone can use Google Drive to store their valuable data and access it via different platforms. Also, it is ideal for sharing data with different users. Therefore, Google Drive is the best solution for every individual and business to enhance productivity.

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Office 365 is a cloud version of the conventional Microsoft Office Suite. It is also developed by Microsoft and provides productivity tools like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many others. It offers many advanced security features that make it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

There are many reasons indicating that Office 365 is more business-oriented than Google. Let us check the prominent causes to migrate Google Drive Data to Office 365.

Why Migrate Google Drive Data to Office 365?

Every user may have a different cause for exporting their data. But there are a few common reasons that lead most users to switch to a different cloud storage service. Below we mention a few critical factors responsible for migration.

⦁ Your organization is shifting from Google to Office 365. Thus, you need to export Google Drive data to Office 365 OneDrive.
⦁ You might want to create a backup of your Google Drive items on OneDrive.
⦁ Another reason could be that you want to share your files with an Office 365 user.
⦁ When you want to change the domain because you prefer OneDrive over Google Drive.
⦁ Office 365 provides more innovative and exclusive sharing and synchronization options as compared to Google.
⦁ If you plan to use Microsoft’s services, you need to connect Google Drive to Office 365.

These are some prominent reasons that lead users to export their Google Drive data to Office 365. Now, let us have a look at how to perform Google Drive to Office 365 migration.

How to Migrate Data from Google Drive to Office 365?

The two main approaches to migrate Google Drive data to Office 365 are the manual approach and the professional solution. The former approach consists of DIY solutions that are free of cost. Also, they are easy to perform and effective so that any new user can easily perform the steps. An alternative technique to the manual approach is the professional approach that requires a third-party software to migrate your data.

First, let us discuss the manual procedure to migrate your Google Drive items to Office 365.

Download Google Drive and Upload it to Microsoft OneDrive
⦁ Login to your Gmail email account using the required login credentials.
⦁ Now, open Google Apps and click on the Drive icon to open Google Drive.
⦁ After that, choose the desired Drive folder you want to migrate and right-click on it.
⦁ Choose the Download option from the list. It will download the selected item locally.


⦁ After that, go to the location where you saved the Zip file. Extract the items in it.
⦁ Now, log in to your Microsoft 365 account and open the OneDrive application.
⦁ Go to the desired location to import the Google Drive folder.
⦁ Click on the Upload button situated at the top bar.


⦁ Select the downloaded Google Drive file and click on the Upload button.
⦁ It will migrate your Google Drive item to Microsoft OneDrive easily.

The above steps enable you to migrate your Google Drive data to your Office 365 account. However, there are some limitations with the above method that makes it unsuitable for most users.

Limitations of the Manual Approach

Considering the simplicity and effectiveness, the manual approach to migrate Google Drive data to Office 365 is simple enough that a non-technical user can perform the migration easily. Also, it ensures complete data migration to the destination OneDrive account. But, if you want to migrate your entire Google Drive data at once, you need to move it to a folder. It makes the procedure complicated and time-consuming. Also, it is not always possible to bring all the desired files in one place. Therefore, the manual method is not the best solution for your needs.

If you want to transfer fewer data and time is not the concern, you can opt for the manual method. But, for migrating large-size files, we would recommend you choose a professional tool to export your files quickly.

Professional Method to Migrate Google Drive data to Office 365

MigrateEmails Google Workspace Backup Solutions is the most effective and easy solution to export Google Drive data to Office 365 with complete accuracy. Using this utility, you can export various Google items like Contacts, Calendars, Gmail, Photos, Drive, and Hangout Chats. Along with that, this utility allows you to migrate mailbox data to various file formats and email clients. The application is quite simple and interactive with wide compatibility with all Windows OS versions.


The manual solution to migrate Google Drive data to Office 365 is easy and effective. But its use is limited to low-size data. If your Google Drive is large in size, adopting professional third-party software is the most suitable and reliable solution for migrating Google Drive data to Office 365.

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