Detailed Guide to Export Zoho Emails to MBOX with Attachments

Summary: If you are still searching for the solution to export Zoho emails to MBOX with attachments, here it is. This blog will provide you with the most used method to export Zoho emails to MBOX. Also, stick to the end of the blog to find out about a reliable Zoho Migration Tool.

MBOX is a popularly used file format for storing email messages and attachments. It is supported by many email clients including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage, etc. Whereas, Zoho Mail is a webmail service, available for both personal and business use. It provides different services for business users such as Zoho CRM and others.

However, Zoho Mail does not provide better security to the data as a result users migrate Zoho Mail to MBOX. Another reason to export Zoho emails to MBOX is to keep emails safe from hacking or any other data threats. Therefore, moving to the next section, we will discuss distinct ways to back up Zoho mail data to MBOX.

#1. Export Emails From Zoho to MBOX File Format Manually

The manual process to export Zoho emails to MBOX with attachments involves two major steps:

  1. Configure Zoho mail account to Thunderbird
  2. Save Zoho Mails to MBOX file with ImportExportTools NG

Further, know the steps in detail.

Configure Zoho Mail Account to Thunderbird

  • Launch Thunderbird on your system.
  • Expand the Thunderbird Menu. Select the Account Settings option.
  • Click on Account Actions and then Add Mail Account.
  • In the new wizard, enter your full name and email credentials. Click Continue. Thunderbird will try to auto-configure the server settings.
  • Otherwise, click on ‘Configure Manually.’
  • For Incoming Server Settings: If you Choose IMAP, use the following settings: Server hostname as ‘’; Port as ‘993’; Connection Security as ‘SSL/TLS’ whereas, for POP3, use the following settings: Server hostname as ‘’; Port as ‘995’; Connection Security as SSL/TLS.
  • Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings: Server hostname as ‘’; Port as 465(or 587); Connection Security as ‘SSL/TLS.’
  • Choose Authentication Method as ‘Normal Password”, and in the Username field, enter your full Zoho email address.
  • Click the Re-test button to ensure that Thunderbird can connect to your Zoho Mail account successfully.
  • Finally, click Done to finish the configuration setup.

Your Zoho Mail account should now be successfully configured and accessible in Thunderbird. Therefore, you can also send and receive emails using Thunderbird with your Zoho email account. However, our aim to add the Zoho email account to Thunderbird is to export Zoho emails to MBOX with attachments. Thus, we move on to the next section, which describes how to export Zoho mails.

Convert Zoho Emails to MBOX Using ImportExportTools NG

  • Firstly, add ImportExportTools NG to your Thunderbird.
  • Click on Local Folders and then, click on ImportExportTools NG.
  • Further, select the Import MBOX files option
  • Next, choose Import directly one or more MBOX files. Click on OK.
  • Choose the MBOX file from File Explorer and click on Open. Now, the Inbox folder will be imported to the Local Folders.
  • One-by-one select each Zoho emails you want to convert to MBOX.
  • Right-click on it, click on Move to. Choose Zoho Mail account > Inbox folder.

Hence, you are done with the free, manual method to save Zoho emails as MBOX format. But don’t you find this method too long and complicated? Well, when we were taking all these steps mentioned above, we faced a lot of trouble and it took a lot of time to reach the goal. We don’t want you to face this too. Therefore, we have a better and easier alternative i.e., Zoho Migration Tool.

#2. Secure Way to Export Zoho Emails to MBOX with Attachments

You just need to perform a few simple steps, to export Zoho mails to MBOX using MigrateEmails Zoho Mail Migration Tool. Yes, you can skip this long and tricky manual method and convert Zoho emails to MBOX easily. You can backup Zoho mails to different file formats and save them locally. Moreover, it offers to directly migrate Zoho mail to Gmail and various other email clients. Apart from this, for getting precise backup, you can use the advanced built-in features of the tool. Furthermore, the Zoho Mail Migration tool is widely compatible and easy to use.

Wondering “How do I export all emails from Zoho Mail to MBOX?” Here’s the step-by-step process to do so.

  • Download the tool and run it as an administrator.
  • Click on Zoho and enter the valid credentials required. Hit the Login button.
  • In the mailbox preview, choose the required mailbox items and press Next.
  • Expand the list of File Format/E-mail Client and choose MBOX from the list. Click on Next.
  • Now, choose among the various options for a precise and accurate backup.
  • After choosing all the migration options, click on Convert to export Zoho emails to MBOX with attachments.

These are a few simple steps you have to follow. However, you must note that to export Zoho emails with attachments, do not check the Migrate Emails without attachment files option. This feature prevents the migration of attachment files. Besides, if you want to save the email attachments separately, select the Save Attachments in Folder option.


Creating a backup of emails locally is the safest way to keep your valuable data secure. Therefore, this blog explains the complete details about how to export Zoho emails to MBOX with attachments.

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