Fast and Reliable Methods to Migrate G Suite to Zoho Mail

Summary: Which is the best method to migrate G Suite to Zoho Mail safely? Or thinking of the benefits of migrating from Google Workspace to Zoho Mail? Users keep searching about G Suite to Zoho migration on online platforms. However, the main demand from the method is to keep the data intact and undamaged. Therefore, most users prefer the G Suite Backup Tool for the migration. Apart from this, we will also discuss the manual migration. Thus, read this blog to get the solution for all your queries.

Google Workspace or G Suite, you might be well aware of it. It provides an integrated application such as Gmail, Google Sheets, Chats, Docs, Contacts, Calendars, and more. Also, you can use 15GB of free space to store the data shared among Gmail, Contacts, and Drive. If you need more space to store data, G Suite offers multiple subscription plans. Then, why do users tend to switch from G Suite to Zoho Mail?

Why do Users Prefer Zoho Mail Over G Suite?

This section will make it clear to migrate G Suite to Zoho Mail. Let’s read this section further.

  • Zoho Mail is suitable for small businesses with low budgets as it is cheaper than G Suite.
  • It may contain some tools that better meet the needs of the company and are convenient to increase work efficiency.
  • If a business already uses Zoho Content, switching to Zoho Mail helps users work across the unified platform.

Furthermore, we will have different solutions to complete the process. Here, we will start with the manual method first.

How do I Transfer Emails from Google Workspace to Zoho?

Many users look for the manual method to migrate emails from Google Workspace to Zoho Mail. Here, we have discussed the manual steps. So, follow them to complete the process of G Suite to Zoho migration manually:

  1. Visit the link: and Sign In.
  2. Under the Mail Administration option, choose Migration.
  3. After selecting Add-Migration, type the server details.
  4. Choose the Migration name >> Apps as Migration.
  5. Now, opt for the G Suite to auto-populate server details.
  6. Select the item to migrate from your Google Workspace to Zoho Mail.
  7. Afterwards, authenticate the Google Workspace account.
  8. Once the authentication is complete, enter your Gmail account credentials. Tap Verify.
  9. Click on the Add Accounts and provide details and location for your resultant file.
  10. Now, click on the Add and Close tab.

Now, your Google Workspace is connected to the Zoho Mail. You can migrate data from G Suite to Zoho Mail. However, you must know the drawbacks of using the manual method, especially if you are new to this migration:

  • It is an error-prone method.
  • No selective data migration.
  • You cannot filter duplicates.
  • Incapable of large data migration.
  • It can be risky for your important data.

Easy Method to Migrate G Suite to Zoho Mail

Well, the manual method can be risky to choose. We have an easy solution to migrate emails from Google Workspace to Zoho Mail. MigrateEmails Google Workspace Email Backup Tool is an amazing utility for quick and effective results. Also, the data will be protected from any unforeseen damages as it provides robust security.

Additionally, this wizard provides highly advanced features. Its feature will assist you in getting perfectly modified data. For instance, if you want to stop migrating duplicate data into Zoho Mail, you can use the remove duplicate option. As a result, you can restrict the duplicate data from migration based on To, From, Subject, Bcc, and body. Further, let’s discuss the steps of the software in detail.

Simple Steps to Migrate G Suite to Zoho Mail

This guide will provide the detailed steps to migrate data from G Suite to Zoho Mail.

  1. Download the Google Workspace Backup Software.
  2. Select Backup Emails only /All Google Services.
  3. Provide Google Workspace login credentials. Press Sign In.
  4. Pick mailbox items for migration from the G Suite account to Zoho Mail.
  5. Provide the Zoho Mail credentials to log in and click on the Sign In tab.
  6. Press the Convert button to migrate from G Suite to Zoho Mail.

Before you use the software, your IMAP must be enabled in the G Suite account. Also, you have an app password. If you don’t have one, follow the steps to enable IMAP and create an App password:

How to Enable IMAP?

  1. First of all, log in to your G Suite account.
  2. Tap the Setting icon >> See all Settings.
  3. Now, enable IMAP from the POP/IMAP option.
  4. Click on the Save Changes tab.

Creating App Password

  1. Visit the manage your Google account.
  2. In the Google account, visit the Security option.
  3. Sign In your App password under the Signing into Google.
  4. Next, press on the Select Apps option.
  5. Now, go to the App and select the device.
  6. After this, a 16-character app password will be created on your device.

Note: In case, your App password option is not visible, it means you didn’t set up a two-step verification.


Here, you will get the fast and safe procedure to migrate G Suite to Zoho Mail. The manual method can be reliable for small data migration. Therefore, organizations and start-ups prefer professional methods. Also, you must ensure that your IMAP is enabled and your app password is generated. This will help you to get the outcome quickly.

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