How to Import MBOX to Google Workspace ( G Suite)? Comprehensive Guide

Overview: Do you want to import MBOX to Google Workspace? Well, you will benefit from cloud services and keep the data of your MBOX files safe. While there are various methods available, manually migrating MBOX files to G Suite via Thunderbird can be an effective solution. For users looking for a simpler approach, we have suggested an MBOX Converter Tool. Hence, go through this informative blog and import MBOX file to G Suite smoothly.

Before we begin ‘How do I import an MBOX file into Google Workspace?’ Let’s take a brief introduction to MBOX files.

MBOX File is a standard file format supported by many email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, and others. It is a plain text file storing a collection of email messages sequentially within the file. A specific delimiter separates each email message. MBOX files are an ideal format for exporting, importing, and storing email messages. However, for some reason, users transfer MBOX files to Google Workspace and organize email on the cloud.

Why- Import MBOX to Google Workspace?

A cloud-based productivity suite- Google Workspace was formerly known as G Suite. Google Workspace offers a range of applications and services to help streamline communication, collaboration, and productivity among teams. Whether you run businesses, educational institutions, or organizations of any size, it serves you with a variety of collaboration tools. Let us see other features of G Suite, which is why users convert MBOX emails to Google Workspace:

  • Users can monitor and access their email at all times, regardless of the location or the time.
  • Facilitates smooth teamwork on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations simultaneously.
  • Additionally, storing data on Cloud platforms such as G Suite, prevents the risk of file corruption.
  • It also offers enhanced data security measures and eliminates the risk of malware attacks on the cloud.
  • Furthermore, you can scale your business, that is easily adjust the number of users as your organization expands or grows.

Thus, Google Workspace offers multiple benefits over saving mailbox data on the system. Therefore, users choose to import and open MBOX Mail to Google Workspace. Further, moving to the procedure section.

Effective Methods to Import MBOX to Google Workspace

The following section is divided into two parts- one is a manual procedure and another is about the professional tool. However, many users don’t prefer the manual process because it is time-consuming and for many other reasons. So, if you want the simplest and quicker solution, move to the next section. Otherwise, let us start the manual process.

#1. Manually Transfer MBOX Files to Google Workspace

This process involves using the Thunderbird application. Follow the steps as stated:

Configure Google Workspace into Thunderbird

  1. Launch Thunderbird and from the menu, click on Tools > Options.
  2. Then, select Account Settings and click on Account Actions.
  3. To begin, click on Add Mail Account and configure the Google Workspace Account.
  4. In the Account Setup window, enter your name, Google Workspace email address, and password.
  5. Then, click on Continue. Now, Thunderbird will attempt to configure your account automatically.
  6. Further, if prompted, select IMAP as the account type and enter the following settings:

Incoming server:

Outgoing server:

Port: 993 (IMAP) and 465 (SMTP)


Install ImportExportTools

  1. To install the ImportExportTools add-on, first, go to Tools > Add-ons.
  2. Then, search for ImportExportTools, and install it.
  3. Once installed, restart the Thunderbird application.

Import MBOX to Thunderbird

  1. To begin importing MBOX files to Thunderbird, go to Tools.
  2. Then, click on the ImportExportTools.
  3. Choose to Import MBOX file and select the MBOX file.
  4. Import it into Thunderbird’s local folders.

Import MBOX to Google Workspace

This is the final process where you will save MBOX mailbox to Google Workspace. Simply drag and drop the imported MBOX emails from Thunderbird’s local folders to your configured Google Workspace profile. After the transfer of the MBOX file is done, Thunderbird will synchronize the MBOX file with your Google Workspace account.

Hence, this was the free manual approach for importing MBOX files to G Suite. However, you might face various challenges as well. For example:

  • Risk of MBOX file corruption and errors.
  • It can be challenging to migrate attachments.
  • Chances of missing emails and attachments during migration.
  • The process is lengthy and, thus can be time-consuming.

Therefore, move to a straightforward solution suggested in the next section.

#2. Dedicated Tool to Import MBOX File to G Suite

MigrateEmails MBOX Migrator is the best-suited method you need to open MBOX mail to Google Workspace. Using this tool, you can transfer MBOX files to G Suite and that too without having to follow the lengthy process. Additionally, this tool facilitates migrating MBOX to other email clients with convenience. You can also Convert MBOX to EML and other file formats. Also, the various built-in features of the tool help in the smooth migration of MBOX files.

Perform the steps mentioned below to import MBOX to Google Workspace:

  1. Launch the MBOX Converter tool as an administrator. Click on Continue.
  2. Add MBOX files you wish to migrate to G Suite.
  3. Preview emails and attachments of MBOX files and select for migration.
  4. Then, choose Google Workspace (G Suite) as a saving option.
  5. Login to your G Suite account using the correct credentials.
  6. Choose filters from the given options for precise results.
  7. Lastly, tap on Convert to begin MBOX to G Suite migration.

Hence, this is the simplest method to save MBOX Mailbox to Google Workspace. Moreover, it ensures the data integrity of the MBOX file and saves the original folder hierarchy.


So, we have seen the various methods to import MBOX to Google Workspace. The manual methods are free but they will need a lot of technical expertise to be implemented. Even sometimes all the MBOX file emails don’t get imported using the manual method. Therefore, you have the shortcut which is the MBOX Import tool that moves every single email with attachment to your Google Workspace account without any hassle.

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