Reliable Methods to Remove Outlook Duplicate Emails Manually

Summary: Are you facing duplicate items issues in Outlook? In this blog, we will share about the best methods to remove Outlook duplicate emails. Additionally, We will also discuss the professional tool i.e., Duplicate Remover for Outlook to make the removal process of duplicate emails quick and easy.
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MS Outlook is a widely used email client for sending and receiving emails. When there are a lot of emails in your mailbox it can be difficult to decide what’s new and what can be deleted. It creates problems in the performance of your Outlook account. To eliminate these duplicate items from Outlook many users search for different methods to remove duplicate emails. Before moving on to the solution, let us understand the actual cause of the problem.

Why Remove Duplicate Emails?

  • Unnecessary emails increase the size of your Outlook account.
  • It will affect the overall productivity of the Outlook account.
  • The same copy of an email may result in duplicate efforts.
  • Users may face Outlook application hanging issues.
  • Having duplicate emails may also result in storage issues.

These are the common reasons that users may face due o duplicate Outlook emails, Let’s move further and look at the solutions to remove duplicate emails from the Outlook account.

#Method 1: Manual Approach to Delete Duplicate Emails

You can use the following techniques to remove Outlook duplicate emails efficiently.

#1: Adjust Inbox Update Frequency

  • Go to your MS Outlook account in your system
  • Now, click on the Send and Receive Groups under the Send and Receive option.
  • After that, choose the define send or receive groups options. A new window appears.
  • Click on the “New” button to create a new group and then click on the Edit button.
  • Here, choose the Schedule an Automatic Send/Receive query option and mention the desired time interval from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the OK button to save the changes.

#2 – Use Inbox Cleanup Tool in Outlook

Outlook offers many inbuilt tools to clean up duplicate emails from your Outlook account.

  • Open your Outlook account on your device.
  • Choose the Mailbox folder >> Home>>Clean up option.
  • Now, configure these options:
  1. Clear up Conversion – Deleted the duplicate emails from the conversation.
  2. Clean up Folder – remove all the duplicate emails from a specific folder.
  3. Clean up Folders and Subfolders– It helps to remove duplicate emails from folders and subfolders.
  • After that select the Empty folder option to remove all the double emails in Outlook.

Users can execute both the above-mentioned procedures to eliminate duplicate emails in Outlook. But these methods come with certain limitations.

Limitations of the Manual Methods

  • This is a lengthy and time-consuming process.
  • There are chances of data loss during the process.
  • Users need to have proper knowledge of Outlook settings.

To make the process quick and accurate many experts prefer using the Professional Outlook duplicate remover tool.

Professional Solution to Remove Outlook Duplicate Emails

MigrateEmails Outlook Duplicate Remover is the best solution to remove duplicate messages in Outlook. Using this advanced approach users can easily remove duplicate emails, contacts, and calendars from their Outlook accounts in just a few clicks. It offers a simple GUI which makes it easy to use by all users. This tool removes duplicate emails with 100 % accuracy and no data loss.

Notable Features of Outlook Duplicate Remover

  • This tool helps to remove Outlook duplicate emails in bulk.
  • The Mail Filter helps to remove identical emails of a specific date range.
  • Its dual search option helps to search duplicate emails within the folder and across PST files.
  • This tool also helps to remove and save attachments in separate files.


From this article, it is clear that duplicate emails are very troublesome for every user. So, you must remove Outlook duplicate emails from your account. To do that, you can refer to the methods that are discussed in this guide. The professional technique is fast and more reliable than the other two manual techniques. Therefore, you must try out the automated tool and complete your task smoothly.

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