How to Recover SQL Database From Suspect Mode to Normal Mode

SQL Database is a database system mainly used to store the data of users. It is one of the highly used database storage systems among all other alternatives. However, while using the SQL database users sometimes have to face issues of suspect mode and as such, they cannot use the file. In this scenario, the only solution is to recover MS SQL database from suspect mode. So, if you are also facing such a problem then you can take help from this informative post and solve your query.

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SQL Database enables users to store information by managing different databases. Users can preserve their information securely and if required they can also generate reports by using SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS). But due to certain factors, your SQL database goes into suspect mode, and then you have to get SQL emergency mode to normal mode by performing recovery techniques. Thus, here I am revealing some tips and tricks through which you can fix the query of how to bring databases online from suspect mode in SQL server. But before that let me first highlight the causes of SQL suspended mode.

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Reasons for Database Suspect Mode in SQL Server

  • Any defect or fault in your hardware may lead the SQL server to suspect mode.
  • Shortage of space in disk space restricts file loading capacity and shows suspect mode error.
  • If the SQL database is affected by a server crash then you cannot access your file and will receive suspect mode notification.
  • SQL Database can go to suspect mode due to inappropriate shut down of the server. 
  • Installation or usage of third-party software often turns SQL Database into a suspect mode.
  • SQL Server appears to be in emergency mode when the log record file is missing or has become corrupted.

These are some of the reasons that are responsible for the occurrence of suspect mode in your SQL file. So, now we will learn about different procedures through which you can remove database from suspect mode in SQL server.

Methods to Recover MS SQL Database from Suspect Mode

Users can take help from two methods to recover a suspect database and acquire their files again. The first method is known as the manual method. It is a free DIY approach that needs some time to deliver output. Whereas, the second method is a fast and automated technique of solving SQL database suspect query.

Manual Method to Turn SQL Database Suspect Mode to Normal Mode

The steps to recover MS SQL database from suspect mode through manual technique are described below. You have to follow the steps in the same sequence as given here.

  • At first turn the Database to emergency mode.
  • Now, install the Management Studio and add it to the database.
  • After that click on the New Query option and write as shown below –


  • Next, you have to find out the default in the SQL file. For that type this query – DBCC CHECKDB (Database_Name)
  • Now, you have to type the following query and recover the MS SQL database from suspect mode. (Note – This command may cause a threat to your data security)


  • Now, you have to shift to multi-user mode by running the below command – 


With the above steps, you can remove the database from suspect mode in SQL server. However, if you are not an expert in technical workings then you will not be able to carry out the manual practice successfully. Moreover, this approach is lengthy and time-consuming too. Therefore, users are recommended to check out another method that delivers an easy system to recover MS SQL database from suspect mode.

Automated Way to Shift SQL Database Suspect Mode to Normal Mode

The most reliable method to transfer suspect mode into normal mode is by using the DRS SQL Database Recovery tool. This tool is a professional solution through which users can recover their SQL files from corrupt MDF and NDF files. The software offers two recovery modes i.e; standard mode and advanced mode based on the level of corruption. It has a very smooth user-friendly interface and can run on all editions of Windows servers and SQL servers. The application also has a free demo version and a tech support team for its users. If you want to recover MS SQL database from a suspect mode with this smart utility then you have to perform the basic steps that are written below.

Steps of the Automated Method to Recover Suspect Database File

  • Install the recovery tool on your PC. 
  • Now, add the corrupt files that you want to recover.
  • Here, you can see options that you have to choose as per your preference and then click on the Ok button.
  • Next, select the MDF file that you want to recover and then click on the save option.
  • Now, adjust the additional options as per your requirement, and after you have chosen the options hit on the Ok button.


Users have to face a lot of difficulties when the database is in a suspect mode in SQL server. Thus to overcome the issue, you can take help from the techniques that are disclosed in this guide. The manual mode is a tricky procedure so you can try the automated tool and recover MS SQL database from suspect mode. With this software, you can have a hassle-free and precise file recovery experience within a minimum time.

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