How to Recover SQL Data From a Dropped Table Without Backups

Overview: MS SQL is one of the known databases in this technical world where every user uses it on a daily basis. It frequently acts as a database management system. Users have their efficient data and it’s very easy to generate a backup and restore the whole data files. A lot of users face the most common issues related to drop tables. So, here we explain some best solutions  to “Recover SQL Data From a Dropped Table Without Backups”.

It is often mandatory to restore the Database since there are different sections of the SQL server. Data loss is seen in Database Management systems, which organise all of these components. This database system is a very complex and structured system that organises the data. Relational Database is a method that manages the data in the form of tables.

There can be many reasons because users face data loss and want to recover them. Let’s see some of them.

Why one has to Recover SQL Database?

  • Sometimes the data files may become faulty due to many reasons
  • Some corruption issues with system data files occur
  • Failing of Storage device 

Now, after looking over the main reasons, let’s start with the main part i.e solutions to restore deleted SQL database tables without backups.

Recover SQL Data From a Dropped Table Without Backups Manually

Restoring the lost database isn’t a big issue if you have the backup. Here are some commands that help you to recover the SQL database.

  • DBCC CHECKDB (DATABASE_NAME): Browse the entire database to recover in the command line or in the query manager
  • REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS: You can use this command to recover the entire data with the help of allocation and the deallocation or the rows. It can also remove the damaged and corrupted page, column, row, text errors. It can sound simple but is a very complicated procedure and also contain risk os data loss during the recovery
  • REPAIR_FAST: You can use this command as a recovering procedure. As the name provides it takes a little time to recover the SQL database. But it can only make small changes
  • DBCC CHECKTABLE (TABLE_NAME): This command is used in the command query manager and in the command line to recover the corrupted and damaged database table

Both the commands only can be processed if you have MS SQL Server Management Studio. And for that, you are need to access the system. Follow the steps to know how to recover deleted SQL data without backup:

  • Firstly go to the toolbar and have to hit the New Query option
  • Secondly, go for a new query page
  • Thirdly, enter the mentioned SQL script

EXEC sp-resetstaues [(DATABASE_NAME)]





  • Finally, press on Execute to begin the repair

This is the manual method to resolve the query on how to recover deleted SQL data without backup. This manual method contains some confusing steps which can lead you to data loss and data corruption. It also consumes your time when executing. To save time and to prevent data loss and corruption, you should use a professional tool.

Try This To Recover SQL Data From a Dropped Table Without Backups

Such a professional tool is the SQL Database Recovery tool by which you can easily restore the SQL database. It can easily fix any corrupted and damaged SQL database. It comes with an advanced algorithm. Moreover, its simple GUI is user-friendly. Even non-tech users can also use this effortlessly.


SQL databases always have an important role and restoring them is also important. In this write-up we have revealed the methods on How to Recover SQL Data From a Dropped Table Without Backups. So recover the SQL Database, by using the professional method. As in the manual method, there are more chances of data loss and corruption.

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