How to Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail – A DIY Approach

Summary – Do you want to migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail? Or are you looking for methods to convert your mailbox from Zoho to Gmail account? If yes, then you have arrived at the right site. Here, you will get to know about some easy solutions through which you can transfer emails from your Zoho account to Gmail without any hassle.

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Zoho Mail is an email client that serves both in personal as well as business perspective. This email client was first introduced in the year 1996 and since then it has gained wide acceptability among users. On the other hand, Gmail is another most extensively used email client which is forwarded by Google. It offers around  15GB of storage space and a complete secure mailing process to its users. Thus, these special attributes of Gmail insist users to export Zoho mail to Gmail. However, there could be some other reasons as well, to switch Zoho Mail to Gmail. Let us examine some of the possible causes of conversion.

Why to Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail?

Every user has their own reasons to move from Zoho to Gmail. Some of the most prominent causes for the same are listed below.

  1. Gmail offers easy accessibility to its users as compared to Zoho mail.
  2. The storage facility provided by Gmail is much more than Zoho mail.
  3. Gmail renders IMAP, POP, Email forwarding benefits that are not available in the Zoho account.
  4. Zoho mail users sometimes face issues while forwarding or accepting files but this issue is never reported by Gmail users.
  5. Gmail users enjoy additional services of G Suite that are rendered by Google and these functionalities are absent in Zoho Mail.

These could be some of the reasons that demand Zoho email migration. So now let us try to solve this problem and find the answer to “how to migrate mail from Zoho to Gmail?”

Methods to Migrate Migrate Emails from Zoho mail to Gmail

There can be different techniques for exporting mail from a Zoho account to Gmail. But all these methods do not work in the real scenario. Therefore, I am sharing the two best strategies that you can use to migrate emails from Zoho mail to Gmail. These techniques are tried and tested by some users for converting emails. The first method is a manual method and the second mode is an automated method. Both the methods are discussed below in a detailed way.

Manual Method to Transfer Zoho mail to Gmail 

  • Open your Zoho Mail account.
  • Go right and hit on the settings option.
  • Now from the mail accounts option select  Email Forwarding.
  • Click on the IMAP Access option.
  • Next, you have to move to your Gmail account.
  • Open Gmail and hit on the Settings button.
  • Now, choose the See all settings 
  • Next, hit on the Accounts and Import tab.
  • Next, select Add another email address option.
  • Here, enter your Zoho mail id. Then remove the tick mark from Treat as an Alias and go for Next.
  • Now, enter the details as given below –

SMTP Server: 

Port: 465

Then add your user name and password and click on Add account button.

  • Now, again login into your Zoho account and follow the verification mail.
  • After verifying you have to go on the Settings option in the Zoho account.
  • From the Mail Accounts section, click on the email forwarding option.
  • Now, move to the Add email address and type your Gmail id.
  • Here, just click on the Add option.
  • Now, go to Gmail and click on the verification option that you have received.
  • Here, you will receive a confirmation code.
  • Now, type the code into your Zoho account to approve the conversion.

With the above steps, the manual method to migrate Zoho mail to Gmail ends here. Although this is a free solution available to users yet this technique involves some drawbacks that are pointed out below.

Limitations of Manual Method to Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail 

The manual method is a lengthy process and as such it requires a large amount of time to complete.

  • It is not suitable for any non-technical or beginner who does not have enough technical skills.
  • While performing such a lengthy process users may have to suffer from data loss or data misplacement.
  • This technique does not guarantee 100% accurate results to the users. It depends upon how well the transfer procedure is carried out.

Keeping in mind the above difficulties faced by users while implementing this practice, I am suggesting here an expert methodology. The most effortless way to export Zoho mail to Gmail is by taking help from third-party software like DRS Zoho Backup Tool. It is an automated software that helps users to backup and export Zoho Mail. Let us know about this smart tool in detail.

Automated Method to Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail

DRS Zoho Backup Tool is an excellent software that enables users to backup and convert their Zoho mail into multiple other file formats or email clients. It contributes to a safe backup and conversion of data without any data loss. The tool comes with a very easy user interface and can work in all versions of Windows. This software facilitates users with an automatic backup schedule. If you want to clear up your server space then you can use the advanced feature of this tool and clear up space. The most advanced feature of this tool is that it allows users to exclude all the duplicate or previously migrated emails from the conversion process. Moreover, it has a free demo version and a 24*7 tech support team for its users. In short, this is a complete power-packed tool that can deliver all needs of users that can be required for converting Zoho mails.

Final Verdict

In this guide, I have disclosed two techniques to migrate emails from the Zoho mail account to the Gmail account. The manual method is a lengthy and complex procedure that cannot be feasible for every user. Hence, I recommend users to choose the professional method for transferring the emails smoothly and in less time.

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