Why Yahoo Emails Disappeared from Inbox?- Quick Solution

“I have been using Yahoo Mail for the past 13 years. I never had any problem with my email account. But for a few days, I am encountering an issue. My emails from the Inbox folder start disappearing. I do not know what happened to my account. But, I could not find them in my Yahoo Mail. Please help me restore my Yahoo mailbox data.”

Recently, we received this query regarding Yahoo emails disappeared from Inbox. So we decided to prepare a blog to guide users on why Yahoo emails disappeared and how you can restore them manually. Despite manual methods being effective, you need to back up your Yahoo emails via the professional Yahoo Backup Tool. It helps you to prevent your valuable data from accidental deletion.

Why Yahoo Emails Disappeared from Inbox?

If your emails missing from Yahoo Inbox folder, it might be because of many reasons. Sometimes, these emails can be restored but most of the time, you can not recover these emails. Below we discuss some major reasons responsible for missing emails in Yahoo.

  • Accidental Email Deletion: When your Yahoo emails disappear from your Inbox, it might be possible that you have accidentally deleted them. Any email deleted from the Inbox mailbox folder will get moved to the trash folder and can be restored easily.
  • Email Forwarding: It might be possible that you have enabled email forwarding and all your emails are being forwarded to another email account. In this case, you will not receive emails in your Yahoo Inbox folder.
  • Malicious programs: When a malicious program enters your Yahoo mailbox, it modifies or deletes mailbox files. Therefore, you become unable to access some of your mailbox items. It is one of the significant reasons for emails missing from Yahoo.
  • Sent to Spam: If an email contains an undesired link or file, Yahoo Mail considers it a suspicious email and sends it to the Spam folder. Thus, it will not appear in the Yahoo inbox folder. Sometimes, users configure the email provider to send a particular type of email to the spam folder.

Now, you have learned about the prominent causes behind the Yahoo emails disappeared from Inbox problem. It is time to learn how to deal with this problem and restore your deleted Yahoo emails.

What to Do When Yahoo Mail Inbox Messages Disappear?

As we have discussed, the Yahoo mail emails missing issue arises due to many reasons. Depending upon the cause, you can adopt any appropriate technique to resolve this problem. Below we have described different methods to fix the problem. However, to avoid data loss due to unintentional email deletion, we recommend you backup your Yahoo mailbox regularly.

#1. Move Emails from Spam Folder to Inbox

When an email contains links or inappropriate content, Yahoo Mail recognizes that email as suspicious and moves that email to the spam folder. If your Yahoo emails disappeared from Inbox because of that reason, mark that email as not spam and your email will get moved to the inbox folder.

  • Login to your Yahoo email account.
  • Open the Spam mailbox folder.
  • Select the desired email and mark them as Not Spam.

Now, your emails will get visible in your Yahoo Mail inbox.

#2. Restore Emails to the Inbox Folder

Another scenario is when you accidentally delete your email from your Yahoo mailbox folder. These emails will get moved to the Trash folder and will disappear. To get your emails back, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Login to your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Go to the Trash folder and select the desired emails.
  • Press the Restore to Inbox option. It will recover the deleted emails in the inbox.

Thus, your Yahoo emails disappeared from Inbox and will be restored. However, the above-mentioned solution will not work for permanently deleted emails.

#3. Send Request to Yahoo for Recovering Deleted Emails

When you delete emails from the Trash folder, they will get deleted permanently. In this case, you can restore emails by sending a request to Yahoo for restoring your deleted emails. You have to specify the emails you want to recover. Follow the below procedure to restore Yahoo emails.

  • Login to your Yahoo Mail Account.
  • Search for the Yahoo Help Center option.
  • In the top bar, switch to the Mail tab.
  • After that, click on the Recover lost or deleted emails option.
  • Press the Send a Restore Request button.

send a restore request to  fix yahoo emails disappeared from inbox

  • Enter the below-mentioned details.
    • Describe the Problem.
    • When did you last see the missing messages?
    • Yahoo ID
    • Email address that you have access to
  • At last, verify the captcha and click on the Create Request button.

After sending the request, Yahoo will restore your deleted emails. However, this method can not restore emails that have more than 30 days of deletion. Those emails will get permanently deleted.

These techniques are effective for restoring your deleted emails. But any of these techniques can not recover permanently deleted emails. Therefore, we suggest you backup your Yahoo mailbox regularly to avoid data loss. The best solution to backup your Yahoo mailbox is the professional Yahoo Backup Tool.

Best Solution to Backup Yahoo Mailbox

MigrateEmails Yahoo Mail Backup Tool is the most proficient software to download your Yahoo emails into the local drive as PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, PDF, CSV, etc. Along with that, you can also migrate your Yahoo emails to Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, and IMAP email accounts. The application offers various advanced features to migrate necessary mailbox data and exclude all undesired items like duplicate emails, attachment files, etc. Moreover, the software is widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS.


In This article, we have discussed different possible reasons why Your Yahoo emails disappeared from inbox. Depending upon the reasons for missing emails in Yahoo, you can execute multiple solutions. However, you can not restore a permanently deleted email after 30 days of deletion. Therefore, we recommend you go with the professional solution to backup your Yahoo mailbox data in bulk and prevent any data loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Why do Yahoo emails disappear without being deleted?

Ans: There can be many possible reasons for your Yahoo emails disappearing.

  • Malicious program intrusion
  • Sent to spam folder
  • Email forwarding is enabled
  • Accidental email deletion
Q2.How can I recover lost emails from my Inbox?

Ans: Depending upon the reasons for Yahoo emails disappearing from your inbox, you can adopt any appropriate solution.

  • Move emails from the Spam folder to the inbox – Login to your Yahoo account. Open the Spam folder and mark the desired emails as not spam.
  • Restore emails from the Trash folder to Inbox – Check the trash folder and restore deleted emails to inbox folders.
  • Send a request to restore permanently deleted emails – If you have deleted emails from the trash folder, you need to send a request to restore permanently deleted emails. You can only restore permanently deleted emails within 30 days of deletion.
Q3.How do I stop my Yahoo emails from disappearing?

Ans: If you are encountering the Yahoo mail emails missing problem, back up your Yahoo mailbox data. It helps you to restore your Yahoo emails in case of accidental deletion. The best solution to download your Yahoo emails locally is the Professional Yahoo Backup Tool.

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