Proven Methods to Import Gmail Contacts to iCloud

Summary – Do you want to know an easy technique to import Gmail contacts to iCloud? If you are looking for such an article where you can find the answer to this query then study this post. Here, I am going to reveal some of the validated techniques of transferring Gmail contacts to iCloud account. But before going straight to the methods let us know about Gmail and iCloud in brief.

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 What is Gmail and iCloud?

Gmail is a free email client that was introduced by Google. It started its journey with 1GB of storage space and today it offers around 15 GB of storage. Along with a basic mailing facility, Gmail users also has an access to use other applications like Google Calendar, Photos, etc.

iCloud is another email client that offers cloud storage and cloud computing facilities to its users. This service provider was first introduced in the year 2011 by Apple.Inc. icloud users can store their data on remote servers for downloading to ios, Mac, or Windows. The platform also facilitates users to share photos, games, music, etc through Airdrop Wireless.

However, users sometimes want to sync Google contacts to iCloud probably when they start using an iPhone, and need all the contacts of their Gmail account. Thus, users want to know about some easy strategies to import contacts to iCloud from Gmail.

How to Import my Gmail Contacts to iCloud?

You can import your contacts from Gmail to iCloud through two methodologies. The first process is a manual practice and the latter one is an automated solution. Both the procedure are discussed below along with the steps of execution. You can choose the best option for you and upload Gmail contacts to iCloud account without any hassle.

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Manual Method to move Gmail Contacts to iCloud

The steps to perform the manual technique are listed below in a sequence – 

  • Open your Gmail account and hit on the app icon given at the top.
  • Here, select the Contacts.
  • Now, choose the contacts that you want to import into iCloud.
  • Select the dots and choose Export.
  • After clicking on the export button, a dialog box will appear from that choose the third option and hit on Export.

Until here, we have successfully transferred Gmail contacts into vCard format. Now, to proceed further and move into iCloud continue the following steps.

  • At first log in to your iCloud account and open the Contact option.
  • Move to the Gear option and click on that.
  • Here, select the import vCard option.
  • Now, a dialog box will appear from that you have to choose the earlier saved .vcf file and then open it.
  • Finally, now you can view your Gmail contacts into your iCloud account.

With the above steps, the manul approach comes to end. Users can import Gmail contacts into icloud by performing this methodology. However, if you want to perform this system, then before that you must ensure proper time and effort from your side. This approach also requires a highly-skilled technical hand to implement the procedure. Hence, users must know about an expert solution for completing the task.

Expert Method to Merge Gmail Contacts to iCloud 

DRS Gmail Backup Tool is a professional technique that can be used to store mailbox data. This automated software enables users to backup and store mailbox items in multiple file formats or email clients. The backup tool can be accessed by any novice user and can perform the import task in a very short time. Moreover, the tool contributes a feature of clearing up server space after taking the backup of the data. If you have any unwanted attachments that you want to skip at the time of backup and you can use this advanced application and omit them. In addition to exclusion of attachments, the tool can also eliminate duplicate emails from the backup process. It delivers a free demo version and 24*7 tech support to its users. Any user can operate this tool by following some basic steps. If you want to backup your Gmail account and import contacts to icloud then refer to the steps listed down.

Steps of the Automated Method

  • At first, go to the official website and download the tool.
  • Now, login into your account.
  • Here, choose the file format or email client in whichever format you want to backup your mailbox data.

Note – I have taken an example of Yahoo mail, you can choose any email client or file format as per your requirement.

  • Now, you can use the additional attributes provided by the software. These advanced features help users to have a precise backup and conversion process. After you have selected your required option then just on the Convert button to start the data conversion.
  • Here, within a few seconds, the conversion will end. You can download the process report by selecting the Download button and to repeat the process select the Convert Again option.

Final Verdict

There are two methods to import contacts from Gmail to icloud. If you want to have an instant result in a minimum time then you have to opt for the automated method. This professional solution is a recommended method that renders a secure and reliable migration process to users. Thus, to get an accurate result you have to use this smart tool.

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