How to Migrate GoDaddy Email to Gmail Without Data Loss?

Summary – Many users have faced the issue of storage capacity in Godaddy email accounts. Therefore, they prefer to migrate Godaddy email to Gmail account and store their data in the Gmail cloud. If you are also one of such users, then you can gain benefits from this write-up. I am going to describe the best strategies to transfer email from Godaddy to Gmail.

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GoDaddy email is a professional email client of GoDaddy users. It is one of the most popular email clients in terms of corporate affairs. The service is spread among 20 million + customers. It operates with more than 9000 employees. This is a paid service that can be availed by users after registering with Godaddy domains. On the other hand, Gmail is a free email client. It can be used both for personal as well as professional purposes. So, many users want to transfer Godaddy email to Gmail and have the benefit of the unpaid mailing service.

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Let us find out some other reasons or benefits of Godaddy to Gmail migration.

Responsible Reasons to Migrate GoDaddy Email to Gmail 

  • High-End Security – Gmail is well known for its high-quality security measures and advanced features. So, users want to use Gmail.
  • Free of Cost – There is no maintenance charge in the Gmail account. You can export Godaddy emails to Gmail account and store them easily without any hindrance.

These are some of the points which justify the desire of users. So, now moving forward to the main section of this guide, we will learn about the process to migrate email from GoDaddy to Gmail.

How to Add a GoDaddy Email to Gmail app?

To migrate GoDaddy email to Gmail, users can take help from two different methods. The first method is manual and the second technique is automated. The approaches are different but the result is the same. Therefore, you can opt for any one of these. The methods are discussed elaborately in the later section.

Manual Method to Move GoDaddy Emails to Gmail Account

The manual approach consists of three phases. You have to complete each stage carefully and proceed to the next. The steps of this methodology are given below – 

Phase 1 – Allow POP in GoDaddy email 

  • Open GoDaddy email and search the POP settings.
  • Provide the below-given information in the Incoming and Outgoing server- 

Incoming Server POP – SSL Value: 993

Outgoing Server SMTP – SSL Value 465

  • Now save them and go to the authorization option.
  • Enter your GoDaddy email username and password and hit on the save option.

Phase 2 – Turn off IMAP and turn on POP in Gmail

  • Open Gmail and go to the Gear option and click on See all settings.
migrate GoDaddy email to Gmail
  • Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab from the top menu bar.
  • Choose as given here – 

Enable POP for all mail from the POP download category

Disable IMAP from the IMAP access category.

  • Lastly,  save all the changes that you have made.

Phase 3 – Migrate GoDaddy Email to Gmail Account

  • Open Gmail >> go-to gear icon >> click on See all settings
  • Select the Accounts and Import option.
  • Choose Add another email address.
  • Then enter your GoDaddy email id in the pop-up box.
  • Now, enter the code that has been received in your GoDaddy inbox folder and hit on the Verify button.

Here, ends the manual process of GoDaddy email migration. If you follow these steps exactly then you will be able to perform the transfer process successfully. So now, let us check out the professional technique to move data from GoDaddy to Gmail.

Automated Method to Transfer Email from Godaddy to Gmail

DRS GoDaddy Email Backup is a smart tool that enables users to migrate GoDaddy email to Gmail very easily. This software facilitates users to backup and converts GoDaddy emails into multiple email clients and file formats. Any user can download its free demo version and convert 50 emails per folder for free. The professional utility completes the whole process very efficiently and users are not required to perform any manual tasks.

A comprehensive distinction of both processes is attached here. Through this users will know the difference between manual and automated methods.

Difference between Manual Technique and Automated Technique 

Manual ApproachAutomated Approach
It is free of cost methodIt is a premium third party tool
Time-consuming and laborious process.Quick and effortless process.
No guarantee of data securityMigrates your data without any data loss
It is a DIY technique and you cannot get any outside helpThe application has a 24*7 support team for its users.
Good technical knowledge is mandatory to perform the stepsNo specific skill of the user is required 
Absence of any additional feature to get a precise outputIt provides extra functionalities which help in delivering an explicit output.


From this article, we could understand the need of forwarding GoDaddy emails to Gmail. As Gmail provides supplementary assistance that users do not find in GoDaddy email so it is obvious to migrate GoDaddy email to Gmail. Hence, for the sake of users two methods are discussed here. Moreover, a comparison is also given to get a clear idea about both techniques. So, users are recommended to check out all the points of distinction and choose the most appropriate method for data migration.

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