How to Migrate AOL to Office 365 Manually?

Summary – Are you looking for a manual method to migrate AOL to Office 365? If yes, then read this technical blog. Here, I am going to share two techniques that can help you to transfer your AOL mail to your MS Office 365 account for free.  

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AOL mail is a web-based email client run by AOL. This email service was much popular in its time and can be accessed both by email and webmail. However, with the passage of time, AOL users started to face issues and there was no support from the AOL application group. Thus, users started to switch from AOL to Office 365.

Office 365 is a paid subscription service introduced by Microsoft. It is an advanced program that facilitates users with  Word, Excel, Outlook, and other cloud-based software. These facilities are not provided to AOL users and probably it is another reason for moving from AOL mail.

Let us see some other scenarios or benefits for which users want to shift data from AOL account to Office 365. 

Reasons to Migrate AOL to Office 365 

  • Latest Attributes – Unlike AOL mail, Office 365 is an updated email provider and provides many advanced features other than only basic emailing option.
  • Easy Interface –  Office 365 has a very friendly and sophisticated interface that helps users to navigate and use the application easily.
  • Data Protection –  AOL mail is not upgraded to advanced security measures whereas Office 365 is fully equipped with high algorithm security.
  • Multiple Accounts – MS Office contributes with admin account and multiple user accounts which is not possible in AOL mail.
  • Server Issue – AOL mail users have to face shut down or issues while connecting the mail to the server.
  • Outlook Option – In Office 365, users find Outlook. And Outlook is considered to be convenient and workable email client than AOL mail.

After understanding the above-mentioned scenarios, the reasons to forward AOL Mail Email To Office 365 are very clear. So, now let us know the methods to migrate AOL to Office 365 mail.

How to Forward AOL email to Office 365 Manually?

To export all the mails from AOL to Office 365, you can try out the below procedures – 

Way 1 –  Connect MS Office 365 to AOL 

  • Sign in to your office 365 account.
  • Then Go to Outlook Web App(OWA) and select Settings.
  • Enter your account and select the connect account option. 
  • Now, from the new wizard box tab on the Add button.
  • Type the AOL mail login details and hit in Ok option.
  • Again hit OK on the Connect your email account notification.
  • Here, the AOL account will be attached to the list.
  • Finally, you can look over all the AOL mails in Office 365.

Way 2  – Move AOL emails to Office 365 by yourself 

  • Go to your AOL account.
  • Select the email that you want to export and hit on the Forward option.
  • Here, type the Office 365 user id.
  • At last, click on the Send option.
  • Now, your AOL emails will be forwarded to Office 365.

These are two manual methods to migrate AOL Mail to Office 365. You can try them if you have good technical skills. Moreover, this process requires sufficient time for the execution of the steps. Some drawbacks of the DIY approach are discussed below.

Limitations of the Manual Method 

  • The manual technique is time taking and complicated.
  • Without correct practical knowledge, you cannot perform the steps.
  • High chance of data loss while performing the tricky steps.
  • The process depends upon the version you are using.
  • In the manual technique, you cannot migrate specific emails from AOL to Office 365.

Professional Method to Add AOL Email to Office 365

If you want to avoid the problems of the manual method then you can take help from an automated tool like DRS AOL Backup Tool. It is a smart software that enables users to backup and convert AOL mails into several email clients and file formats. The utility is up to date and delivers accurate results to its users. 


From this post, we have learned the reasons why users want to migrate AOL to Office 365. We have also discussed two techniques to transfer the data. The manual method has many demerits. Thus, if you want an ideal migration from AOL then you must opt for the professional tool. The application is easy, secure, and reliable to use.

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