How to Import CSV Contacts to iCloud?

Summary: How will you deal with the Contacts when you switch from an Android smartphone to an iPhone? Both OS support different formats. So, if you are looking for methods to import CSV contacts to iCloud, learn how to convert CSV to vCard. Virtual Contact File (VCF or vCard) is the only file configuration that iCloud permits the contact to be in. So, read the blog to learn about a direct and easier solution CSV to VCF Converter to import Contacts in iCloud.


CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a file format that protects all data in a structured format and can be revised or created in MS Excel. Moreover, the CSV file can store multiple contacts in a tabular format. It is one of the versatile and widely compatible formats.

However, CSV files are not compatible with iCloud. Therefore, it becomes more difficult for users to import CSV to iCloud. Consequently, you need to convert Contacts from CSV to VCF. To resolve this issue, we will elaborate some workarounds for the same.

Why is Import CSV Contacts to iCloud Needed?

Here, we will show some of the conditions that show why is CSV to vCard conversion required:

  • When users are switching to iCloud-based services.
  • iCloud provides useful features for better management of contacts.
  • The user can sync their CSV contacts with iCloud contacts after converting.
  • To access all the contacts on a single platform, i.e., iCloud.

How do I Move CSV Contacts into iCloud?

Importing contacts to iCloud is not challenging. Here we will discuss two approaches to import CSV files to iCloud, they are-

  • Exporting CSV file to vCard using Google Contacts.
  • Convert CSV to vCard using professional tools.

How Can I Import CSV Contacts into iCloud Using Google Contacts?

We found no straightforward procedure to migrate your CSV Address Book to iCloud manually. However, an alternative way involves a sequence of steps. You ought to begin by:

  1. Convert CSV to vCard for iCloud
  2. Import vCard Contacts to iCloud

Import CSV File to vCard

The first significant process to take to import contacts in CSV files to iCloud is as follows:

  1. Open and Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Go to the Google Apps icon at the upper-right corner
  3. After this, you have to choose Contacts.
  4. In this Contacts window, you need to select the Import option.
  5. After this, a drop box opens to the Select File button to add CSV files.
  6. Choose the desired CSV file, and choose the Import option.
  7. Once all contacts of CSV are migrated, you need to export Contacts.
  8. Select the Export button to Convert CSV Files to vCard.
  9. After saving to vCard you can transfer CSV Contacts to iCloud.
  10. Choose the vCard option as the export file type.

Now, you can see all the downloaded contacts in a .vcf file format on your desktop. Another step involves transferring VCF files to iCloud.

Import CSV to iCloud Contacts

To import CSV Contacts to iCloud, you must import saved vCard Contacts to iCloud. Follow the given steps:

  1. Firstly, log in to iCloud using your Apple account credentials.
  2. Now go to the Contacts icon.
  3. Open iCloud windows, and click on the Settings tab.
  4. After this, you select the Import vCard option from the list.
  5. Browse and choose the already saved VCF file from your desktop.
  6. Click Open to convert CSV files into iCloud to convert your contacts.

After finalizing these steps, iCloud will upload all your contacts, allowing you to easily access them from anywhere at any time. Nevertheless, the manual procedure is an indirect method that can be unmanageable and time-consuming to execute. Thus, experts suggest a faster and quicker way to transfer CSV Contacts to iCloud. This technique will help you quickly convert CSV to vCard and later you can instantly import VCF to iCloud. Let us see how.

Simplified Explanation to Convert CSV Contacts to iCloud

This solution involves the use of MigrateEmails CSV to vCard Converter and subsequently importing the vCard into iCloud. Converting separate and particular CSV files to vCard can be difficult but this tool will make the process easier. You can transform any number of CSV files to VCF at once. Moreover, the tool allows you to save CSV to different vCard file versions including 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0, and many more. Overall, this tool will reduce your efforts in importing to CSV and you can efficiently convert CSV to vCard for iCloud.

Step-by-Step Process to Import CSV Contacts to iCloud

Follow the stepwise procedure mentioned below:

  1. First, install and run this CSV Converter tool.
  2. Add CSV files or folders containing .csv file format and click on Next.
  3. Map the CSV table data with your vCard data fields.
  4. You have also an additional option to customize the VCF Files.
  5. Lastly, click on Convert to import CSV to VCF Conversion.

After this approach is done, you can directly import Contacts VCF to iCloud.


Contacts are a very essential piece of information that establishes communication and enables information sharing. When you keep a contact from Excel or Outlook, it is saved as a CSV. But to migrate contacts to iCloud, it must be saved in vCard. Therefore, in this article, we have covered all the essential characteristics required to import CSV contacts to iCloud.

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