How to Import Outlook to Lotus Notes Manually?

Have you recently switched from Outlook to Lotus Notes? Since the Lotus Notes program doesn’t support the PST file, you have to import Outlook to Lotus Notes. You should use nUpgrade.exe utility to migrate your personal email data, contacts and other information from Microsoft Outlook to Lotus Notes without any external support. The nUpgrade.exe utility not only helps you import from MS Outlook client, but also from Outlook Express and Exchange Server.

Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes are two popular email client programs for desktop users. Outlook is a part of the Microsoft Office suite as well as it comes as a separate application. On the other hand, IBM Notes (formerly known as Lotus Notes) is an all-in-one software program that has various components. But it’s commonly used as an email client application. Both these email client programs are different from each other. And the major difference between them is the file format.

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Microsoft Outlook – PST 

The Outlook client provided by Microsoft creates an Outlook data file and stores everything into it. The Outlook data file is called PST aka personal storage table. It can store copies of email messagescontacts informationcalendar events, and other mailbox items with ease. A PST file is created on a local system where we install Outlook client.

IBM Notes – NSF

IBM Lotus Notes is not just an email client, it has many other functions as well. It creates a non-relational database file in NSF aka Notes Storage Facility format. It can store all types of data which include email messageschat & instant messagesdocumentsappointments and calendar entries. Both Lotus Notes and Domino use the NSF database file.

Since both the email clients don’t support the same file format, you must convert NSF to PST if you’re switching from Outlook to Lotus Notes. NSF to PST conversion is only possible through a professional converter utility. But before you can purchase any such paid solution, you should use the nUpgrade.exe  (Notes Upgrade Service) utility to convert PST to NSF File Format.

Import Outlook to Lotus Notes Using  nUpgrade.exe Utility 

IBM Notes provides you Notes Migration tools which include nUpgrade.exe utility. You can find its executable file in the directory of the Notes clients program. If you can’t find nUpgrade.exe utility on your system, this means you haven’t installed the Notes migration tools during IBM Notes installation. I request you to run the installation again and select the option for installing the migration tool components. Now you can find the nUpgrade.exe utility.

The default location of nUpgrade.exe utility is

C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Notes

Users may find this helpful – Get Lotus Notes Tutorial for Lotus Notes Migration

How to use nUpgrade.exe utility?

It’s very easy to use the nUpgrade.exe utility. But before you can run the Notes Upgrade wizard on your system, make sure:

  • Outlook client is configured as Corporate or Workgroup on the workstation instead of Internet Mail Only.
  • Outlook client is the default email application on the workstation.
  • The PST and/or PAB files are linked to a profile on the workstation.

After confirming the above points, follow the steps shown below to import Outlook to Lotus Notes:

Step 1: First, you need to go to the command prompt.

Press Win+R buttons.  Now type cmd.exe and press Enter.

Step 2: On the command prompt, you need to change the directory to the Notes Installation directory i.e. C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes.

Now type nupgrade.exe 3 to launch the Notes Upgrade Service.

Step 3: Within a couple of seconds, you can see the Notes Upgrade Service wizard on your system.

Click Next to begin the Notes upgrade process.

You need to select the Outlook profile from which you want to migrate mailbox data to IBM Notes. Remember if Outlook is not set as the default client on the machine, you’ll receive this error message:

Step 4: Once you select the Outlook profile, select Outlook in the options.

Click Next to continue the Notes upgrade process.

Step 5: You need to define the upgrade method, i.e. how do you want Lotus Notes Upgrade to convert your personal information.

You have two options here:

  • Express: If you want to convert all personal information to Notes, you should use Express (recommended by IBM Notes).
  • Custom: If you want to convert specific items to Notes, you should select Custom.

Finally, click Next to start the Notes upgrade process.

Important note

It’ll take a couple of minutes to complete the Notes upgrade process. You can check the output.

  • The data upgraded to Notes will appear in the Folders view of the database, named as XXX_PersonalFolders.nsf.
  • And the Outlook contacts will appear in the Personal Address Book on the local workstation, named as Names.nsf.

The Notes upgrade process through nUpgrade.exe utility doesn’t place the contacts (migrated from Outlook to Lotus Notes) in the local Names.nsf file if you’re using IBM Notes 6.5.3 or any later version. In fact, it’ll migrate the contacts as a part of the XXX_PersonalFolders.nsf database. In order to add the Outlook contacts to the local Names.nsf, open the XXX_PersonalFolders.nsf database on IBM Notes client. Select Actions > Synchronize Address Book.


The Notes upgrade process through nUpgrade.exe utility has few limitations which are: You can’t migrate data to IBM Domino server through the nUpgrade.exe utility. It’ll migrate the data to the local workstation in a _PersonalFolders.nsf file and save all the contacts in Names.nsf file. So if you want to migrate data to the IBM Domino server, you can save the data on the server by replicating the data to the server copy. Remember, you can’t use the nUpgrade.exe utility for the PST files larger than 5 GB.

Use PST to NSF Converter Software

The PST to NSF Converter tool provided by DRS Software is a smart solution recommended by IBM professionals. It has no limitation, unlike nUpgrade.exe utility. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, effective and safe solution for PST to NSF conversion, this software best fits your needs. Via this software, you can import almost everything from Outlook to Lotus Notes, such as email messagescontactscalendarstasksattachments, etc. PST to NSF Converter software is available with the demo version for a free evaluation. By using the demo version, you can save the first 50 email items from each mailbox folder of selected PST  to NSF database file.


The article explains the difference between Outlook and Lotus Notes clients and their files, i.e. PST and NSF. If you want to import Outlook to Lotus Notes due to any reason, you need to convert PST to NSF format. In this article, we’ve learned how to do that by using an easy DIY trick. Also, a 3rd party PST to NSF Converter is mentioned in this article that can help you migrate from Outlook to Lotus Notes.

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