How to Transfer Emails from Hotmail to Gmail Automatically?

Summary: We often get queries like “How to transfer Hotmail to Gmail?” If you have a similar query then read this blog till the end. This blog will help you to know the different methods to transfer emails from Hotmail to Gmail. Here, we will also discuss the professional Hotmail Backup Tool to make the migration process quick and effective.

Every individual prefers to communicate through email when it comes to digital communication. Hotmail and Gmail are two of the most widely used email clients both in personal and professional fields. However, users sometimes want to forward all Hotmail to Gmail because of certain benefits offered by Gmail. Before we move further and look at the solutions, let’s discuss some core initiatives to perform Hotmail to Gmail migration.

Reasons to Migrate Hotmail to Gmail Account

  • Users get more storage space in Gmail than in Hotmail.
  • Gmail offers better data security as compared to Hotmail.
  • The spam filter feature of Gmail is more advanced.
  • Gmail is convenient to use and thus it becomes the first choice for every individual.

These are the most vital reasons that compel users to transfer emails from Hotmail to Gmail. Now, let’s move further and look at the solutions.

How Do I Transfer My Hotmail Account to Gmail?

Users can easily transfer Hotmail to Gmail using the two best approaches i.e., the Manual and the professional method. The manual method requires sufficient time and skill to perform. On the other hand, if you want to migrate Hotmail to Gmail through an automated method.

Native Method to Migrate from Hotmail to Gmail

If you want to know how to transfer Hotmail to Gmail through manual technique then you can refer to the methods that are mentioned below.

#1 Using the Microsoft Outlook

  • Open the Outlook application on your system
  • Now, configure your account to the desktop application.
  • Let all the emails be configured in the Outlook account.
  • After that, configure your Gmail account using the same process.
  • Drag and Drop the desired emails in the Gmail account.

#2 Using the Google Inbuilt Service

  • Navigate to your Gmail account on the web browser.
  • Click on the Gear icon>>See All Settings.
  • Move to the Account and Import tab and go to Import Mail and Contacts.
  • Now, enter the Hotmail Email ID and click on Continue.
  • After that, provide the password and other credentials and hit Continue.
  • Select the items you want to transfer and tap on the Start Import option.

By performing the above steps you can transfer emails from Hotmail to Gmail. Although, the manual system of forwarding Hotmail to Gmail is effective yet this mode has some drawbacks. A few of the drawbacks are mentioned below.

Limitations of the Native Method

  • The manual method requires time and effort to complete the process successfully.
  • Users need to have good technical knowledge to perform the manual procedure.
  • There is a high risk of data alteration while performing this approach.
  • The DIY approach cannot assure accurate results to its users.

Automated Solution to Transfer Emails from Hotmail to Gmail

If you want to transfer email from Hotmail to Gmail easily then you can use DRS Hotmail Email Backup Tool. This method enables users to migrate multiple Hotmail emails to Gmail in just a few clicks. Using this tool, users can also migrate their Hotmail emails to other different file formats and email clients. This tool provides a precise migration of Hotmail emails without any data alteration.

Steps of Using the Hotmail Backup Tool

  • Install and Run the Hotmail Backup Tool on your device.
  • Provide the Hotmail Credentials and tap on Sign in.
  • From the Preview option, select the desired Mailbox folder.
  • Choose Gmail as the resultant email client from the Save As/Backup option.
  • Enter the Gmail Credentials and tap on Sign in.
  • Finally, hit the Convert button to forward Hotmail to Gmail.


In this guide, we have learned the two different methods to transfer emails from Hotmail to Gmail. The DIY approach is a tedious process and may result in data alteration. Therefore, users are recommended to opt for the smart third-party software to perform the Hotmail to Gmail migration with 100% accuracy.

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