How to Export or Backup AOL Emails to Hard Drive

Are you searching for reliable methods to solve the query about “how to export AOL emails?” We would say you are in the right place. Users can find numerous methods to backup AOL emails however, there is always a risk of data alteration or data loss with a risky approach. So we are going to recommend the experts suggested techniques to perform AOL mail backup. 

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AOL Mail (America Online Mail) is a popular cloud-based email service provider. Due to various reasons such as hacking or breaching issues, many users want to perform AOL mail backup to external hard drives or on a local machine. In this blog, we will be discussing some methods to export AOL email to PST, hard drive or on a local machine. We will provide manual techniques as well as the automated AOL email backup tool for quick backing up process safely.

Benefits to Backup AOL Emails to Hard Drive

We have listed some of the advantages for users for AOL backup emails to the hard drive. Go through the mentioned benefits below provided. 

  • The user can create a backup to AOL emails and can restore it whenever required. It helps users to recover the important information in some uncertain situations such as accidental file deletion or file corruption.
  • To keep protection to the crucial data, users can save AOL emails to the hard drive. A location in the system is much safer as compared to a location on the server. So it helps users to protect the information from unauthorised or data hacking. 
  • The user can access their data under the non-availability of the internet. When the copy of an email is saved in your system then you can access it without the internet. 

These are some common benefits to AOL mail backup to the hard drive. Now let’s proceed further to different methods to solve how to export AOL emails to a hard drive or on the local machine. 

How to Export AOL Emails Using Manual Techniques?

Manual techniques are the DIY tricks for users and are free to perform. In this, users are not required to install any additional tool to perform the backing up process. However, there are several limitations as well using the manual techniques, so it is suggested to create a copy of the original database.

Here we will provide two manual methods for users, follow the methods carefully. 

Method 1: Use Print Message Feature

Here we will guide how the user can use the conventional printing option to save the email to the system. Follow the given steps. 

  1. Sign-in to your AOL account. 
  2. Go to the email message you want to export. 
  3. Click on More at the top. 

4. Now choose the Print message option.

5. Select Save as PDF in the destination section.

6. Now hit the save button to download the mail. 

7. Navigate to location to save the email in PDF format in the system. 

Method 2: Use View Message Source Option

This method helps to save the email message in the text format which makes the message unreadable. So the user needs to change the extension after the email saving is done to read the message. Follow the steps provided. 

  1. Sign in to your AOL account. 
  2. Open the email you want to save. 
  3. Click on the More option. 
  4. Choose the view message source option from the drop-down.
  5. Now the user will see the source code of the message. Press Ctrl+S.
  1. Select a location to save the file and hit the Save button. 
  2. Now go to the email you have saved and the file extension from .txt to .eml


  • Tedious and more time-consuming approach. 
  • Cannot save the entire mailbox at once.
  • Process only one email at a time. 
  • Good AOL account knowledge is required.

How to Export AOL Emails to Hard Drive Professionally?

Users can easily backup AOL emails to hard drives or any other email client using any reliable professional method. There are various methods available to perform AOL backup email to external hard drives. Automated techniques avoid all the limitations that we have seen above under the manual strategies. DRS AOL backup Tool can swiftly export AOL email to PST, EML, EMLX, PDF, MSG, MBOX, OST, HTML, Office 365, Gmail, Yandex mail, IMAP, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. The software allows users to save the emails including all the attachments such as Notes, tasks, calendar, etc. It offers multiple saving options for users to backup AOL emails to the desired file format. The utility provides an easy user-friendly interface for a technical or even a non-technical user. Also there is no requirement to install the AOL application to perform the backup process. The demo AOL backup tool is also available that allows the user to save 50 emails for free. 

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We have discussed the recommended methods to solve the user’s query regarding how to export AOL emails to any external hard drive or PC. It has been noticed that the manual strategies have several limitations and are more time-consuming processes. So it is highly suggested to opt for a well known and trusted AOL email backup tool for an effortless migration. 

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