How to Retrieve Deleted Emails from AOL Mail?

If you are looking for sites to know how to retrieve deleted emails from AOL, then this article is a perfect guide for you. As it will explain both the reasons and solutions to the users. Many users who didn’t know the process to retrieve deleted emails from AOL. 

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AOL mail usually stores its data items on the server. The main function of the user’s email account is to store all the crucial data protected. But sometimes by accident or due to any other reason users delete their AOL emails. In this situation, users lose their email. Thus, it is necessary to locally save these crucial AOL emails to get easy access.

In this blog, users will get to know the procedure on how to recover deleted AOL emails. So just stick to the article till its end.

Reasons to Recover Deleted Emails from AOL:

Some of the reasons that make the recovery of AOL data necessary are-

  1. Large corporations and organizations store their mail on the AOL platform. Thus, it stores data of these big associations thus the requirement of safety increases. Therefore, users need the disaster recovery solution to retrieve the deleted Emails either by mistake or intentionally. 
  2. Many users don’t know the fact that the accidentally deleted emails don’t get deleted permanently from the AOL Mail. Instead, they just get shifted to Deleted items/ Trash Folder. Here, these emails remain in that folder for around 15 to 30 days. At this time AOL mail permits its user to restore their emails in case, it is under the retention period. If the AOL email gets deleted from the Trash folder too, then recovery of that email is next to impossible.

From the above paragraph, we know the users of the consequences may face. If they lose an email from our AOL Mail permanently. Users can recover their data only and only when they have a copy of it.

If the users accidentally delete or lose an email in your AOL account then no worries. AOL mail is a free email service that is used by users to share their emails. It offers its users to use AOL for sending and receiving emails, random messaging, or searching for content. But when it comes to emails, sometimes it accidentally deletes one. Now, what can the user do to get it back? If these are the questions then the answer is yes. Users can easily recover deleted AOL emails.

How to Retrieve Deleted Emails from AOL using DIY Procedures?

When the user deletes an email, it doesn’t move directly to the “permanently deleted” phase. If the users don’t choose to permanently delete the file themself, it will stay in the recently deleted, or  “trash” folder for 7 days.

One can easily recover their data if they have deleted their email in less than 7 days ago.  One can use these simple procedures for Recovery. And, it can be done directly from the user’s AOL mailbox. 


  • Visit the  Log in to the AOL account through account name and password.
  • Then, in the email hit on the “trash” icon located to the left-hand panel. Users can view their emails that have been deleted in the past 7 days.
  • Now, checkmark the box next to the email that users want to recover.
  • Users can see an “Action” button above the email. Tap on it and under “Move to:” choose “Inbox”.
  • Visit your inbox and search for your email.

How to Recover Deleted Emails from AOL Server?

If the users had deleted their crucial emails in AOL over seven days and now they want it to get it back. But the question is how do I recover AOL emails older than 7 days? Yes, you can but it depends on where they are stored. 

Here, we will provide two ways by which users can recover their permanently deleted emails from AOL. Check the details.

1. Retrieve the Permanently Deleted Emails from AOL Server:

If the user uses the web AOL Mail, then the mail data will be saved in the AOL server. So, if the user accidentally deleted an email online, then he/she can contact the email server administrator to help with email recovery. In this way, one can recover their online deleted emails.

But for your information, recovering mail from a mailbox server is not free. It is a paid service and can be costly. For the individual user, the success rate is also not that high. In other words, it is not a good option to choose from. Thus, users are advised to use an alternative tool instead to solve the query “How to Retrieve Deleted Emails from AOL”.

2. How to Recover old AOL Emails Quickly?

Various alternative tools that can do this procedure quickly. One can use an AOL Mail Backup Tool that can backup AOL email folders like Inbox, Sent Items, deleted Items. This software applies to any Windows Version including all the latest versions.

One can use these tips or remedies for recovering deleted emails:

1: Always be careful and attentive while deleting emails. Users must read emails before deleting them so that they don’t delete any important information. Users must delete only those emails that have no significance in the future. 

2: Users must generate alternative folders if they don’t have any idea whether these emails might be useful in the future or not. Then they can store these emails in the alternative folder and make space in their inbox. Now, Generate a “may need later” folder, or a “for later use” folder and export your emails there instead of deleting them.

If users want to recover their deleted AOL emails then use these steps- 

Inspect your trash folder first or use an alternative tool. 

3: Users should inspect their “trash” folder first. As there can be a possibility that users may not require to use any tool. If your email was deleted recently, there are high chances that it is still in your trash folder.


This blog discussed methods to solve a user query “how to retrieve deleted emails from AOL”,. If the users have any issue while performing this process, then try the next quick solution as explained above.

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