How to Open VDI file in Windows 10 Manually?

Here, you get to know easy methods on “how to open VDI file in Windows 10”. Learn more about VDI through this post. 

VirtualBox is a well-constructed virtualization system x86 and AMD64/Intel64 that is commonly used by businesses. It is a highly feature-rich, highly efficient software for corporate clients. It is also the only technical solution freely available as Open Source Software. 

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VirtualBox produces Virtual Disk Image(.VDI) files and retains all virtual disk contents. VDI or Virtual Drive Format stores the Virtual Drive Image(.vdi) file. This is one of the few files that Oracle VM VirtualBox supports for disk image. VDI is a virtual drive file, which can be mounted on Linux, Windows, and other operating systems as a separate hard disk. Such files can allow the user to run programs written on a single hard drive for different Operating Systems. 

How to Open VDI file in Windows 10 using Manual Solutions?

  1. Initially, copy all your VDI file into the Virtual Hard Disk folder of Virtual Box.
  2. Now, launch the VirtualBox and make a new virtual machine. Choose the Operating System.
  3. Select Using current hard disk under Virtual Hard Disk and then right-click on the folder icon. 
  4. Then, a Virtual Media Manager window is opened. Tap the Add button and then pick the VDI file you want to open. 
  5. Now, the Virtual Hard Disk window will open where the new VDI will be displayed and then press Next.
  6. Then you’ll now be able to launch your new virtual machine back in the main window.

So through this way, you can easily open VDI files in your Windows system.

What to do if your VDI files get corrupted during the manual process? Then you are advised to take help from a third-party tool which can quickly recover corrupted VDI files. 

You can opt for VDI Recovery Tool that performs instant recovery of VDI files without losing any file content. It restores corrupt VDI and virtual disk image files and recovers data from them. 

  • VDI Repair Tool easily recovers deleted files from Virtual Machines back to their original forms.
  • It supports both disk type recovery, i.e. fixed and dynamic disk recovery.
  • Offers two scanning modes for different corruption rates, i.e. Standard and Advanced.
  • It allows both MBR (old) and GPT (new) partition tables.
  • Covers all file formats for different major operating systems, i.e., FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+, and EXTX. 
  • It enables users to install new custom volume and configure the settings.
  • A RAW recovery mode is present to add new file signatures.
  • Available with three recovery modes for recovering maximum possible data: Standard, Advanced, & Deep.
  • Shows a tree-structure preview for recovered files and folders before saving them.
  • This program has an auto-search feature to search for specific file names in the tree-structure.

Now, let’s check its working for opening VDI files.

Steps to View VDI on Windows using VDI Recovery Software:

  1. Install Program for VDI Recovery, and Run.
  2. Now, opt for “Dynamic Disk” or “Fixed Disk” and press Browse.
  3. Then select the VDI file, and press the Open button.
  4. Use either options in the “Standard” or “Advanced” recovery mode.
  5. Then press on the “Next” button and then continue scanning.
  6. Opens the VDI file, after scanning.
  7. To save the recovered VDI file select a location.
  8. Tap the “OK” button to save the VDI file successfully.
  9. Now, the import process for the VDI file into VirtualBox is done.

By this process, you can securely open up the VDI file in the Windows system. 


The given post explains about VDI and Virtual Box in brief. Then how to open VDI file in Windows 10 query is discussed using the manual methods. If anyone faces some issues with manual methods, then go for another explained method. 

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