How to Repair VHD File That is Corrupted and Unreadable

Summary – Do you want to repair the  VHD file. Or is your VHD file got corrupted? If your VHD File got damaged and unreadable then read this guide carefully. In this guide, I am going to share some easy solutions through which users can repair VHD  file free without any hassle.

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VHD file also known as Virtual Hard Disk is primarily a hard drive file that is used to save important data of users in the online world. However, these VHD files often get corrupt, and the data stored in the file gets unreadable. Thus, now a user must know the techniques to repair VHD files to get back access to their files. But, before sharing the methodologies to repair corrupted VHD files let us first know about the factors that are responsible for this file corruption.

Causes For Corrupt VHD File

  1. Defective Hard Drive – any defect in a hard drive often leads to a defective VHD file.
  2. Virus Attack – The VHD File sometimes gets corrupted due to any virus attack.
  3. Unusual System Shutdown – sudden or forced shut down to computers, often damages software, hardware,  virtual machine, and its VHD files.
  4. Faulty Storage Media – if there is any defect in storage media then the files that are stored become unreadable.

These could be some of the possible reasons for which the VHD file becomes corrupted and unreadable. However, to repair corrupt VHD file users have to take help from the below-explained techniques.

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Methods to Repair VHD File 

Users can repair Virtualbox VHD file either by performing some manual steps or he/she can take help from professional software. If you have sound technical skills then you can start the repairing process with the manual method. And those users who do not have any technical skill and require an effortless or speedy technique then they must choose the professional method. Both the approaches are explained below in a detailed way.

Manual Method to Repair VHD File 

  • At first, mount a .vhd file in the parent partition section.
  • Next write, CHKDSK and repair it.
  • Now, verify the integrity of the VHD File with the help of Hyper V Virtual Machine.
  • Sum up the VHD File with IDE Controller and select the Inspect option.
  • If you want, then you can sum up the VHD and AVHD File (This file is created in the same location as VHD File)
  • Finally, download the Microsoft VHD tool to repair the corrupt file. You can expand the mode on-base VHD at the time of repairing numerous VHD files.

With the above steps, users can complete the repairing of corrupt VHD files and make them readable.

Professional Method to Repair VHD File

The most reliable and effective mode to repair corrupt VHD file is by taking help from automated software like DRS VHD Recovery. This is a well-equipped tool that enables users to recover VHD files smoothly. It is a smart tool that deals with both MBR and GPT file formats. The users of this software have the privilege of dual scanning mode and recovery modes that can be used as per the requirement of users. Additionally, the software also provides a free trial version and 24*7 tech support to its users. The application is very easy to use and has very simple steps of execution which can be followed by any novice user. The basic steps that need to be followed for working on this tool are listed below.

Steps of Professional Software to Repair VHD File 

  • Install the DRS VHD Recovery tool on your PC and select the Dynamic or Fixed Disk option.

  • Hit on the browse option (three dots) to select the corrupt VHD File.
  • Choose the required file and click on the Open option.
  • After the partition scanning ends hit on the OK button.
  • Now, set the custom volume.
  • Put a tickmark for the Custom Setting For Selected Volume option and select the settings and go for Next.
  • Choose the recovery mode as per your requirement and go for Next.
  • Now, the scanning process is completed. You have to just hit on the Ok option.
  • Select the file that you want to store and hit the Save option.
  • Set the destination for the file and hit OK.
  • Now, your file will be stored at your preferred place. You can hit on the Ok button to end the process.

Here, ends the steps for the automated approach. You can opt for this software and repair your corrupt VHD file perfectly.


From this article, we can conclude that the VHD file may get corrupted because of many reasons. Hence, users must have knowledge of how to repair VHD file that is corrupted and unreadable. Here, two sets of processes are disclosed users can choose any of them and accomplish their task successfully.

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