The Most Common Windows Live Mail Errors & Their Fixes :

Windows Live Mail Errors are the common queries these days so here we will discuss the WLM Errors along with its solutions. Windows Live mail or WLM is a simple email application provided by Microsoft for internal as well as external communications. It helps users to manage their daily tasks easily. But like other desktop-based applications, WLM also encounters errors. Users face multiple errors while working on WLM like Windows live mail not working in windows 10 and many more. In this blog, we will focus on common WLM errors like their respective solutions that users face these days. 

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List of Common Windows Live Mail Errors & Fixes

#Windows Live Mail Error 3219 (0x8DE00005)

If the WLM shows Error 3219, it means that Live Mail can not connect with Hotmail or Outlook and MSN servers to access your emails. This error is caused when Live Mail is set up to connect and sync mail over the secure HTTPS link. The major reason responsible for this error is any sudden update in the servers, that do not let the Live Mail to connect or synchronize over email accounts. 

Numerous users set up their Live Mail account using IMAP or POP account, and these email servers keep receiving updates on regular intervals. So, whenever a new update launches, WLM becomes unable to sync the servers.

Fix Error 3219:

The most appropriate way to fix this issue is to re-configure the email servers with the Live Mail. eliminate and reconfigure the accounts:

  • View WLM >>Accounts.
  • Tap on ‘+’ icon with @ sign.
  • Enter the credentials with the proper username and password.
  • Tick the checkbox ‘Manually Configure Server Settings.’
  • Choose the server types, present below the Incoming Server Information.
  • Go to Server Address, provide the server address and port number.
  • Check on ‘Requires a secure connection SSL’ section
  • Enter server address present below the Outgoing Server Information section, and provide a port number in the port type field
  • Check on ‘Requires a secure connection SSL’ and ‘Requires Authentication,’ and then press on Next

Finally, the account will be added to the left pane of live Mail. 

#Windows Live Mail Error 0x8007007A While Sending Emails

Windows 10 Mail app displays Windows Live Mail error 0x8007007A, it means that the app can not send emails. This error displays when you send any media attachments from OneDrive. However with SkyDrive, you will be able to send images or albums, but OneDrive prevents you from doing so and shows the error.

After the new updates in OneDrive, you can not send emails with attachments i.e, the email will remain stuck in your Outbox. Don’t worry there are some solutions that you can try to resolve this issue.

Fix Error 0x8007007A:

There are various fixes to solve Windows Live Mail Errors, one such is discussed below:

  • Remove the message that results in an error, and again try to send another message.
  • Remove and set up your Live Mail account.
  • Send the pictures or images as attached files.
  • Uncheck the option Create photo email from photo attachments.

Most probable with this solution you will fix the error.

#Windows Live Mail Not Working in Windows 10 Error

After Windows 7 stopped supporting, several users switched to Windows 10. But users with WLM on Windows 10, face issues while accessing their Live Mail account on it. The major reason behind it is that Microsoft doesn’t want users to use WLM anymore. Instead, they recommend their users to import  Live Mail emails to Outlook or Office 365, so they have launched Windows 10 according to their future needs.

Fix this Issue:

Once you find the reason due to which the WLM is not supporting Windows 10. Go through these below-mentioned solutions and try to resolve the issue. 

  • Execute WLM as an Administrator in compatibility mode.
  • Set-up the WLM account again.
  • Eliminate the existing WLM account and make a new one.
  • Install the Windows Essentials 2012 on your Windows 10 again.

After these, you may resolve the issue of Windows Live Mail Not Working in Windows 10. 

#Windows Live Mail Authentication Error 0x800CCC0B

Several email service providers do not need authentication for outgoing mails, but sometimes WLM needs separate authentication for outgoing emails too.

When you get Windows Live Mail error 0x800CCC0B, it shows that your email service provider needs authentication for outgoing emails too. You can enable the authentication manually in WLM  on an account-by-account basis. 

You can resolve authentication Windows Live Mail errors easily. To enable authentication, Follow the below-given steps: 

Fix Error 0x800CCC0B:

  • View WLM and tap on the Accounts tab.
  • Choose the email account on which you receive the authentication error, and then press on Properties.
  • The properties of the email account will display. Now, press on the Server tab and check the checkbox “My server requires authentication” present below Outgoing Mail Server section, and then tap on OK.
    This will enable the incoming and outgoing email authentication, and you will get rid of the error.
    Usually, the username and password of incoming mail are used by the email service provider for outgoing mails for authenticating emails. But, if it is not so then move further with the following steps: 
  1. Press on the Settings button.
  2. The Outgoing email server properties section will display on the screen. Here, check the ‘Log on using’ option and enter the account name and password for outgoing mail, and then tap on OK.

After you set up the outgoing email settings,  send an email, and ensure if the error still occurs or not.

#End of Support for Live Mail or WLM

If you are working with WLM, then you must be aware of the fact that Microsoft stopped supporting WLM since June 30, 2016. However several users still use WLM with a few changes, it will continue for longer, especially if you use Windows 10 or any upcoming version of Windows. But people always want to remain with WLM.
Even though the WLM users will have to switch to another email client, either now or after some time, because they will not be able to use WLM for a long time. 

Resolve the End of WLM Support issue:

To resolve the issue End of Support for WLM, there is no such solution available. You can use WLM until it doesn’t stop working, or you can migrate to another email client such as Outlook. You can move EML files to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2010 to access it with Outlook. But, you can not migrate EML to PST with manual techniques as it requires the technical knowledge of WLM advanced features. All you can do is use a third-party tool or EML to PST converter like EML Converter that helps you to export EML files to PST, and then will be accessible in Outlook.


Several peoples are still using Windows Live Mail due to its advanced features and simplicity. But, the various Windows Live Mail Errors make it difficult for users to use it. Here, we discussed some common errors usually faced by users along with its solutions. We also discussed an EML to PST converter that makes the conversion easy and smooth.

Refer this video to understand the process of Windows Live Mail EML to Outlook PST Conversion

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