Outlook Data File Cannot Be Opened – Outlook Error 0x8004010F [Fixed]

In this blog, we are defining the ways to resolve the error – Outlook data file cannot be opened’. It is uncommon that the Outlook platform has two extensions named OST and PST respectively. Although, both of them could be called Outlook data files. Here, we will exclusively discuss a particular ‘OST’ file inconsistency.

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Error 0x8004010F and Causes Behind  “Outlook data file cannot be opened”

MS Outlook OST is vulnerable to corruption because of multiple factors. These comprise corruption due to exceeding size limit, intruding virus, forced system shutdown, etc. Although these are some of the common reasons for OST files being corrupt, there are certainly other reasons that can spur up things a little as well. 

If you’re utilizing  Outlook 2010 or 2013 and while sending/receiving emails you  might encounter the inconsistency error:

“0x8004010F: The operation failed. Outlook data file cannot be found”


“0x8004010F: Outlook data file cannot be opened”

This is a common MAPI error and it frequently occurs at the time of configuration of an offline contact book, while sending/receiving mail messages, or during saving the OAB files. The frequent causes behind this inconsistency are :

  • Corrupt Outlook OST
  • Improper configuration or corrupt Outlook profile
  • Shift the location of the OST file on the local system.
  • Replicating the OST file that can only be used by the previous version of Outlook.

This error will not allow an individual performing any sending or receiving activities. Solving the issue is the prior task.

How to Repair Outlook  0x8004010f Windows 10 Inconsistencies

Contingent on the genuine reason behind the mistake, you could decide on various approaches to apply methods to fix the “Outlook data file cannot be accessed” error. The fixes disclosed underneath are appropriate to Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013. 

1. Generate a New Outlook Profile

If the error is caused due to Corrupt OST file, then try generating a new Outlook OST to repair the inconsistency. To repair the OST file, one can redirect to the default OST file location and then generate a new Outlook account. Follow the below mentioned steps to obtain the same. 

Step 1: Locate the default OST file

  • Launch Control Panel and hit Mail option.
  • The ‘Mail Setup – Outlook’ popup window will appear. Redirect to  Show Profiles.
  • Pick your current Outlook profile and then tap on the Properties option.
  • In the ‘Mail Setup – Outlook’ window, choose the Data Files option.
  • Under the ‘Account Settings’ window, tap the Data Files tab and make note of the name and location of the default Outlook profile. The default profile will be represented with a checkmark.
  • Finish and close the window.

Step 2: Create a New Outlook profile

Auto-configure IMAP or the POP3 with an email account.

  • Redirect to the Control Panel.
  • The ‘Mail Setup – Outlook’ popup box will appear.
  • Hit Show Profiles option.
  • Choose your current Outlook profile and then tap the Add button.
  • Enter in a name for the new profile in the New Profile popup window and press OK to proceed.
  • The ‘Add New Account’ popup window will appear next. Enter in your email credentials and then tap the Next button.
  • After the configuration process successfully completes, press the Finish button.

# Way to Generate IMAP or POP3 Account Profile

  • Launch Control Panel on your local desktop.
  • In the ‘Mail Setup – Outlook’ dialogue box, tap Show Profiles option.
  • Choose your current Outlook profile and then hit the Add button.
  • Enter in a name for the new profile in the New Profile popup window and press OK.
  • In the ‘Add New Account’ window, choose ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’ option and press Next button to continue further.
  • The ‘Choose Service’ popup box will appear next. Opt Internet E-mail and then press Next button to continue.
  • In the following popup. Enter in your account credentials.
  • Redirect to the Test Account Settings to verify your account.
  • Pick the ‘Existing Outlook Data File’ option and then hit the Browse button.
  • The ‘Open Outlook Data File’ popup will appear now. Explore and pick the Outlook data file you stored recently.
  • Tap OK >> Next >> Close >> Finish.

Step 3: Set the new Outlook profile as the default profile

  • Redirect to the Control Panel on your local machine.
  • In the ‘Mail Setup – Outlook’ popup,  press the Show Profiles tab.
  • Pick the option ‘Always use this profile’ and tap the new profile from the drop-down menu
  • Hit OK.

2. If creating a new Outlook profile isn’t possible

Some users have multiple Outlook accounts and generating a new one won’t be supportive of them. In that case, go the steps given below to resolve error 0x8004010F:

  • In the Outlook application, redirect to the File menu and go to the Account Setting. Next, tap the Account Settings option.
  • Tap Change Folder and extend it by tapping on the + sign beside it.
  • Choose Inbox and tap the New Folder option to generate a new temporary folder. Establish a name and then tap OK.
  • Pick a folder you’ve just generated and hit OK. Now, the new location of the message will be the recently generate folder. Now, replace the temporary folder back to the original place. For this, tap the Change Folder again.
  • Choose Inbox and then press OK.
  • Finish the Account Settings and tap Send/Receive option.

Some Relevant OST file Errors in MS Outlook:

Frequent Outlook clients must know the idea behind the OST file. So, there are possibilities that they might encounter the problem Outlook OST cannot be opened. Some other OST file inconsistencies user might face are:

  • Outlook OST file is in use by different applications.
  • MS Outlook is not responding.
  • Cannot open the Outlook Window.
  • Outlook OST cannot be accessed.
  • The set of files cannot be shown.
  • Unable to view specific Outlook items when offline.
  • Cannot start Microsoft Outlook

Causes behind “Outlook.ost cannot be opened” inconsistency:

There are some factual reasons listed below that might trigger the “Outlook data file cannot be accessed” error to erupt from nowhere.

  • Abrupt Finish of Outlook when OST file size in use
  • Improper downloading of Outlook
  • Export OST files in an improper way
  • Conflicts while moving OST files over the internet.
  • Synchronization inconsistency between OST file and Exchange Server mailbox items.
  • Closing a broadcast section or manager.

Ways to Repair Default OST Outlook Data file Cannot be Opened error

Users can try troubleshooting Outlook OST file problems with the help of manual solutions. First, the user may require to take the backup of the OST file. To first take the backup of the .ost file. If the issue still erupts, then try rebooting the system. Here,  we have stated the manual solutions for ‘’Outlook data file cannot be accessed shared mailbox’’.

Method 1: End Entire Outlook Related Processes

  1. Firstly, Exit the MS Outlook application.
  2. Secondly, right-click on the Taskbar menu and then tap the Task Manager.
  3. Thirdly, redirect to the Processes tab.
  4. Now, in the Processes tab, navigate the Communicator, Lync, Outlook or Ucmapi. If any of these processes are found, select and then hit on the End Process button.

Method 2: Disable Outlook Cached Exchange Mode

  1. Firstly,Exit MS Outlook and redirect to the Control panel.
  2. Secondly, in the Control Panel, tap on Mail option and then choose Email Accounts.
  3. Thirdly, under the Email Accounts section, redirect to the Email tab.
  4. Now, hit the Exchange account option and tap on Change.
  5. Untick the utilized Cached Exchange Mode alternative under Offline Settings and tap Next to end the process.

Method 3: Disable the Outlook Add-ins

It is often noticed that add-ons improve the functionality of Outlook. Whereas, complicated add-ons might create some irrelevant issues altogether. Thus, turning on the extensions by accessing the Outlook in safe mode by just entering in outlook /safe in the Run dialogue box. Try “Save and Send” and if it runs, a damaged add-in is the main cause behind the inconsistency. One can also run Outlook in incognito mode by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Redirect to the Outlook shortcut icon.
  2. Now, tap and hold the CTRL key and double-click the application shortcut.
  3. Hit ‘Yes’ to the prompt asking ‘’ Do you wish to start the application in Safe Mode?’’

Method 4: Repair OST file with ScanOST.exe

Microsoft encourages the clients with an inbuilt ‘OST Integrity Checker’ device. For example, ScanOST.exe which assists with redressing minor faults in OST documents. Fixing Outlook OST documents with ScanOST.exe in-built repair utility is a delicate method to fix “Outlook.ost can’t be opened” inconsistency. However, this utility is only compatible with Outlook versions 2007 and below.

  1. Exit the Outlook and explore to the directory on your system where Outlook has been installed. Now, search the ScanOST.exe inbuilt Outlook repair tool and hit a double-click to hit it.
  2. The application will ask you to choose an OST file for the repair. Explore to choose the OST file. If one does not know the accurate location, then try searching it by entering the below- mentioned command in the Run field “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook\”.
  3. Now,  select an appropriate mailbox folder and other options according to preference.
  4. Finally, pick “Repair Errors” and hit on “Begin Scan” option to automatically verify/erase the discrepancies in the OST file.

Challenges users can face while utilizing Manual Methods

  • The manual methods are very lengthy, tedious, and time-taking
  • It is a difficult task for non-technical users as it requires some technical experience/knowledge.
  • It doesn’t promise data integrity and originality.

To avoid certain errors in the Outlook data file, one can redirect to the OST File Recovery tool to resolve all the Outlook OST consistencies. Sometimes, following the above manual approach can increase the inconsistencies in the Outlook OST. Thus, relying on a professional utility can be helpful in resolving Outlook errors genuinely.


In this blog, we have exclusively discussed several methods to reconcile the statement ‘Outlook data file cannot be opened’. It is uncommon that there are several methods defined to resolve the issue but each of them has a limitation. The limitation states that each and every step must be followed carefully in order to obtain a complete recovery. It is ascertained to obtain a precise recovery without a touch of rules and regulations. Similarly, missing a step can further lead to data loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Outlook OST Recovery Tool detect the rendition of the OST files?

Yes, the utility does recognize the version of the OST files. Although, the detecting feature does not work compatible with highly damaged OST files. 

Can large OST files become the cause of Outlook corruption?

OST is an offline storage table file that encounters multiple inconsistencies and is vulnerable to damage. If you are dealing with a large OST file, then there are higher chances that it might be already damaged. 

Can I restore deleted OST email messages?

Yes, the OST recovery software is compatible with restoring accidentally erased OST emails of OST files. In addition, it recovers the emails which have been erased or missing from the recycle bin.

Are there any updated features in OST recovery and how do they work?

Users can store the snapshot of OST file recovery at user-specified  locations and can upload the stored snapshot in future, if needed. By utilizing this feature, users can store their crucial time that can be spent on re-analyzing the similar OST file.

What are some of the inconsistencies messages that keep showing up while OST file corruption?

Whenever an OST file gets damaged, it cannot be accessed.  If you try to access the file, but it won’t be able to access it. Instead of this, you might encounter some inconsistency messages on your Window. That will notify you about the file corruption. Below – mentioned are some of the common messages users might encounter.

  • Encounter a huge number of faulty items.
  • Cannot access specific items when not connected to the internet.
  • Unable to expand the folder. Some folders cannot be accessed.
  • While accessing a particular folder Outlook hung and closed suddenly.
  • OST file internal error (error code =00000003).’’

Does the software support multiple saving options?

Yes, an individual can easily perform OST Conversion to PST( whether it is corrupt or a normal file) with the help of OST Repair utility. The product is an OST Recovery cum OST Conversion application that encourages you to convert your OST records into PST, MSG document organization of MS Outlook, DBX, and EML document configuration of Outlook Express. Prior to storing the backup information, it requests that you select either “Store in MS Outlook” or “Store in Outlook Express.” 

If you choose “Store in MS Outlook,” it permits you to store the backup information either in PST configuration or MSG file extension. On the other hand, if you opt  “Store in Outlook Express,” at that point, it permits you to store the information in either DBX or EML format exclusively. With the help of utility, an individual can convert OST file format into any other desired format respectively.

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