How to Fix Recovery Pending State in SQL Server Database?

Are you searching for the solution of how to fix recovery pending state in SQL server database? Then, you are at the right place. The article guides you to various techniques for resolving the issue. Apart from that, you will learn the major causes of the problem. So, read the article carefully.

SQL Server Database is a relational database system that stores data on a cloud location and retrieves it when required. It has two types of data files: MDF and LDF files. The former is the primary data file that stores the information of every record. On the other hand, the latter is the log file that stores the history of every modification.

Both these files are necessary for the functioning of the SQL Server Database. However, sometimes, due to corruption of MDF files, the database exhibits the SQL server recovery pending issue. Let us learn more reasons for the error.

Reasons For Errors in SQL Server Database

To find the solution for how to fix recovery pending state in SQL server database, we need to learn the causes of the issue. The database may display the error message due to various reasons. And based on the reason, you need to adopt different techniques. So, first, let us explore why the SQL Server Database exhibits the error message.

  • Lack of space for the database to store information is the primary reason for the SQL database recovery pending error. When the space allocated for the database to store data or process is not sufficient, the above issue arises. 
  • Another reason is the improper shutdown of the database. It causes damage to the database files and increases the chances of file corruption. Some of the active log files also get deleted due to improper shutdown.
  • When the MDF files get corrupted, the SQL server also shows the issue. MDF files are the database files that store the database records. So, if these files get damaged, there is no chance you can access the database without repairing these files.

Next, we are discussing how to fix the recovery pending state in SQL server database.

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How to Fix Recovery Pending State in SQL Server Database?

All the solutions to fix the recovery pending state in SQL server database error lie in either one category: Manual technique and Automatic solution. The first option is best when you do not want to use an additional tool. However, you must have the technical knowledge to perform the steps. The second option is ideal when the cause of the error is corrupt MDF files.

Manual Methods to Resolve the Issue

The manual techniques are the free solution for how to fix recovery pending state in SQL server database error message. Although they are effective, you need to have the technical knowledge to perform the steps.

#1. Start a Forceful Repair by Enabling Emergency Mode

After showing this error, the database will not get opened in normal mode. So, to repair it, you need to enable the emergency mode and then open the SQL server database. The emergency mode grants access to the system’s administrator only.

As you enable the emergency mode, you can use the DBCC CHECKDB command to repair the database. Now, open the SQL Server Management Studio and run the following commands.


#2. Make the Database Offline and Online

The other method you can fix the problem with is to detach the database and then reattach it. Similar to the previous technique, first enable the emergency mode in the database so that you can access it. After that, use the following commands in the Management Studio.

ALTER DATABASE [DBName] SET EMERGENCY;ALTER DATABASE [DBName] set multi_userEXEC sp_detach_db ‘[DBName]’EXEC sp_attach_single_file_db @DBName = ‘[DBName]’, @physname = N'[mdf path]’

Above are the manual solutions for how to fix recovery pending state in SQL Server Database. You can resolve the issue by performing these steps. Besides being effective, these techniques also have some drawbacks.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

Manual methods are suitable when the problem is minor and caused due to misconfiguration of settings. So, you can resolve recovery pending SQL server issues. However, when the error arises due to any major cause, the manual techniques fail to fix the error. Also, there are several other limitations of the manual methods listed below.

  • These steps of a manual procedure are tough to perform for new users. They find them complicated.
  • The manual techniques are time-consuming and do not ensure that the problem will get resolved.
  • Some users follow the manual procedure and may end up damaging the data files of the database. The chances of file corruption are high in these methods.
  • Steps will change with every update of the software.

Also, when the SQL Server Database error arises due to corrupt data files. The manual techniques are not the ideal solution for how to fix recovery pending state in SQL server database. You can not repair these files without using professional software.

Professional Method to Repair Database Records

DRS SQL Database Recovery tool is an automatic solution to repair corrupt MDF files. The software is useful when the MDF files get corrupted, and you need a solution for how to fix SQL server database in recovery pending mode error message. It repairs and restores the MDF/NDF records and resolves the issue. This method is an automatic solution because you are using third-party software to solve the problem. It is the ideal solution for all users.


Hopefully, after reading the complete article, you will learn how to fix recovery pending state in SQL server database error message. You can open the database in emergency mode and initiate a repair. Alternatively, you can detach the database and reattach it. If the issue arises due to corrupt MDF files, the above methods will fail to fix the problem. Therefore, SQL Database Recovery tool is the best option because it repairs the corrupt MDF files effectively.

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