Quick Solutions to Resolve Cannot Login to AOL Mail Error

Overview: Are you experiencing problems with AOL? Cannot log in to AOL Mail? No worries. Several typical problems cause such issues in AOL which you can address and resolve. So, we will be discussing different causes and respective ways to fix them. Furthermore, if the login problem is not getting fixed, you need to update the latest version of the application. Therefore, use the AOL Backup Tool to create a backup and keep your data safe. This blog is dedicated to those who can’t sign into AOL email.

AOL Mail: AOL stands for America Online Mail. It is an email service provided by AOL (formerly known as America Online). Apart from facilitating emailing, it offers many other features. Such as online storage, email personalization, spam detection, etc.

Before we begin troubleshooting the AOL Mail login issues, we need to know the actual causes. So that it’s easier to reach the ultimate solution for ‘How do I regain access to my AOL email?

Reasons Why You Cannot Log in to AOL Mail

Here are some common reasons that might cause AOL Login issues:

  • Incorrect Username or Password
  • Forgotten Password
  • Inactive/Blocked AOL account
  • AOL locked the account for security reasons.
  • Security Software Interference
  • AOL Server Issues
  • Two-Step Verification Issues
  • Browser issue (outdated versions, cache, or cookies)
  • Or, using an outdated version of AOL

Now you have the answer to your query ‘Why can’t I access my AOL Mail’. So let us dive into the solution part. However, there may be other reasons apart from those listed above.

Let’s Resolve Can’t Login to My AOL Account Issue

Before trying any other solution, it is necessary to follow these prerequisites:

  • Firstly, check if the AOL Server is down.
  • Power Off and Restart Your System
  • Check Proper Internet Connectivity.

If still you cannot log in to AOL Mail, proceed with the following troubleshooting measures.

#1. Retry Sign In

Are you receiving alerts like-

We detected unusual activity,” or

Your Username or Password is incorrect?

If yes, the reason for ‘can’t log in to my AOL account’ is Human error. It might be entering the wrong credentials (Username/Password) or you might have forgotten your Password. In this case, you need to verify and re-enter the right credentials. Hopefully, this might be the only reason why you were not able to log in.

#2. Reset the Browser Settings

If you have multiple browsers installed on your system, it can lead to alterations in your web settings. If the browser is showing a blank page or you get alerts like- “Can’t Load this Page,” you need to reset browser settings. This will remove unwanted data stored on the browser. However, it is possible to reset your overall web settings without affecting the settings of all the web browsers installed on your computer.

Some mandatory changes are:

  • Clear Web Cache, Cookies, Bookmarks, and History.
  • Ensure Your Web Browser is updated.
  • Update Plugins- JavaScript, Flash player, etc.
  • Disable any browser extensions.

After you have made the necessary changes in the Web Browser check if you can log in to your AOL account. This might fix the ‘can’t sign into AOL email’ issue. If not, you can try to log in via an alternative browser.

#3. Login via an Alternative Browser

After you have made the necessary changes to the Web Browser, AOL login issue persist? It might be because of an older or no longer supported version. In such cases, if you can’t update your browser, try Signing In to AOL using a different browser.

Is the ‘Cannot Login to AOL Mail’ problem solved? Try resolving it by other means.

#4. Turn Off the Firewall and Diable Antivirus

Another reason for the AOL login issue can be the interference of security software. Certain antivirus programs may disrupt the emailing services for security concerns. Therefore, you can attempt to temporarily deactivate your antivirus software and turn off the Firewall. Further, proceed to log in once more.

Additionally, it is advised to use friendly URLs when accessing AOL Mail.

#5. Review IMAP and POP Setting

Another solution to fix the AOL sign-in issue is to review the configuration of the IMAP/POP Server in AOL. Check if the IMAP/POP setting is as defined below:

IMAP Server Address- imap.aol.com
Port No- 993
POP Server Address- pop.aol.com
Port No- 995
SMTP Server Address- smtp.aol.com
Port No- 465

Check if the problem is solved.

#6. Update AOL Email Program

Are you using an older version of the AOL email client program? Because an outdated version may no longer be compatible with the current security settings. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to update it to the latest version. Once you update it, then again log in to your AOL email account.

Additional Tip: If the aforementioned solutions do not resolve the issue, you can contact AOL Customer Support for additional assistance.

However, if you perform this process there is a chance of losing AOL data. Moreover, while fixing the ‘Cannot log in to AOL Mail’ issue, you might lose important data. Therefore, always backup AOL email data using a trusted third-party tool before updating the email client.

For best results, download the MigrateEmails AOL Mail Backup Tool. This tool allows you to backup AOL emails locally and export data directly to other platforms. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for even novice users to navigate without the risk of data loss.

Why Choose AOL Backup Tool by MigrateEmails?

Note that, this tool cannot fix the ‘can’t log in to my AOL account.’ Nevertheless, it is proficient in taking backups of all your AOL data. Other features of the tool include:

  • Backup the entire AOL mailbox including inbox, sent, draft, trash, etc.
  • Migrate AOL to Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, and other email clients.
  • Directly export AOL emails to Outlook PST, MBOX, EML, and other file formats.
  • Allows to create a backup of emails and attachments separately.
  • Additionally, removes duplicate emails for more precise backup files.
  • Furthermore, facilitates date-selective migration from the AOL mailbox.

All-in-all, this tool is a must-have to keep your data safe while you try to troubleshoot AOL Login problems.


Recently, AOL has introduced some server changes. Thus, users often face AOL login problems. The ‘Cannot Log in to AOL Mail’ issue is completely described in this blog and we have given you all the possible solutions to fix it. Additionally, we have suggested an outstanding professional tool to back up AOL data. The backup file is a savior in case you accidentally lose your important data.

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