Top Reasons to Merge Outlook PST Files into Single One

Outlook has a wide range of active users and many of them are attached to this email client since it was launched for the first time. Now, this Outlook Email client is the first choice of both the individuals and business. But when someone has multiple PST files then it becomes difficult to manage them. So to manage these files easily users merge Outlook PST Files. But around us, several users are so naive who even don’t know the reasons for merging PST files.

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So here in this article, we will discuss the reasons to merge PST Files and how we can merge them easily. So keep reading the blog until its end. 

Reasons to Merge Outlook PST Files into Single One: 

Every version of the well known and popular email client application named Outlook, by Microsoft now comes with some more improvements. But it has also enhanced the user experience up to the next improved level. 

First Reason: Transition Through Time –

If we look back into MS Outlook when it was launched for the first time. Then you will find the application as similar to now.  The details, colors, and everything but the quality difference can be easily noticed. And you can also observe several other features easily.

But with the time, Outlook as an email client has gone under huge changes & improvements.

Microsoft Outlook 2019 is the latest version by the software giant after Outlook 2016. With this newer version Outlook 2019,  Microsoft is paying more attention to user feedback and trying to serve with the best services for the consumer. 

Second Reason: PST Limitation Eliminated With Outlook 2013 version –

From the very beginning when Outlook was launched for the first, Users have developed their own way to deal with these tools and handle their work stuff. The earlier version of Outlook has PST File size limitation. Hence users have to create more than one PST file to keep the mailbox data as per their need. 

But after the release of Outlook 2013, Microsoft increased the file size limit of both PST & OST Outlook data files. The Outlook data file size exceeds 50 GB by default. If in a case, you require more space to manage the continuous emerging mailbox data such as  Contacts, Calendar, Events, Attachments, Notes, etc. You are allowed to increase the default file size by creating tweaks in Windows Registry settings.

But it is very difficult to manage multiple Outlook PST files, but you have the option of unifying all other accounts! Unifying means to merge  PST files and convert them into a single file.

So here we discussed the top reasons for merging Outlook PST File and in the next section, we will discuss how we can merge multiple PST files into a single file. 

How to Merge Multiple Outlook PST Files? 

It is good to know that the multiple PST files can be handled by merging them into a single file Well. But now the question is how to merge or unify, entire Outlook PST files into one without any hassle or data loss.

Users can combine the PST files with the manual methods, which means you do not require to download anything in extra in order to merge the files.

But the manual method does not provide you an effective result. First, the complexity is high and you must have to research before continuing the method or he/she should have high technical knowledge. And secondly, during the entire process, there is no security and safety of your crucial data. 

Use a Professional Tool:

When all the methods fail then merge PST Files with a professional utility. Several utilities are available, one such is PST Merge Tool. This tool leverage you with numerous benefits such as saving time, maintaining the file structure, ensuring you for data security, no modification in the data, no technical knowledge needed to run this utility. 

This is a pocket-friendly and prompt option to combine Outlook Contacts, Emails, Calendar, Journal, and other mail items into a single file. This tool provides you three options to merge PST files as  Merge PST, Join PST, and Merging Contacts. This tool is highly compatible i.e, even it merges Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019 PST files. 


Here, in this write-up, we discussed the top reasons to merge Outlook PST Files and how to merge these files. The professional way is always recommending to use when it is about your crucial data files. If you have large PST files then read the provided writeup to Split large PST files into smaller parts.

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