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We all know that Gmail is a cloud-based email service provider which offers the free access for users to access emails within the profile. Millions of users are there to use Gmail applications daily for individual or business purposes. Users share their personal or professional data to one another, so to keep the crucial data safe, they are required to backup their Gmail emails. To backup Gmail emails, users can use the manual techniques as well as the automated Gmail backup software available to perform hassle free migration. However there are direct manual techniques available but these methods have several limitations and risks to data loss. So it is suggested to opt for an advanced Gmail backup tool for windows or mac. There are various reasons to backup emails from Gmail and some of them we have listed in this blog below. Now the query arises, how to backup Gmail emails with attachments? We will discuss the top 4 best Gmail backup tool to perform the backup process efficiently and avoid all the risks of data loss.

Backup and save data from Google account very easily

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Need to Backup Emails from Gmail

There are various reasons for which users need to backup their emails from Gmail using reliable Gmail backup software. Some of the basic reasons we have listed below. 

  • To avoid the severe risk of crucial data loss. 
  • If the users accidentally deleted the important data and needed to recover. 
  • The backed up emails can easily be accessed under non-availability of the internet connection.
  • Gmail accounts offer 15GB storage space to the user. If the space gets full, then it becomes necessary to backup Gmail emails to free up some space. 
  • The Gmail accounts are more prone to the hackers and the mailbox data is at risk and can be lost instantly. 

Now let’s proceed further to the most recommended and popular Gmail backup tools available for users assistance. 

Top 4 Best Gmail Backup Software For Win/Mac

  1. DRS Gmail Backup Tool

DRS Gmail Backup Tool is an advanced utility designed on a smooth user intuitive interface. The software allows users to save Gmail emails in PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, HTML, TXT, PNG, Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Office 365, etc. Users can swiftly backup multiple emails including all the attachments such as contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. 


  • Backup Gmail emails on a hard drive or local machine. 
  • Saves Gmail emails in PST, PDF, MBOX, HTML, PNG, Yahoo, Hotmail, Thunderbird, Office 365, etc. 
  • Removes duplicate emails on the basis of subject, to, from, etc. 
  • Exports all the attachments including emails, calendars, tasks, contacts, etc. 
  • Simple user-friendly interface. 
  • The demo Gmail backup software exports 50 emails for free. 
  1. Cigati Gmail Email Backup Tool

Cigati Gmail email backup software is an effective solution to backup Gmail emails to PST, MSG, HTML, PDF, Yahoo, Hotmail, Thunderbird, Office 365, etc. without damaging the content. The utility offers a smooth user-friendly interface that can easily be used by any technical or even a non-technical user. The software also offers a demo option to evaluate the performance of the tool for free. 


  • Facilitates with multiple saving options like PST, EML, MBOX, MSG, HTML, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Office 365, etc. 
  • Backup mailbox items like Inbox, drafts, trash, sent, etc. 
  • Prevent unnecessary duplicate files. 
  • Generate a backup report after completion of the backup. 
  • Create Log and Temp files for every conversion. 
  1. Aryson Gmail Backup Software

The Gmail backup utility offered by Aryson can save the entire Gmail data to various file formats or email clients. The software is able to download the data from Google Docs, drive, photos, contacts, calendar, etc. The user can accurately save Gmail emails in user-defined locations or local machine. 


  • Takes backup of Gmail emails including all components such as contacts, emails, calendars, etc. 
  • Save Gmail emails in PST, EML, MBOX, MSG, PDF, TXT, HTML, Yahoo, Hotmail, Office 365, Live Exchange, etc. 
  • Offers Date filter option to avoid the unwanted emails. 
  • The free version exports 50 emails for free.
  1. SysInfo Gmail Backup Tool

SysInfo Tools is a renowned name in IT industries. It’s prestigious Gmail backup tool can easily export emails from Gmail to different file formats or email clients like EML, EMLX, PST, PDF, HTML, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Live Exchange, etc. Even a novice user can easily perform the backup process without any risk of data loss. 


  • Backup Gmail emails to computer or external hard drive. 
  • Backup emails from Gmail to PST, EML, MBOX, HTML, TXT, Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Thunderbird, etc. 
  • Keeps the data structure intact. 
  • Facilitates with Delete after download option to remove the copy of downloaded emails. 
  • The demo version can save 50 Gmail emails to other formats for free. 


In this blog above, we have discussed the best methods available for a user’s query on how to backup Gmail data. We have discussed 4 top Gmail backup software available to backup emails from Gmail accounts. Users can opt for any of the professional utility as per their convenience. 

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