Error Fixed: Outlook Mailbox Size Not Reducing After Archive

What do you understand by the term Archive? When a mail is received, we unread the less important ones. Then, We send the important ones to the archive folder for future reference. So, when you save the important ones to archive they occupy space as well in the Mailbox. When the overall memory of the Mailbox gets overloaded it shows the Error ‘Outlook Mailbox Size Not Reducing After Archive’.

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Reasons for Mailbox oversizing:

Oversizing is a common phenomenon of a mailbox. You might have encountered a common situation in society related to this phenomenon. When you eat junk food for continuous weeks, it can damage your health and can make you Obese (overweight) – Resulting in making you bloat. 

Similarly, when you keep on sending and receiving emails without putting the unnecessary content to the junk. You might receive a pop-up message from an email client that your mailbox is full. To avoid the situation, you have to delete the unwanted content from time to time. So,  you won’t have to trash them later, taking time off from your busy schedule. Also, it might slow down your process.

Issues User can face after mailbox oversizing:

  1. The Outlook mailbox documents might take time to load.
  2. The Outlook may show an error message.
  3. The application might stop responding and try to fix the error.

Manual methods to reduce the size of the Outlook Mailbox:

 For this, users can take the help of Mailbox-cleanup tool to view the size of the entire Mailbox of Microsoft Outlook. With this, the user can see the size of the particular folder. Users can archive the older emails to an archive Outlook data file & after this, they can empty the folders of deleted-items.

  This is a pre-measure a user can take before seeking out for professional help. This will help the user understand the main idea behind generating manual methods for minimal recovery. Also, trying out manual methods will be beneficial in terms of expense, time and recovery.

Follow the steps to solve Outlook Mailbox Size Not Reducing After Archive:

For All Versions:

  1. Open the ‘Tools’ menu and click ‘Mailbox Cleanup’.
  2. Open  ‘View Menu’ and look Mailbox Size
  3.  Look for items both older and with larger memory.
  4. Select them and Put them to recycle bin if in no use
  5. This will free up your Mailbox.

To Reduce the Size of (.pst) folders:

  1. Open the ‘File’ menu and then click ‘Data File Management’.
  2. Select the data file that you want to compact and then click the ‘Settings’.
  3. Click Compact Now.

Note: .ost file cannot be compacted.

How to reduce the size of PST file after archiving?

The error ‘Outlook Mailbox Size Not Reducing After Archive’ can be easily solved by manual method – if there is minimal damage. Depending on manual methods can be time-consuming, so try automated PST Splitter by SysInfoTools and Split PST files more easily to reduce Outlook mailbox size.

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