How to Migrate Office 365 to Gmail Manually?

Summary – Office 365 and Gmail are two of the most popular email clients. However, nowadays users prefer to migrate Office 365 to Gmail accounts because of the advanced facilities of Gmail. Therefore, in this write up we will discuss the methods of Office 365 to Gmail migration.

Office 365 is a subscription-based email client primarily used in corporate sectors.  It has different membership plans depending upon the services that you choose. Whereas, Gmail is another email service introduced by Google. It is a free service and offers various other handy products to its users. A Gmail user has the opportunity to access certain other products like Google Meet, Chat, Sheets, Doc, Calendar, Hangout, etc. Let us see the advantages of using a Gmail account.

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Benefits of Using Gmail 

  1. Gmail scatters the need of both general people and corporates, on the other hand, Office 365 is mainly built for business organistions.
  2. Users find Gmail to be more user-friendly and convenient. You can use Gmail from any device or operating system.
  3. Gmail has its products built with its account and moreover, it easily gets synced to other email clients like Yahoo, Outlook, etc.
  4. The huge storage facility provided by Gmail is also an additional benefit. Here, users get unlimited space to store their personal and professional data.
  5. Data security is the main concern for every user and Gmail ensures incomparable data security for its users.

These are some of the factors that influence users to migrate Office 365 to Gmail. Now, moving on to the main section of this post we will learn about the techniques of this email migration.

Manual Method to Migrate Office 365 to Gmail 

There are two DIY techniques to export Office 365 mailbox to Gmail. The methods are discussed below including the steps of their execution. You have to follow the steps and perform them in an exact way in order to have the desired output.

Approach 1 – By Using Gmail Import Feature 

  • First login into Gmail account.
  • Choose the settings button and then click on see all settings.
  • Now, choose the Accounts and Import option.
  • Select Import Mail and Contacts >> Import Mail and Contacts.
  • Next, type the email id from which you want to bring in the data.
  • After providing the email id click on the Continue option.
  • In this step, you have to log in to the other account in which you are transferring the data.
  • Tick mark on the agree button.
  • Then click on the Start import option to start the migration process.

Approach 2 – By Using GWMMO Tool

This procedure is only applicable to PST files. So, if your Outlook files are in OST format then first you have to change OST to PST and then follow the below-given steps.

  • Install the GWMMO tool on your PC.
  • Then open your email id.
  • Now, provide permissions to GWMMO Tool by clicking the allow button.
  • Go to the new tab and select PST file and hit the Next button.
  • Select the options that you required for migration and hit on Migrate.
  • After the procedure ends you will receive a pop-up on your screen.

With the help of these methods, you can migrate emails from Office 365 to Gmail. But the manual methods have some drawbacks as well. Good technical know-how is the most important criterion of these methods. Moreover, there is no assurance of accurate results. Thus, it is advisable to know about an expert technique to add Office 365 email to a Gmail account.

Professional Method to Import Office 365 to Gmail

DRS Ofice 365 Email Backup Tool is the most effective and reliable approach for exporting Office 365 emails into multiple other email clients or file formats. This is professional software designed with an easy user interface and a high level of data security.  Any user can easily install it in any version of Windows and shift emails within a very limited time.

Note – This utility cannot migrate Office 365 to G suite. 


This article has explained the reasons to add Office 365 account to Gmail. Along with this, we have also learned about the various mode of techniques to migrate Office 365 to Gmail. The automated method discussed here is more efficient than the manual mode. Hence, it is the most suitable technique for getting an adequate result.

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