How to Batch Convert EML to PDF- Verified Solution

EML (or Electronic Mail) is a type of file format that is supported by multiple email service providers like Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Zimbra,  Zoho, etc. It saves a single message in a single file format. PDF file, on the other hand, is a portable document file that is easily accessible even in offline mode. The PDF file is platform-independent and can be used to store data like text, images, media, etc.

Now, the question comes “How to import an EML file into PDF format?” This blog will share a comprehensive guide to convert EML to PDF with attachments. It will also discuss the professional EML Converter to make the conversion process accurate and easier. Before stepping ahead to the methods to convert EML file to PDF, let’s first understand some reasons why users want to change EML to PDF files.

Reasons to Convert EML to PDF Format

Here we have listed a few reasons why users tend to switch from EML file to PDF format. Go through the benefits of PDF over EML mentioned below.

  • PDF files are compact file formats and are easily portable.
  • Users can encrypt the PDF files to prevent it from unauthorized access.
  • The PDF files are platform-independent, i.e., one can easily access the data on any device.
  • PDF files are less prone to corruption.

These are some of the common reasons to migrate EML to PDF format. Now let’s proceed further to the different methods to perform the conversion process. First, we will discuss the manual strategies for conversion. Follow the complete process provided below.

Manual Methods to Change EML to PDF File Format

Users can perform the manual method to convert EML to PDF with attachments. There is always some risk of severe data loss due to human errors while performing manual steps. So, it is advisable to create a backup of the original data. Follow the below step-wise process carefully.

  • Navigate to the location where EML files are saved on your system.
  •  Right-click on the EML files you want to export.
  • Select the Open with option and select the MS Word option.
  • Now, click on the File menu and select the Save As option.
  • After that, choose the location to save the resultant file and select PDF in the Save As Type option.
  • Finally, click on the Save button to finish the process.

Users can save a limited number of EML files in PDF using this approach.  However, this method does not allow users to batch-convert EML to PDF format. Let’s look at some of the other drawbacks of this manual method.

Downsides of the Manual Solution

  • The manual method does not allow users to save attachments separately.
  • There are high risk of data alteration during this conversion process.
  • Repetition of similar emails can take place.
  • Folder hierarchy can be compromised during the conversion process.

To avoid this drawback, many experts recommend using the professional EML File Converter Tool.

Professional Methods to Convert EML to PDF with Attachments

The professional EML File Converter tool is a safe and reliable solution to convert EML files to PDF. This method enables users to convert multiple PDF files at once without any data loss. The utility is designed with a smooth user-friendly interface. It allows you to convert EML to CSV, MBOX, MSG, PST, TXT, HTML, Gmail, IMAP, Yahoo, Hotmail, Office 365, etc. This tool provides 100% accurate results in less time.

Prominent Features of the EML Converter

  • This method can convert EML files to multiple file formats and email clients.
  • Users can convert multiple EML files at once using this method.
  • It maintains data structure throughout the conversion process.
  • The Date Range filter helps to convert selective emails of a set date range. There are no file size restrictions.
  • There is no risk of data loss during the entire conversion process.


In this blog, we have discussed the best two methods to convert EML to PDF with attachments. The manual method is beneficial to use if you want to convert only a selective number of EML files. However, if you want to convert multiple EML files at once then a professional EML Converter is the solution.

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