8 Different NSF File Management Tools in Lotus Notes NSF Repair Tool Kit

Email communication is a type of formal communication in the corporate industries. Many top-notch companies are using MS Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes as their trusted Email Client Application. But recently I came to know that many users are having multiple problems related to NSF files. So in order to resolve those problems, I will tell you 8 Tools that are in one pack of Lotus Notes NSF Repair Tool Kit. Each and every one has its own unique point.

There are various problems that are connected to Lotus Notes Files but you can easily fix them by just one professional utility. The NSF file repair kit is the compilation of different professional software which is related to Lotus Notes.

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8 IBM Lotus Notes Management Software

Let’s discuss the eight different repair tools for Lotus notes files with their features in brief. You can even compare the price of all of them and a single toolkit.

NSF to PST Converter ($149)

Many users switch to MS Outlook because of its easy-to-use GUI and features. Unless and until you convert an NSF file to PST. You can’t view it in MS Outlook. So this tool is a mediator of NSF to PST conversion.

  • Smoothly Converts NSF files to PST without any data loss.
  • Exports Contacts, Emails, Calendars, etc. from NSF file to PST.
  • Converts multiple files in a single shot.
  • Supports Encrypted NSF files as well.
  • Easily converts large sized NSF files i.e. up to 50 GB.
  • Compatible with all the versions of Windows.

NSF to MBOX Converter ($99)

If you want to convert Lotus Notes Emails to Mozilla Thunderbird then you have to buy a different software. But you can avail this software as well in the Lotus Notes NSF Repair Kit. Don’t spend any extra money on this utility.

  • Quickly Converts Lotus Notes Files to MBOX without any data loss.
  • Performs Batch NSF to MBOX Conversion.
  • It allows the user to convert up to 25 Emails absolutely free.
  • Previews Emails in a Tree-Structured format before conversion.
  • Removes Encryption from the newly created MBOX File.
  • Supports Windows 10 and its earlier versions.

NSF to EML Converter ($179)

Windows Live Mail is only compatible with EML file format. So this software helps to perform NSF to EML conversion and maintains data integrity.

  • Easily Converts NSF file to EML File Format.
  • Safe NSF to EML Conversion without any data loss.
  • Exports up to 25 emails for free.
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface.
  • Removes Encryption from the newly converted EML File.
  • Runs smoothly on all the versions of Windows.

DXL to PST Converter ($699)

IBM Lotus Notes Dominos Database uses the DXL File format. This tool helps to convert a DXL file into PST, MSG, HTML, and other file formats. It exports schema, views, designs, etc. from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook.

  • Saves DXL Files into PST, EML, HTML, and MSG File format.
  • Previews all the files before conversion.
  • Selection of data on the basis of dates.
  • Converts Multiple DXL files at the same time.
  • Exports 15 emails to MS Outlook absolutely free.
  • Supports all the versions of Lotus Notes, Windows and MS Outlook.

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NSF Merge Tool ($99)

It becomes confusing for the user to maintain and handle too many NSF files. So it is better to combine all of them in one NSF file. This is designed for the same purpose. You can easily combine many small-sized NSF files into one NSF file.

  • Merges multiple NSF files into one file.
  • Consolidates multiple data of NSF Files in one place.
  • Combines all emails, contacts, and other items of the file.
  • Removes duplicates items while merging two NSF files.
  • The Trial version can merger up to 25 emails for free.
  • Supports all the versions of Windows and IBM Lotus Notes.

NSF Split Tool ($139)

Too Large NSF files are prone to corruption. So it is always recommended to split such files into multiple files to avoid corruption. This professional tool helps to do so which you can avail in Lotus Notes Repair Tool Kit.

  • Splits Large Sized NSF files into multiple small files.
  • Date Range feature to filter the selection of files.
  • It allows the user to save the file on the preferred location.
  • Free splitting of 25 emails.
  • User-Friendly Graphical User Interface.
  • Supports Windows 10 and all its earlier versions.

NSF Duplicate Remover ($199)

The duplicate emails in the mailbox make it large and the chances of corruption are high. So it is advised to remove such duplicates as soon as possible. This professional tool helps to remove duplicates from the Lotus Notes mailbox.

  • Smoothly Removes Duplicates from Lotus Notes Mailbox.
  • Removes Multiple Duplicates in a single go.
  • Smartly Previews all items in the email in a Tree-Structured Format.
  • Automatically detects all the details of an email.
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface.
  • High Windows compatibility.

NSF Local Security Remover ($49)

This software is designed to remove local security from an NSF file and allows the user to view all the content of that file. The techniques are professional and there are no chances of any damage to the file.

  • Executes Local Security Removal from the NSF files.
  • Quick and Fast Operational Activity.
  • There is no limitation of File size.
  • Resolves “You are not authorized to access this database” error.
  • Decodes NSF file of up to 5 MB absolutely free.
  • Compatible with Lotus Notes 9.0 and its earlier versions.

Well, you can see the features and prices of different software and compare them with the price of one NSF repair toolkit. If you’ll purchase all of them one by one then it will cost you around $1612. But you can avail them in just one Lotus Notes Repair Tool kit costing $999 and save up to $613.


It is totally up to you to make your choice. You have a good deal to strike. Buying all of them from different websites will prove costly. So why avail all of them in one Lotus Notes NSF Repair Tool Kit. There are eight different tools that have their own uniqueness. I hope you liked this article.

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