How to Recover Corrupted Files in Windows with Single Tool

For the last three decades, Windows has ruled the hearts of millions of users worldwide. It is the most used operating system. But even so, several users have looked out to learn how to recover corrupted files in windows. I guarantee that all of those who had been frequent users must have encountered the issue of malfunctioning windows. 

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We will discuss the reasons for such malfunctionings and the preventive measures we can take to stay safe from them with the solutions on how to restore corrupted files in Windows 10. We will discuss the manual strategies as well as the professional Windows Toolkit for better and smooth recovery. So let us start this blog by discussing the reasons which trigger windows to get corrupted.

Why Does Windows Get Corrupted?

There can be several reasons responsible for the corruption of Windows files. Some of them are listed here.

  • System Crash: It can occur due to several minor & major issues like overheating, RAM failure, registry errors, etc.
  • Windows Update: It is a good practice to update regularly, but the creation of system bugs during the updates increases the chances of windows corruption.
  • Storage: If the storage space or hard drive gets filled with unwanted files or bloatware, it can also corrupt your windows.
  • Power Fluctuations: Power fluctuations are common in every household and are also a critical factor behind windows files getting corrupted.
  • Cyber Attacks: Browsing the internet is the easiest path for viruses and malware to attack and damage your windows in a go. 
  • Compatibility Issues: Installation of wrong or incompatible versions of a program can also corrupt your system.

Doubtlessly, there are several factors behind windows getting corrupted, along with several ways for prevention.

Prevention to Avoid Windows Corruption

You can follow these quick tips to keep yourself safe from window corruption.

  • Check and replace defective hardware components.
  • Use an antivirus to stay safe from malware and viruses.
  • Regularly update Windows with a safe and stable network
  • Troubleshoot your system for identifying software mismatch.
  • Don’t ever fill the hard drives
  • Use a UPS or try to use a constant power source while working on the system

But even after following all the safety precautions, there is a good chance for Windows corruption. So let us now learn about the methods to how to recover corrupted files in Windows.

How to Recover corrupted files in windows

There are various choices for the methods you can opt to know how to recover data from corrupted Windows 10. Here, we have mentioned a few of them.

  • Using System Restore
  • Using Command Prompt
    • CHKDSK Command
    • DISM Tool
    • Scannow Command
  • Resetting the Windows
  • Restoring Previous Versions

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Method 1: Using System Restore

Restoring the system will bring the system back to its uncorrupted mode or the previous restore point created by you.

  • Open System Properties window.
  • Click on the System Restore button under the System Protection tab.
  • On the next window, choose the Restore Point you want to be applied on your system and click Next. Proceed with the instructions to complete the setup.

Method 2: Using Command Prompt

You can consider the command prompt as the hub for all methods because there are several approaches that one can follow to know how to recover corrupted files in Windows.

Approach 1: CHKDSK Command

  • Open Command Prompt by typing “cmd” in the Run app and press OK.
  • Type in the following-      

chkdsk e:/f/r/x

  • The above command will find out the corruptions for you but it will be best to run System File Checker to repair them.

Approach 2: DISM Tool

  • Run Command Prompt as an administrator by searching it in the taskbar.
  • Enter the following command and press Enter:  


  • Restart PC after the completion of the repairing process.

Approach 3: Scannow Command

  • Launch command prompt as learned above
  • Type the below command and press Enter:


  • Your scanning will complete in a while.

Method 3: Resetting the Windows

Restoring the windows to their initial state is one of the most effective solutions for the query: How to recover corrupted files in windows? You will require a bootable USB with Windows 10 installation media. Follow the given steps to proceed:

  • Restart your system
  • Select Reset this PC under the Troubleshoot menu.
  • Choose between Keep my files & Remove Everything to reinstall Windows either by keeping your files intact or remove them from your system respectively.
  • Enter your Windows login credentials and follow the instructions displayed to complete the process.

Method 4: Restoring Previous Versions

If you know the location of the corrupted file, then you can do the following:

  • Right-click on the corrupted file or folder and select Restore Previous Versions from the menu.
  • Choose the previous corruption-free version and Click Restore.

It will restore the selected file or folder to the previous working version. 

These methods require the user to be technically sound and, hence not suitable for all. Therefore, we are providing an alternate solution, which is favorable for all, to make you learn how to recover corrupted files in Windows quickly in a few steps.

How to Recover Corrupted Files in Windows

As discussed above, I would recommend you DRS Windows Toolkit, a one-stop solution to recover and restore all your corrupted files as it supports all FAT file systems like FAT12, FAT16, etc. Also, if you are looking for a solution for how to fix corrupted photos Windows 10, then its inbuilt DRS Photo Recovery is available there to do the needful.


Throughout this blog, we got to know about the reasons and precautions for Windows corruption, along with the various methods to fix them. Also, we got to know about the expert-recommended solution to carry out the recovery process smoothly and resolved the query: how to recover data from corrupted Windows 10? I hope this blog would have helped you in answering how to recover corrupted files in Windows.

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