How to Open OST File into Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019?

Summary – Do you want to open OST File into Outlook? If you are searching for an answer to this query then you must read this article. Here, I am going to reveal excellent methods to open and view OST files. The guide will also help to know about different reasons for which you might want to open or import OST files into an Outlook account.

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OST File is a data file that was introduced by MS Outlook. It is used to set aside the information of your mailbox from your Outlook account. This file is saved in the system and facilitates users to access them at any time without any internet connectivity. However, under certain circumstances, users want to import OST into Outlook account. So, here we will mention some of the factors that lead to migrating your OST File into your Outlook account.

Why Do You Need to Open an .OST File?

Every user has a variety of reasons to view their OST file in MS Outlook. Some of the most common causes for the OST file transfer are discussed below.

  • If your Exchange Server gets crashed then your OST files will become obsolete. In such a situation, you need to convert your OST files into Outlook PST to protect and access your data.
  • Outlook PST files are very convenient and to use and thus it is preferred by every common user.
  • If you have imported your OST files into an Outlook PST account then you can save them in any preferred location and protect them from any accidental loss.
  • Outlook PST comes within the Office 365 package and thus a user can avail of its benefit altogether.
  • Conversion of OST files into Outlook helps users to avoid high maintenance amounts.

These are some of the valid points for which you can migrate your files from OST to Outlook PST. Therefore, let us now move to the main section of this article and learn about techniques through which you can solve the ‘ OST cannot be opened Outlook 2013 issue.

How to Open an OST  file in Outlook 2010?

There are different methods that you can use to solve this issue. But here, I am explaining to you two methods that are considered to be effective for this purpose. The first method is a manual method and the second method is an automated method. In the manual method, users have to perform the procedure on their own. Whereas in the automated method, users can take help from third-party software and complete the task effortlessly.

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Manual Method to Open OST File into Outlook

If you want to convert your OST file into Outlook PST with manual techniques then you can refer to the steps that are listed below and perform them accordingly.

Technique 1 – Take Help From Import/Export Wizard 

  • Open your Outlook account and go to the File option.
  • Choose the Import/Export Option and select Export to a File and hit the Next button.
  • Here, set the .pst option and hit on the parent root option.
  • Tick mark the include subfolder option(if required)
  • Choose a destination to store your PST file and then hit on the Finish option.

Technique 2 – Take Help From Outlook Archive Feature

  • Open your Outlook account and go to the File option and then hit on Option Menu.
  • Here, select the advanced option.
  • Enable the auto-archive options.
  • Select the destination to store the archived files.
  • At last, hit on the Ok button.

These are two different practices that can be done in a manual approach. Both the systems are free of cost but they also have some drawbacks that cannot be overlooked.

Disadvantages of Manual Method of Opening OST files in Outlook 2010

  • The manual method is not capable to deliver quick results.
  • Users need previous technical experience to perform this methodology.
  • This approach cannot protect the data of users at the time of performing the task.
  •  Output delivered by the manual process is not accuracy guaranteed.
  • It is a complete DIY approach and users have no opportunity to take any help from outside.

As we can see that the manual method has some limitations, so users must also know another easy and reliable solution. The most trustworthy technique of importing the files into Outlook is by using software like DRS Convert OST to PST. It is a professional solution for OST file conversion.

Professional Solution to Convert OST File into Outlook

DRS Convert OST to PST tool is a brilliant solution to open OST files in Outlook 2013 or other versions. This is an automated software that permits users to convert OST files into multiple other file formats and email clients. The tool contributes to users by an easy user interface and a free demo version. With the help of this application, users can skip attachments from the transfer process. If you want to remove any duplicate file at the time of migration then you can select the given option. Additionally, users are also capable to split the output PST file based on their size. If you want to run this smart utility to shift your OST files then you can follow the steps that are noted below.

Steps of the Professional Method 

  • Install the converter tool in your system.
  • Choose a Single or Multiple file option as per your requirement.
  • Go to the browser button and add the file that you want to convert.
  • Choose the file format or email client in which you want to transfer the OST file.
  • Now, the software offers different additional attributes to its users. You can use them in the conversion process as per your preference. And then you have to hit the Convert button to start the process.
  • Here, after a few seconds, the tool will provide you with a process completion report. You can download it, or repeat the converting process by selecting the Convert Again button.

Final Verdict 

In this article, I have disclosed two different categories of methods for OST file conversion. The automated method is simple and functional than the manual method. Hence, users are recommended to use the professional solution and complete the task without any hassle.

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