How to Import PST File to Gmail? Detailed Guide

Summary: Are you confused about “How to import Outlook data file to Gmail?” If yes, then don’t worry! This blog will help you guide through some of the best methods to import PST file to Gmail. We will explore an easy-to-perform manual approach and a professional PST File Converter to make the migration process easier for the users. But before we discuss the solutions, let’s take a quick overview of both PST files and Gmail.

Introduction of PST and Gmail

PST or (Personal Storage Table) is a Microsoft Outlook file format used to back up emails, messages, contacts, calendars. Etc locally. This file format also makes sharing Outlook data with other email clients easy. On the other hand, Gmail is a popular email client that offers better security, and an easy GUI. Its wide variety of productivity and collaboration tools makes it easy to collaborate and share data with every user. It also enables users to access their emails from anywhere. Hence, users want to import PST to Gmail.

Advantages of Importing PST Files to Gmail

Some common benefits of importing Outlook PST files into Gmail are:

  • Gmail emails and other G Suite apps can easily be accessed through any device with internet connectivity.
  • It offers better and more advanced security features like spam filtering and more.
  • Gmail is cost-effective, unlike Outlook, you do not need to pay any cost to use the other products of Google.
  • The simple and interactive user interface makes it easy to manage by all users.

These are some advantages due to which users want to import Outlook PST file into Gmail. Now, let us explore the different methods for performing the Outlook PST to Gmail migration.

Traditional Method to Import PST File to Gmail

The DIY method to open PST file in Gmail is divided into three parts:

  1. Enabling IMAP in your Gmail account
  2. Configuring Outlook with Gmail
  3. Transferring PST File to Gmail

The steps to perform this migration are discussed below –

#Step 1: Enabling IMAP through Gmail Settings

  • Open your Gmail account and click on the Gear icon.
  • Then, click on See All Settings and move to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • From the IMAP Access section, select the Enable IMAP option. Click Save.

#Step 2: Configure Your Outlook Account with Gmail

  • Run the MS Outlook Application on your PC.
  • Click on the File menu and go to the Add Account option.
  • Check the Manual Setup option to manually sync your Gmail account. Click Next.
  • Now, choose IMAP/POP3 Account and enter all the details of your Gmail account.
  • After the verification, click on the Finish button.

#Stpe 3: Import PST File to Gmail

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and go to the File menu.
  • Select Open & Export>>Import/Export button.
  • Now, click on the Export to a File option and choose Outlook data file (.pst).
  • Then, choose the Gmail Mailbox folder in which you want to import PST files.
  • Lastly, click on the Browse button and select the PST files. Click Finish.

You can use this method to import from PST to Gmail. However, this approach has some drawbacks that are highlighted below.

Restrictions of the Traditional Approach

  • The method is lengthy and time-consuming.
  • Users need to have good technical knowledge to perform this technique.
  • This method may also result in data loss or data alteration.
  • Users can not import multiple PST files at once using this method.

These are some common limitations often experienced by users while performing the DIY method. Hence, we recommend using a professional solution to open PST file in Gmail.

How to Import PST File into Gmail Without Outlook? Expert Solution

MigrateEmails PST Converter is the easiest and most accurate solution to import PST file to Gmail. This tool enables users to transfer multiple PST files into a Gmail account with or without attachments. Users can also import PST contacts to Gmail using this software. Moreover, this tool also facilitates migrating PST files to other various file formats and email clients.

Steps to Import PST to Gmail

  • Run the PST File Converter Tool on your system.
  • Add the PST Files by clicking on the Select File/Folder option.
  • Tick the Mailbox items from the displayed Preview option.
  • Select Gmail as your resultant email client from the drop-down menu.
  • Provide your Gmail credentials and click on the Sign in button.
  • At last, hit the Convert button to import Outlook PST file into Gmail.


Hence, you have now distinct methods to import PST file to Gmail. Gmail has various benefits over saving emails in PST files, so perform the steps carefully to accomplish the task. However, if you choose the manual method, it can be a bit complicated as compared to the professional technique. Thus, it is clear that the suggested software is the appropriate process for getting quick yet accurate results.

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