How to Fix Outlook Error 0x8004060c

Summary – Many users have often come across Outlook error 0x8004060c message. But do you know what does this error means and how to tackle it? If not, then you can read this post and learn about methods to resolve this issue.

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MS Outlook is an email application that is widely accepted by many business organizations or professionals in their day-to-day activities. This email client uses both OST and PST files while performing its task. Therefore, if any of these formats gets corrupted then, users will start receiving notifications of errors like 0x800CCC6E, 0x800CCC0D, 0x800CCC78, etc. Such an error is error 0x8004060c, in which users are restricted from using their mailbox. This error generally occurs when your Outlook data file becomes corrupted or exceeds its size limit. However, some other reasons also lead to this error in your Outlook account. Some of the major reasons for this issue are discussed below. 

Responsible Factors of Outlook Error 0x8004060c 

The causes that open on to the error of  0x8004060c in your Outlook account are as follows.

  • If any of your OST or PST file is corrupt then it will raise this error in Outlook.
  • When Outlook mail server crashes or is affected by any virus.
  • If OST and PST file has exceeded their file size then error 0x8004060c Outlook arises.
  • Any unusual shutdown or sudden power cut-off also affects the workings of Outlook. 
  • This error may also arise if you are not having sufficient network connection or coordination.

From the above-cited points, we can now understand the factors for which Outlook 0x8004060c  error occurs. Thus, users must know about the techniques to deal with this error and recover their files. 

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How to Resolve Outlook 0x8004060c Error?

There are two ways to fix this error in your Outlook account. The first technique is a manual method and the second approach is an easy third-party solution. Let us study both methods in an elaborated way along with their steps of implementation.

Manual Methods to Solve Outlook 0x8004060c Error

If you want to clear up this issue by performing the manual methodology then you can choose any method from the below sets of techniques.

Technique 1 – Clear up the Deleted items Folder

  • Open Outlook account and move to File and then select Tools option.
  • From here, choose Empty Deleted Items Folders.
  • Next, in the new dialog box press Yes.

Technique 2 – Concise Outlook Data File 

  • From File Menu open the account settings option.
  • Here, choose the Data Files option.
  • Now, you have to choose the file for compression and then go to the settings menu.
  • Now, an Outlook data file Window will appear on your screen.
  • From that, check all the details and hit on Compact Now.
  • Finally, your file size will now be reduced.

Technique 3 – Use the Archive option

  • Log in to your Outlook and move to the File section.
  • Then choose Info and move to the tools option.
  • Now, hit on the Clean up Old items.
  • Here, choose the Archive this folder and all subfolders option.
  • After that, you have to choose the specific folder in your mailbox.
  • Now, in Archive items older than option set a date.
  • Go to the Browse option and select a destination for the file and then hit on the Ok button.

With this step, the manual system ends here. All the above three techniques are effective and can deal with the problem of sending reported error 0x8004060c in Outlook. But, if you do not have the technical expertise and require a quick solution then you can take help from professional software.

Professional Method to Fix Error 0x8004060c

The most effective and trustworthy method is automated software like DRS PST Recovery Tool. This is a smart tool that enables users to repair corrupt files from their Outlook account. It has a very simple interface and can run in any version of Windows. You can use this utility to recover your corrupt files and then convert them into any other file format. It has three recovery modes and advanced search options. The application gives high priority to the security of users’ data. You can install its free demo version and check its innovative attributes. If you want to settle down your Outlook issue by using this software, then follow the steps that are given below.

Steps of the Automated Tool

  • Install the DRS PST Recovery tool in your system.
  • Go to the Open option and choose the corrupted PST file wizard.
  • Now, choose the required PST file and hit on the Open button.
  • Here, you can select any options as per your requirement and then press Ok.
  • Select the items from your mailbox and then click on the Save option.
  • Here, you can use the advanced features and then press the Ok button.
  • Now, within a minute you will receive a message of the process completion. So, press Ok and exit from the tool.

Final Verdict

In this article, I have disclosed approaches to fix Outlook error 0x8004060c. The manual method is a time-consuming and laborious process as compared to the automated method. Additionally, the manual method does not assure complete accurate results. Hence, users are recommended to use the recovery tool and finish the task perfectly without any hassle.

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