How to Export Thunderbird emails to Outlook 365

Summary – Do you want to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook 365? Or are you looking for help to export your Thunderbird emails to Outlook 365? If yes, then this article will help you to transfer mail from Thunderbird to Outlook 365. Here, I am going to reveal some easy methods through which any user can export thunderbird to outlook 365 without any hassle. But before going straight to the methods, let me first share brief information about Thunderbird and Outlook 365.

Overview of Thunderbird and Outlook 365 

Thunderbird email is a free email client that was first introduced by Mozilla Foundation. It is a cross-platform email client that uses MBOX file format to store the data of its users. This email client works on Windows, Mac, and Linux and saves emails, attachments, and other items from your mailbox.  On the other hand, Outlook 365 is a free webmail email service that uses PST file format to store the users’ data. Along with the email facility, Outlook also renders some additional benefits like calendaring, task managing, contact managing, note-taking, journal logging, and web browsing, etc. The dynamic functions of Outlook email insist users to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365. However, there could be some other factors that result in the conversion of Thunderbird emails. Some of the possible reasons for transferring the emails are listed below.

Reasons to Export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook 365

  • Outlook users get an automatic spam filter option through which they can safeguard their mailboxes from email phishing.
  • Thunderbird emails do not offer any task and calendar facilities to its users whereas Outlook emails render these services to its users.
  • The security and integrity of users’ data are highly maintained by Outlook.
  • Outlook is an advanced and automated process that ensures no hindrance in your daily work.

These are some of the most highly appreciable advantages that demand conversion of Thunderbird to Outlook 365. Therefore, let us now check some of the methodologies and find the solution of how to export Thunderbird emails.

Methods to Export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook 365

There are two approaches through which users can convert their Thunderbird emails to Outlook 365. The first process is a manual method where users need to perform certain steps to convert their files from MBOX to PST. To convert files from MBOX, users can use MBOX to PST Converter but as it is a completely manual process so we will perform it manually. And in the second process, users can take help from professional software and transfer mail from Thunderbird to Outlook 365. Both the techniques vary from each other in terms of executions, users can refer to the steps explained below and complete the migration task.

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Manual Method to Export Thunderbird emails to Outlook 365

To complete the transfer task manually you have to drag and drop items from your Thunderbird mailbox. This manual method of exporting the files is divided into three phases, users have to start from phase 1 and then proceed accordingly. The steps to perform this methodology are discussed below in a sequence.

Phase 1

  • Open your Thunderbird account and move to the message folder which you want to export.
  • Next, save the selected message in EML file format.
  • Now, you have to set up a new folder, or if you wish you can use any existing folder and transfer the EML file.  
  • Here, verify the folder before transferring the important files.
  • Now, move on with the selected file and transfer the messages.
  • Here, ensure some time until the transfer process completes.

Phase 2

  • Now, open the converted file or folder and check.
  • Then drag all the exported EML files and drop them into the Outlook account.

Phase 3 

  • Here, go to your Outlook account.
  • Next,  move to Import/Export option.
  • Here, select the export a file option and go for Next.
  • Now, select the Outlook file and then hit on the Next button.
  • Select, the folders of EML files.
  • Choose the subfolders box and then hit the Next button.
  • In this step, you have to select a location for the PST file, and after that click on Finish.
  • Wait for some time, till the process gets complete and then you will be provided with a new PST File.

Although this is a good solution that does not require any cost for implementation yet this practice is not suitable for every common user. The manual process requires a sufficient amount of skill and knowledge to perform the workings. Moreover, this model does not ensure any security of your important data, And in case, if you want to export Thunderbird contacts to outlook 365 in a bulk quantity then this methodology is not feasible for this purpose. Thus, to overcome the difficulties of the manual approach, I am sharing here an easy and effortless method of email conversion.

Professional Method to Export Thunderbird emails to Outlook 365

DRS Thunderbird Backup Tool is the most reliable and simple way to export Thunderbird to Outlook 365. This is an automated software that enables users to backup and convert their Thunderbird emails. The tool helps users to export Thunderbird emails into any other file format or in any email client. The application is very easy to use and also ensures the security of your data. This software allows users bulk conversion of their emails in a very minimum time. If you want to migrate your email excluding the duplicate or already transferred emails then you can use the additional options. In addition to excluding email, the software also delivers email conversion without unwanted attachments. If you want to make use of this software and convert thunderbird to outlook 365, then follow the basic steps listed below.

Steps of Professional Method to Export Thunderbird emails to Outlook 365

  • At first, install the software on your PC.
  • Select the required mailbox profiles and go for Next.
  • Choose the file format or email client in which you want to export your Thunderbird email.
  • Here, you will get options to adjust your conversion process. You can make use of the additional attributes as per your requirement. After completing the adjustments just hit on the Convert button.
  • The software will complete the export process in a very short time and will facilitate you with a process report. If you need the report, then you can download it from the tool. And in case if you want to repeat the process again then just hit on the Convert Again option.


In this blog, I have mentioned two different approaches to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook 365. The manual method is a complex procedure in contrast to the professional method. Hence, I would recommend users to take help from an uncomplicated and trustworthy method and accomplish their goal smoothly.

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