How to Convert EMLX Files to MBOX Easily? Pro Methods

Summary: File formats such as EMLX and OLM require a Mac system to run and cannot be accessed in Windows. To make this possible users need to convert these file formats into Windows-compatible file formats. Therefore, many Mac and Windows users look for ways to convert EMLX files to MBOX. This is because MBOX is widely compatible with various email clients. So, this blog will discuss ways to do this efficiently. If you are in a hurry to convert EMLX to MBOX, choose the best EMLX File Converter Tool

So let’s consider the question “How to save EMLX files in MBOX format?” And find the answer. Before that, let us see why users export EMLX file data to MBOX files

EMLX File vs MBOX File

The following table will make it clear why users switch from EMLX to MBOX:

EMLX (Email Message file) is a file format primarily associated with Apple Mail, the default email client on macOS. MBOX (Mailbox) is a widely recognized and standardized file format used for storing email messages. 
Each EMLX file represents an individual email message, stored in a specific structure in the user’s Mailbox.MBOX consolidates multiple emails into a single file and each message is separated by a specific delimiter.
While EMLX is only compatible with Apple Mail users, it may create challenges for those transitioning to different email clients.MBOX is platform-independent and widely supported by numerous email clients.
The plain-text nature of EMLX files simplifies manual inspection and troubleshooting.It simplifies the management of email archives, as all messages are stored in a single file.

Thus, this comparison table signifies, why MBOX is better than EMLX files. Further, moving to the next section which elaborates on how to export EML files into MBOX.

Ways to Convert EMLX Files to MBOX

We have found two methods to convert EMLX files into MBOX format. They are:

  • Manual Approach using Apple Mail
  • Professional EMLX File Converter Tool

Let us begin with the manual process. However, make sure you have a backup of all EMLX files before performing the manual process, as there is a risk of human errors while performing the manual method. Moreover, you need to have a Mac system to perform this procedure.

Manually Convert EMLX to MBOX

Follow the steps as directed below:

  • Firstly, create a Folder for EMLX Files and organize all EMLX files you want to convert into that folder.
  • Run Apple Mail on your Mac.
  • Next, select the emails you want to export to MBOX.
  • Here comes the drag-and-drop process. Drag and drop the selected emails into the created folder (Step 1).

This way, by drag-and-drop process you can also convert other emails to MBOX format. Furthermore, cross-check if emails have been converted to MBOX. You can also migrate the MBOX files to the desired location or another email client if needed.

Note: This manual method is not result-oriented. You should not rely on this method to export EMLX to MBOX as it has certain limitations.

Limitations of Manual Approach

  • If you have a large number of EMLX files, it can be time-consuming.
  • It’s not secure and has a high chance of data loss or file corruption.
  • You cannot perform this procedure on the Windows system.

Therefore, alternative professional procedures will help you skip these manual steps. Let us move on to know its features and working.

Professionally Convert EMLX Files to MBOX

MigrateEmails EMLX Converter Tool is the best solution for converting any number of EMLX files without compromising its data originality. This tool lets users export EML files into MBOX and EMLX files to other file formats and email clients. Besides offering more than 15+ destination file formats and email providers, it has various embedded features. These features help users to get results as intended.

What Makes the Tool Unique?

Here are some of the unique features of the EMLX File Converter:

  • Its interface is easy to use and does not require any technical support.
  • Converts EMLX to MBOX, PST, PDF, MSG, CSV, and others.
  • Keeps your data safe and there is a 0% risk of data loss.
  • Moreover, it allows you to filter and convert emails based on date.
  • Identifies duplicate data and eliminates them from the Output file.
  • It is even more powerful because it can run easily on all versions of Windows.

Furthermore, let’s take a quick look at the steps to convert EMLX to MBOX using this tool.

Stepwise Process to Convert EMLX Files to MBOX

Follow the steps below:

  1. First, Install and run the tool on your PC.
  2. Add EMLX files you want to convert. Click Next.
  3. In the preview, check the mailbox folders required. Hit Next.
  4. Choose MBOX from the list of destination file formats.
  5. Apply additional filters and options for precise Output.
  6. Click on Convert to begin EMLX to MBOX conversion.

Hence, following these few simple steps, you can save all your EMLX files as MBOX without any extra effort.


MBOX is a platform-independent file format and is widely supported by many email clients. Whereas EMLX files are dedicated to Mac OS. Hence, opening EMLX files on Windows can be challenging. Therefore, users convert EMLX files to MBOX for convenient access. However, it is important to protect your emails so you have to choose the best one among the two methods discussed above.

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