Best Methods to Convert EML to MSG on Windows 2023

Summary- EML is the most commonly used file format for storing email messages. Thus, we often encounter user queries asking for solutions to convert EML to MSG. Therefore, this blog discusses a free manual method to do the same. Also, we will suggest how you can migrate EML data to MSG format directly using the EML Converter tool. So, let’s go till the end of the blog to get a better understanding of EML and MSG files and know what is the best approach.

EML Files: An EML file stores individual email messages. It saves the entire information of an email including message, sender, recipient, subject, date, and attachments. You can easily archive and share individual emails through EML files. Generally, they are used with email clients such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Livemail, Apple Mail, etc, that support EML files.

MSG Files: Similar to EML Files, MSG files saves individual Outlook email or other items at a time. They also contain all the information related to email including, message, sender, recipient, date, subject, attachments, etc. Although they are primarily associated with Outlook and allow you to view email messages in Outlook, various other email clients also support it. Now, the question is why do users need to change EML to MSG file? Let’s study.

Reasons Why Users Need to Convert EML to MSG

Below are some common scenarios when users may think of exporting EML data to MSG format:

  • EML files are not a dedicated file format for MS Outlook. So, if users want to switch email clients to Outlook, they have to convert .eml files to .msg format.
  • Compared to EML files, an MSG file does not take up much storage space. Therefore, MSG is a better choice when sharing or uploading files to the cloud.
  • MSG files contain some additional Outlook fields and properties, which can also be viewed in the Windows Explorer column.
  • You may face various problems like taking more time to access EML files in MS Outlook, whereas MSG in Outlook is convenient and easily available.

Thus, for the above-mentioned reasons, users change EML to MSG files. Further, proceed to the procedure section.

Manual Method to Export EML Files to MSG Format

Answering the most asked query by users- ‘How to convert EML to MSG for free?’ Here, is the free manual method:

  • Firstly, locate the EML File you want to convert.
  • Next, drag and drop the EML file to your Outlook account.
  • Now, your EML file will be saved in the draft folder.
  • Right-click on the EML file and click on Move and then on Inbox to move it to Inbox.
  • After that, in the File menu, select the Save As option.
  • Navigate to the location where you want to save the Outlook file.
  • In the Save As Type field, choose the .msg extension to save EML to MSG.
  • Check whether your exported EML is saved or not.

However, if you have to do bulk EML file conversion then the manual method is never suggested. In that case, the process is very time-consuming and there are chances that you may lose your valuable data. Therefore, choose the most intelligent solution, i.e., a professional EML converter tool.

Automated Solution to Convert EML to MSG

MigrateEmails EML File Converter is the best and most efficient tool to export EML files to MSG format. You can migrate any number of EML files without fearing data loss. Moreover, the tool is equipped with the latest features to help users migrate EML data more precisely. Apart from migrating EML to MSG, the tool allows you to convert EML to CSV, PDF, PST, MBOX, and other file formats and various email clients.

Steps to Perform the Conversion Process

Follow the procedure below to convert EML files using EML Converter:

  • Launch the EML Converter tool by MigrateEmails.
  • Choose either Single/Multiple File or Select Folder option. Click Next.
  • Hit Select File(s), add EML files from the system, and click Next.
  • In the preview panel, choose all necessary items and tap Next.
  • Choose MSG as the destination file format from the list.
  • If needed, apply migration filters and click Convert.

Now, you know how easily you can convert .eml files to .msg format in bulk.

Additional Features of the EML Converter

If you choose to convert EML to MSG, using the EML Converter, other features of the EML File converter are as follows:

  • Option to prevent the migration of duplicate emails.
  • The date range filter initiates the migration of specific data.
  • You can migrate emails excluding attachment files.
  • User-friendly GUI makes the conversion easier and simpler.
  • Works effectively on all versions of Windows OS.


How to Convert EML to MSG? is one of the most searched file conversion queries. So, we have tried to provide you with the best solutions to do the job nicely. However, it is always suggested to go with the professional approach when migrating files in bulk.

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