Best Way ​to Combine PST Files into a Single File – Complete Guide

Summary – If you have too many PST files and want to join them all, here is the solution to your problem. In this blog, you will learn how to combine PST files into a single file. So, read the blog carefully to learn everything you need to know.

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If you use Outlook, you will be familiar with PST files. For every mailbox account, you add in Outlook, the corresponding PST file will be generated while creating the backup. These files store your mailbox data into your system as a backup.

As there is only one file related to a specific mailbox, adding multiple email accounts to Outlook will lead to many PST files. It becomes difficult to manage these Outlook PST files. An ideal way to deal with this situation is to merge multiple Outlook PST files into one file.

Now, before jumping to the method to merge Outlook PST files into one, it is necessary to learn other benefits of combining PST files.

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Why Do We Need to Combine PST Files Outlook 2016 into One?

A significant reason to manage PST files into a single file is that managing a single file is easy rather than handling multiple files. But there are also other benefits of merging. Let us discuss them all.

  • The first advantage of adding multiple PST files into one is that you can migrate all your Outlook mailboxes at once. You do not need to import or export every PST file individually.
  • Sharing Outlook mailbox data becomes easy when you have all your Outlook mailboxes in a single file. It is another prominent advantage of merging Outlook PST files.

So, from the above points, it has become clear that instead of having many small-sized PST files, it is beneficial to merge them into one. Now, it is time to learn how to merge PST files Outlook 2010.

How to Merge PST Files in Outlook 2010?

PST files are the backup file for Outlook. However, there is also an option to create an empty PST file. To merge PST files Outlook 2016 or any other version, you need to create a blank PST file and move all your mailbox data to that. Below, we explain how to perform these steps and combine PST files in Outlook.

Step 1: Create a New Blank PST File

  • Open MS Outlook application in your system.
  • Click on the New Items button to expand the option list.
  • Select More Items options and then the Outlook Data File option.
  • Now, assign the name and saving location to the PST file. Click OK.
  • It will create a new and blank PST file at the desired location.

Step 2: Merge all PST files into One using Outlook

In this step, we use the Outlook Import/Export feature to import Outlook mailboxes from the system to this newly created PST file. Follow the steps below to combine PST files.

  • Click on the File button in the Outlook application.
  • After that, select the Open & Export tab and press the Import/Export button.
  • In the new wizard, select the Import from another program or file option. Click on the Next button.
  • Choose the Outlook Data File (.pst) option. Click Next.
  • After that, hit the Browse button to search for the desired Outlook PST file.
  • Choose the file from the file explorer and press Open.
  • Click on the Next button to proceed further.
  • After that, select the destination folder and choose other options. At last, click on the Finish button to start the migration.
  • Repeat this process for all those PST files that you want to merge. This way, you can combine multiple Outlook PST files into one.

By performing the above procedure, you can join multiple PST files into a single file. This technique is simple and effective but takes a lot of time. Also, a novice user can not perform these steps. To deal with such issues, we suggest you a professional approach to merge your Outlook PST files.

A Professional Approach to Merge Outlook PST Files?

For all users who want a fast, effective, and reliable solution to merge their Outlook PST files to one the best option is the DRS PST Merge Tool. It is a professional approach through which you can combine PST files in no time. Also, this application is designed with an interactive user interface so both beginners and advanced users can use it without any issue.


We have described the benefits and procedure of combining multiple PST files into one. You can use Outlook to add your PST files if you are a technical user. Otherwise, the best option is to use the professional utility. It will add all your PST files in no time.

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