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Over the past couple of decades, emails have become an important part in business communication. Why? Email is an inexpensive, fast and highly effective source of communication. Every day, millions of emails are sent from companies to their customers and suppliers, from employees to their managers and from one office colleague to another. Due to such excessive use of emails, email clients have become very popular among email users. Outlook Express is an old email client provided by Microsoft. Though it has been discontinued, still some old organizations and home users are still using it. In this post, we’ll learn about Outlook Express client and its amazing features. Also, I’ll show you why corruption takes place in Outlook Express and how to repair DBX file.

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Outlook Express

Outlook Express is a discontinued email cum news client provided by Microsoft with Internet Explorer versions 3.0 through to 6.0. It was formerly known as Microsoft Internet Mail and News. Later, Outlook Express was replaced by Windows Mail. People might get confused with Outlook Express and MS Outlook. But the fact is that both are different from each other. Outlook Express is just an email client application, on the other hand, MS Outlook is a personal information manager that includes many features other than email.

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Just like any other email client, Outlook Express also needs at least one email client. By the way, you can configure one or multiple email clients at a time. Outlook Express stores all the email messages in a DBX folder. In Outlook Express, there are multiple DBX folders created for a single email account. DBX folders have names corresponding to their email mailbox, such as Inbox.dbx, Sent Items.dbx, Draft.dbx, Deleted Items.dbx. There’s one more DBX folder in Outlook Express, Folders.dbx that stores the master index for all the mailboxes. In the case of missing of any of DBX folders, Outlook Express reindexes the mailboxes and recreates it. In order to store contact information, it uses WAB aka Windows Address Book files.

Corruption in Outlook Express

There’s no computer application immune to many severe issues. Even the files created by them are prone to corruption. The DBX files created by Outlook Express is not immune to corruption. It may become corrupt at any time due to any reason. Whenever corruption takes place in Outlook Express’ DBX files, they become inaccessible. And sometimes corruption can also cause data loss situations. Below are the most common reasons for corruption in Outlook Express DBX files:

Virus infection: Virus is very harmful to any computer file. It’s a malicious program (malware) that can infect the entire computer system with ease. DBX files are prone to virus infection. A virus may enter in Outlook Express during sending/receiving email messages. It can infect the DBX files by editing, removing or deleting some part of the files.

Internal bugs: No computer program is immune to internal bugs. Almost every computer program has some bugs which may cause some issues. Bugs in Outlook Express can cause frequent crashes, poor performance and other severe issues. Sometimes bugs can also cause corruption in its DBX files.

Abruptly system shutdown: If a system goes off abruptly due to sudden power failure, it may cause severe damage to the system as well as its data. If Outlook Express was opened during a system power failure, it may cause corruption in DBX files.

Hard disk failure: Hard disk is a very crucial part of a computer system. If anything is not good with the hard disk, it may cause severe issues. Hard disk failure or crash can cause corruption and data loss situations.

DBX Repair tool to repair DBF file

You just can’t open a corrupt DBX file. You must try to repair DBX file using a smart DBX Repair tool. Via this software, you can successfully recover Outlook Express emails from corrupt DBX file. Below are the key features of this software which help you in DBX recovery:

  • Support single as well as multiple DBX files at a time to perform batch recovery
  • Support restoring email messages from Deleted Items.dbx folder
  • Standard, Advanced and Deep recovery modes to handle different level of corruption
  • Maintain the original data integrity of email messages during DBX recovery
  • Smart preview of DBX file content (email messages and their Meta properties)
  • Save email messages from corrupt DBX file into a new file of PST, EML, MSG & RTF formats
  • Easy-to-use application, i.e. no prior technical expertise is required

Download the free demo version of this DBX Repair tool before purchasing its licensed version. By using the demo version, you can see the email messages what you can actually recover from the corrupt DBX file before paying for the software. Also, you can save the first 10 email messages of corrupt DBX files into a new PST file. You can avoid this limitation by placing an order for its licensed version.

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