How to Print Outlook Emails Without Header Manually?

While printing an email in Microsoft Outlook, you will find that it prints all the email components, including the header, body, and so on. Sometimes you may want to print Outlook emails without a header and username. So we are here with the article that will teach you to remove headers and usernames from emails.

This article is a tutorial about How to Print Outlook Emails Without Header in Microsoft Outlook Easily. Here you will find the manual as well as professional approaches for completing the task.

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Manual Solution to Print Outlook Emails Without Header

There are four solutions present to solve this query, you need to just follow each step carefully to avoid any data alteration.

Method 1. Using the Reply Feature of MS Outlook

  1. Start the MS Outlook app in your local system.
  2. Select Home & then go to reply.
  3. You will get a reply message screen on your system. Now, remove the header information like the recipient, attachment, subject, etc. from the message header & body.
  4. Then click on the File & then after the Print button. 
  5. Select the printer name that has attached to your system & start printing.
  6. You will get an email without printing of header.

Method 2. Using View in Browser Feature

  1. Open Outlook and pitch on the target email.
  2. Afterward, double-click on the email to view it in its own open window.
  3. Now in the subsequent message window, navigate to the “Actions” button in the “Move” group under the “Message” tab. In Actions, select the “View in Browser” option from the drop-down list.
  4. After that, You will encounter an Outlook dialog box. In the dialog box press the “Yes” button.
  5. Now the message will open in your default Internet Browser. You will find that all the other information has been deleted with only the message body left. Now you can click the “Tools” icon in the upper right corner and choose “Print” to print the email in the Browser.

Method 3. With the help of Text Editor

  1. Open the Email that you want to print without a header.
  2. Highlight the main message & click edit on the main toolbar then click Copy.
  3. Open the computer’s text editor & click on a file then new.
  4. Click edit, then paste all messages that you have copied.
  5. Now, click on file>>print>>OK, to print an email without headers.

These above-mentioned methods are manual tricks to print Outlook emails without header. But these methods will take more time and you can’t convert all messages at one time. Therefore to save your time you can convert Outlook emails in PDF and remove the header and username from it.

Method 4. Professional Approach to Print Outlook Emails Without Header

In this section, we will tell you about an alternative method i.e. PST Converter. This tool will help you to convert Outlook Emails into PDF and removes the header and username from the username. To do so, you need to follow these quick steps:

  1. Launch the DRS PST Converter.
  2. Select the Browse option and add Single/Multiple PST Files.
  3. Select the PST folder & click on the Next button.
  4. You can use different saving options like the Naming convention, it will help you to find files after saving on your local computer. The date range filter allows users to create a backup of that time spam that users want.
  5. Select the destination to save the resultant file at your desired location in your local system. Click OK, After the successful conversion.

Through this automated method, you can convert your all files into PDF & then you can “print Outlook emails without header”. This will not only save you time but will convert the file in bulk & this software will keep your login credential & data safe.


Normally Outlook prints all the email components, including the header, body, and so on. This article is about printing Outlook Emails without header. We have explained all possible solutions to acquire the task. I hope you found this article informative. Thanks for Reading.

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