How to Split PST Files with Ease?

Microsoft Outlook is amongst the most widely used and popular email service providers across the globe. Outlook supports PST (Personal Storage Table) file format to save the mailbox items within the profile. When the PST file size exceeds the maximum size limit then, it may lead to unfavorable situations of corruption or data loss. The oversizing of PST files becomes a major concern for the Outlook users. So users need to perform PST split online to avoid the uncertain situations. Many users have queries about “how to split PST files”, in this blog we will discuss some methods to maintain the PST file size and for controlling the system from running out of space. The oversized PST files generally degrade the performance of Outlook. We will provide manual and automated Outlook PST File Splitter solution.

Reduce size of Outlook PST file without any data loss

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Let’s now go through some common reasons to split PST file into smaller parts for better understanding of users.

Reasons to Split PST File Into Smaller Parts

Due to various issues users need to split PST file whose file size is extended the maximum size limit. Before proceeding to the strategies on how to split Outlook PST file, go through the mentioned reasons below. 

  • PST file data becomes inaccessible.
  • MS Outlook performance slows down.
  • Due to the oversized PST file, there might be a risk of severe data loss.
  • Large PST files may suffer corruption or damage issues.

These are a few common reasons to split PST file that exceed the maximum file size limit. Now let’s move ahead to different methods to perform PST split online.

How to Split PST Files Manually?

There is no in-built tool provided by Microsoft Outlook to split oversized PST file. So, here we are discussing some manual approaches to help users with the splitting. It is suggested to create a copy of the original PST as there might be a risk of human error and eventually a risk of severe data loss.

Method 1: Use Archive Feature

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook application.
  2. Go to the File tab.
  3. Click on Info > tools > Clean up old items.
  4. Click on the folder you want to Archive and select the date to archive older items.
  5. Navigate the location to save the archived file.
  6. Now, click on the OK button.

Method 2: Use Move to Folder Option

  1. Click on the File option.
  2. Go to account settings.
  3. Click on Account Settings…
  4. Click on the data files and press the Add button for creating a new PST file.
  5. Choose the PST file items to move to the newly created PST file.
  6. Now click on the Move button and select Copy to folder option.
  7. Copy the items you have selected and then choose the PST file.
  8. Hit the OK button to continue.


  • Tedious and more time-consuming approaches. 
  • Good technical knowledge is required. 
  • High risk of severe data loss.
  • No data security is guaranteed. 

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How to Split PST Files Using DRS PST Splitter

Automated software is always considered as more reliable and quick in comparison with the manual approach of splitting. As we have seen, there are several drawbacks with the manual techniques. So, to avoid these uncertainties, users are suggested to opt for a well known and trusted method to perform PST split online. DRS PST File Splitter is one of the advanced utilities available for users. The software allows users to split the oversized PST file into multiple smaller PST files. There is no risk of data manipulation during the PST splitting process. Also, the user can upload any size of the PST file to the utility. There is no technical knowledge required to run the software. The free PST splitter demo version is also available to evaluate the performance of the tool.

Salient Features

  • Splits oversized PST file into multiple smaller parts.
  • No file size restrictions.
  • No risk of data loss.
  • Data security is maintained during the splitting process.
  • No technical knowledge is required.
  • Allows users to ignore duplicate emails from the PST files while splitting.
  • Splits ANSI and UNICODE both PST files. 
  • Easy and smooth user-friendly interface. 
  • A demo PST file splitter version is also available for free evaluation.

Wrapping Up

In this blog, we have provided the best methods to solve the users’ query on how to split PST files. In the end, we can now conclude that the automated PST splitter is more reliable in comparison with the manual approach of splitting.

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