How to Recover Outlook Password without Phone Number?

How to Recover Outlook Password without phone number

Many Outlook users want to know “How to Recover Outlook Password Without Phone Number?”. They search for alternatives methods for Password Recovery when they have forgotten or lost the password. This is a frustrating situation when MS Outlook users have forgotten the password and unable to find a way to get it. 

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You don’t need to worry as this is a common issue with most of the email client users. You are not new to this group. Yet, there is a number of ways to know “ How to Recover Outlook Password without Phone Number?”. 

Recovery Of Outlook Password Without Phone Number

If you don’t have access to your account recovery phone number or alternate email address, then here is a process you can go through to regain access to your Outlook account. Execute the process are as follows:

1. Once you get to the sign-in page of Outlook, you will find a link below asking you “can’t sign in?”.

2. Click over the link and then you will find options like the one below- 

  • forgot my password.
  • I know my password but can’t sign in.
  • I think someone else is using my Outlook account.

3. Here choose accordingly but whatever you choose you will find the same options further by giving next.

4. You will find that there will be a box asking you for the phone number or email. After that, you will find another option asking you if you have access to none of them in which you can click and go to the next page.

5. There you will be asked all the details about you like D.O.B, Name, Marital status, etc., after which you will be asked for the email in which the verification mail can be sent.

6. While you get to it, you can use the email you have currently. Then you are required to click over the link in the mail or use the code to change the password and log it out for other devices if logged in.

Therefore, it is the way through which you can know “How to recover Outlook password without phone number?”. Now, I am providing you a step by step guide to reset your Outlook Password without Phone Number.

Reset Outlook Password without Phone Number

There is possiblities that some user want to Reset their Outlook Password Without Number, If you are one they, then follow these quick steps:

  1. Go to the official Outlook account password recovery page.
  2. After that use email Id and click on forgot password link.
  3. Afterward, try to enter the last password of your MS Outlook account.
  4. Most of the time this method works. But when this does not work. Then try to answer the security question from the best of your knowledge.
  5. If it also does not work then don’t worry as you can also submit recovery email Id as you don’t have access to the phone number.
  6. As soon as you submit the recovery email Id, you will receive a code on it.
  7. Click on this link and enter a new password.
  8. Reenter a password to confirm it.
  9. Congratulations, as now you are successful in the efforts of how to reset Outlook password without a phone number.

How to Recover Outlook Password without phone number using an Automated Tool?

There are tons of Password recovery software in the market, any of which can be employed to recover Outlook Password without Phone Number and facilitate access to your Outlook account. For convenience, we’ll be looking at the best Outlook PST Password Recovery Tool from DRS . This tool is a renowned password recovery software, specially designed for recovering passwords without phone numbers associated with Microsoft Office programs (including Outlook). It is compatible with all Outlook versions, from the most recent to the oldest.

Final Verdict

In this guide, we have described the conventional method to know “How to recover Outlook password without phone number?”. Also, a durable Automated solution, which you can easily employ to recover your password without the phone number and access your Outlook email account. I hope you find these methods useful to recover your Outlook password.

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