How to Convert OLM to MBOX File Format for Free

Do you want to convert OLM to MBOX File? Or are you using MS Outlook on your Mac? If you are such a user, then you definitely need to move OLM files to MBOX format. Therefore, in this guide, I am going to reveal some of the excellent tricks to transfer OLM to MBOX File format for free.

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Brief Introduction to OLM and MBOX File

OLM is basically a file format that is used by Outlook on Mac. This format is mainly used by Mac Outlook users for storing items like notes, emails, contacts, journals, tasks, calendars, etc. However, sometimes users want to convert OLM to MBOX format due to the easy accessibility of MBOX files. MBOX file format is generally used for email kinds of files. Moreover, this file format has a very easy user interface and supports different email services.

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Methods to Convert OLM to MBOX

There are two different methods to export OLM to MBOX. Users may refer to both the technologies and choose the best OLM to MBOX converter. The first approach is a manual mode of transferring OLM to MBOX and the second approach is a professional solution.

So, let us now study both the process in a detailed way.

Manual Method to Export OLM to MBOX

  • At first Open MS Outlook on your Mac.
  • Choose the mailbox that you want to convert into MBOX.
  • Now, with the help of the drag & drop option, bring the required mailbox to the desktop.
  • At the desktop, the file will be saved as an MBOX file.
  • You can continue the same process for Mac Outlook 2011 and 2016.
  • Here, store all the MBOX files in a single folder.
  • Next, open the Apple Mail Email application.
  • Go to the File and Import Mailbox option.
  • Now, select the files as an MBOX file format and press the continue option.
  • Choose the folder where all files are stored and hold the select button.
  • In this step, you can view all the mailbox files.
  • If you want to skip any particular file then tick mark the box behind the file name.
  • Now, hit on the Continue button.
  • At last, you can view all the selected mailbox transferred into Mac Mail.

With the above steps, the manual methodology to convert OLM to MBOX ends here. Although, this is an effective practice to convert OLM to MBOX free yet many users have to face difficulties while implementing this technique. This system is not recommended for any non-technical or beginner users. Moreover, to execute the complete process user requires a sufficient amount of time and effort which is not workable for every user. Thus, to overcome such problems of manual mode, I am suggesting another easy method to convert OLM to MBOX. This method is a professional OLM to MBOX converter tool that has been recommended by the experts of the industry.

Professional Method to Export OLM to MBOX

DRS OLM Converter is one of the most reliable and efficient tools for converting OLM files. This is an excellent software that enables users to convert OLM files into any other file format or email client. Unlike the manual process, this tool can convert OLM files in a bulk quantity along with ensuring the authenticity of your data. If any user wants to exclude duplicate emails then he/she can take the help of its advanced features and exclude emails. This smart utility has no restriction in file size and can perform in all versions of Windows. Furthermore, the application has a free demo version and round the clock support team for its users. In short, this is a power-packed tool that can be easily operated by every common user without any hassle.

Steps of the Professional Method to Convert OLM to MBOX

This automated tool has very simple steps of execution that are listed below in a sequence.

  • Install the software in your system and check the given buttons.

  • Select the Multiple file option and go for  Next.

  • Now, add OLM files or folders that you want to convert by selecting the given options and hit Next.

  • Now, choose the items that you want to convert and go for Next.

  • Here, choose the file format in which you want to convert the OLM file. (For example, it is shown in PDF format. You can choose as per your requirement and the process is the same for every format)

  • In this step, you will be provided with different sets of advanced options that could be helpful for the conversion process.
  1. Remove Duplicate emails based on To, From, Bcc, Subject, Body.
  2. Keep the source folder same as earlier.
  3. Here, you can keep the data structure the same as before.
  4. Store PDF attachments away from the file.
  5. Skip PDF attachments while transferring files.
  6. Use mail filter and task filter for choosing specific files.
  7. You can rename the file with the help of Naming Convention option.
  8. Set a custom folder name of your file.
  9. Enter the preferred destination for your file.

  • After, finishing all the above customizations, hit on the Convert button.

  • Within a few seconds, the software will complete the conversion task. And then you will be provided a report of this procedure. If you want you can download it otherwise to repeat the process hit on the Convert Again button.


Here, I have disclosed two types of methods to export OLM to MBOX. If you want a quick and accurate conversion then it is suggested to use the OLM Converter tool and finish off the task perfectly.

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